Spark but no injector pulse

What can cause the fuel injectors to not receive a pulse when cranking the engine? I have good spark, and fuel pressure, but the fuel injectors are not firing. I have taken the box out of the car hooked up the stim and my laptop, I have no rpms at all on the laptop. Has spark. I have spark, fuel at the fuel rail and it will crank over with no problems, just will not pulse the injectors. if all the wiring is sound then an ecu swap may be in order. During cranking you should see ignition spark and injection pulse in phase with each other. It cranks over no problems just won't fire. The Identifix Hotline has had some cases of the timing belt shredding, affecting or damaging the CKP sensor. btw its a 96 vr gti ant help is greatly appreciated Originally Posted by Steve Wood yepyou cannot have injector pulse without having a good crank sensorbut, it's relatively cheap and something Re: No injector pulse - why? That sure is typical. Re: 1994 850 no start: fuel, spark, but no injector pulse Post by socompsp » 04 Dec 2013, 04:49 just to add a side note, you can check the fuel pressure at the rail with a tire pressure gauge. i checked for fuel an its getting fuel to the injectors. 6volts fully charged. It was then hydrolocked, and hasn't run since, which was about a month ago. I'm trying to help my brother with his car problem. Re: No Spark/Injector Pulse you can test all of the bike's circuits via the gauges using the "diagnostic" funtion. This car won't start. 0 mustang no injector pulse spark ok fuel pump run s all the time with the key on? Answer . The original car wiring is running the starting system,fuel pump etc. i am running out of patience with this car, i have spark, i have fuel at the rail, cranks and cranks but still won't start. So, an injector can be plumbed up on a test stand with test fluid, and the injector exercised for a specific number of pulses/widths. Once ecm senses 400 rpm,s from engine it takes over. 4L > No injector pulse Reply. Got a customers 1985 911 in my shop. While testing and diagnosing, we have an incandescent bulb (tail light socket and pigtail) connected to the injector pigtail. When we turn the key the following happens: the SES light flickers and the fuel pump relay clicks for a few seconds, then both stop. Noid light confirms and voltmeter shows 12v so ground issue is what I'm at. No spark from all of the Coil-on-Plug Ignition Coils. 3VZ-E no spark or injector pulsewidth The truck ran before, although on five cylinders due to shitty compression. I just swapped in a new motor and put on top a KB 2. Spark was tested using an HEI spark tester and injector pulse monitored with a noid light. I have a 03 Wrx that has no spark and no injector pulse. charge battery with ECU disconnected. 1993 Mazda B2600i No spark or injector pulse was created by B-T-S We bought about a year ago, it was running but didn't have much power and would sputter if you would push on the gas pedal to hard. i do happen to work at a good jeep dealer and there are some good shops and some bad ones its the people inside. Check between the positive of the injector and the negative of the battery. Spark plugs check OK. I'm thinking it might be the ECU, the caps are fine though, the ECU was obviously repaired, there was a sticker on the ECU from some electronics company. I couldn't have left it in a fish tank this whole time and had less rust. Thanks for letting e know what you found, odd there was no fuel injector pulse and the cause was the crank sensor since the crank sensor controls the ignition coil pulse, not the fuel injector pulse. Whenever I power the rest of the wires on that plug, I have faint injector pulse. 0L that was towed in for no start, checked timing cover, timing belt was broke, replaced timing belt, now we have spark but no injector pulse. I only have a few bolt on mods. Answer: If you have spark and fuel pressure, but no injector pulse -- which would supply fuel to the engine -- you may have a bad computer. AAA towed the car back in Sept of 2017 and diagnosed it to needing a new distributor. The ol thing quit running completely after about a month. i bought a 86 comanchie 2. During cranking, we are getting spark at the spark plugs, but NO fuel injector pulses. 0l ztec engine. She says it just shut off on her. we have traced all of the The injector needs proper timing for the pulse from the ECU, right? 2. i checked the inline injector resistors there ok 6ohms, did a continuity test of the wires back to the ecu there all fine. We just did the JDM engine swap and all is hooked up but I'm getting no injector before going any further, you need to check for 12 volt ignition switched power at the pink wires on the injector plugs (ground to chassis) with the car not running. 5L the Engine crank over OK, but there is no injector pulse and no spark. 4) Again, you want the Noid light to blink consistently when cranking the engine over. I am not sure where the crank sensor is at but it just might be that. September 29, 2014 | Autos. We got spark, fuel pressure was good, but the scan tool was showing no injector pulse during cranking. If Spark is present, the crankshaft position sensor is working properly. there is power to the distributor and power to the coil plug the scanner in no faults and reads sensors The SCT chip is out of it now but I don t see why that would turn off my fuel and spark. by ktRinity » Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:22 pm It is a fiat cinquecento, motor from punto75, forged pistons, turbine from uno1. no, I havnt played with the timing or anything like that, and I to check for injector pulse and spark I back probed the connector with a test light in the correct terminals and waited for a flash from the test light which never happened Re. I have seen a good spark and no injector pulse on fords, honda, and holens(gm) and all have lead to a pcm ground, but check its voltage as well. All diesel engines use fuel injection by design. Sign up and then used a test light in the spark plug wire and got no spark. No I did not change anything sudddenly,it just crapped out. Spark plug, wire, coil pack, fuel injector, vacuum leak, mechanical problem, etc, all can cause this code. 5L, (2 injector) we are not getting an injector pulse. noobwrench said: So I assume you used a noid light to determine the no injector pulse situation correct? Hello I am working on a 3. There is no injector pulse. 7 that will not fire injectors 1 and 8 all the others fire, we have manually pulsed the injector and it will spray but there is no pulse when plugged in and turned over with the key. please l have Nissan almera 1. injector pulse ask me help desk, 95 honda civic no injector pulse 1999 honda accord 23 lhas no injector pulse and a security light on we replaced distributor and now has spark. Spark would occur then stop, (intermittent spark). If still no injector pulse, then the computer is not pulsing the injectors open for some reason and more testing will be needed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I have no injector pulse and can not figure out why. I know there is fuel getting to the fuel rail and to the injectors and there is an electrical signal at the injectors reading 12v but is there a certain pressure that must be reached before an injector will fire? No spark and injector pulse would direct testing elsewhere. and if there is a test procedure for it before i throw money at it. (VRS) This is a great video if you are looking for tips on finding direction on any no spark no start condition, have spark, no injector pulse/no gas. I used a Noid Light while cranking, and nothing. There IS lots of feul pressure though. Re: no spark no injector pulse Don, i checked with a noid light and there is fuel pressure. No start, spark but no injector pulse. corrosion. where should i start to diagnose? TIA EDIT: Narrowed down to p1500 code fuel pump relay electrical circuit malfunction i have an 87 s10, it doesnt get any injector pulse when cranking, theres power to the injector, but no pulse while cranking. 6 volts at startup. So, needless to say, the car wont start. 05 Nissan Maxima No Spark No Injector Pulse. So engine has spark, injector pulse is there but something is still not right. There might be fuel there but if theres no injector pulse then that narrows it down a little (put a noid light in one of the injector plugs, or get a test light, make sure theres power to the injector on one wire, then switch the test light clamp to the positive bat terminal and see if the other wire pulses earth on/off while cranking (it may I was cruising along and the car stalled out for about 2-3 seconds and returned to normal. red light on dash it go off normal. We were thinking crankshaft position sensor or the ecm could be bad. Followers 2. Voltage to injectors good. No injector pulse! Im thinking the pcm is bad but want a second opinion, the pcm has been fried before due to the battery being jumped wrong. A bad MAP sensor is on the top of my list. 6 twin screw. If this happens, reduce the injector dead time. I'm a new guy on the block and I have 92 Volvo 240, i just got this car and it needed a timing belt and pulley, not to familiar with the system but crank signal hooked up and still no injector pulse. Engine timing to the ECU is provided by the cam position sensor and the crank position sensor, g40 and 28 respectively. And you know when it'll pop up again, that's right, when you are 300km out of town and need to get to work for something important. After cranking for a while I will get a crank sensor code. I'll edit this thread as solved. I have no injector pulse. There is also no communication with the ECM. who is responsible for pulse and where can that be. I trust you used a noid light or led test light to check for injector pulse. On May 13, 8:50 am, Steve Austin <saust@twcny. injector pulse comes from ecm. just want to know how this is supposed to work. 6 How to test a VR type crank sensor. Re: No Injector pulse. Here is what I have tested and the results: I have 93 m6 that I'm having a problem with. Post by auto authority » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:08 pm spray carb cleaner in the throttle body, it seems like the voltage drop is the problem. No Injector Pulse « Reply #6 on: Jan 04, 2008, 11:51:02 pm » if I can remember correctly, those two sensors(one brown, one green) on the front of the engine will cause the car to act up. i have tried everythin here im working on my aunts 91 8 valve mt tracker recently they have had the ecm replaced dizzy replaced throttle sensor The crank sensor can cause no spark and no pulse to the injectors, however, it would be the ground side of the injector harness that was missing. Check spark, check mechanical, check fuel delivery. " Still have spark but no injector pulse, still have DTC 1361. Well with a new DME Relay there was still no injector pulse. First check the wires from the computer to the injectors. Ls3 swap, no spark, no injector pulse. 4L No Start, no spark or injector pulse Posted to GM Driveability on 7/11/2008 11 Replies this car came on a hook customer said tha the day before if had stalled on him, hard but it restarted,took it home,next morning it woud not start. 93 5. It has spark. Then pull the air duct off at the throttle body elbow, open the throttle, and spray the ether in it. Once you figure out what is missing, it will be easier to diagnose. You say you have no injector pulse or ignition I believe the ignition module has nothing to do with the injector but if the ECM doesn't know the engine is turning over it won't send out pulses. I swapped the two coils thinking that I had a bad coil, but then the suspected bad coil created spark on the 2-3 cylinder side. 6L & 5. Since that post I have wired in a different harness and checked all powers and grounds and I see no problem. No Spark, no injector pulse need help I posted this somewhere else on a thread i was directed to from google and i cant find it again so im reposting to start off my car is a: Please help! Difficult problem, could be something simple? I have a Nissan Sentra 99 that will not start, was running great before, checked fuel pressure, its great, theres spark in spark plug, all fuses and relays are ok, but no pulse to injectors, nothing at all. If the injector is weak, and the fuel pressure good and the Red line pulse is over 2. - Nick at Pelican Parts Have fuel pressure, died while driving. There was no fuel injector pulse. I have replaced TDC/CRK sensor with proved good one, but still loose spark after 4 zaps and have no injector pulse. Spark is good. html. I installed the verus on it and no codes are available. Tps can cause a no pulse at the injector if reading more than 3. Asked on Feb 26 We've got a 3. have u checked the fuel filter or pressure if fuel pressure is around 30 or above is not the fuel filter it could be in the injector No injector pulse Discussion in 'Engine & Performance' started by Snackcake 01, Aug 6, 2017. Engine died suddenly. With this video I want say thanks to you PAUL DANNER I fixed this chevy venture 02 3. Duty cycle gives the percentage of time the injector is open irrespective of individual pulse duration. Either way, if there is no spark as well as no injector pulse, then the problem is related to an engine speed sensor (crank or pick-up) that is not providing the ECM with an engine speed input. Put a 1991 tbi in a 52 3800. Hey, members . Used the car another time and stalled 2 doors down from my house, I pushed it home, waited about an hour and it started. Vehicle has no pulsing ground @ coil, no injector pulse & the fuel pump doesn't energize. 97 sebring LXI no spark, no injector pulse was created by Scorpeon36 I came from out of state to fix and drive back. There is no spark and no injector pulse. I am diagnosing a no- start issue today. . Not just between the two wires on the injector. A mile or so later same thing happened again except there was a If there is no spark then check your sensors for loose connectors or broken wires or adjustment. A few weeks ago I posted about my problem with injector pulse. With no injector pulse and no ICM timing pulse it seems like the PCM is not getting some kind of input signal but what can I be missing? The crank position sensor is the common ground but it seems to be working properly. 3L 4 cylinder with DES. i have replaced coilpack, crank sensor, and a few more things. 985. I have a 2005 ford ranger, 4. I purchased this car a few weeks ago, in non running condition. i used a timing light to check for spark at the spark plugs wires its getting spark turns over good. The car had a dead battery, i replaced the battery and discovered the pcm was dead, (no fuel pump, no gas gauge, etc. 3800 No Injector Pulse (VATS?) be wondering why you are only having one cylinder firing is it a wiring problem or the PCM or ignition module if it is spark that Spark at spark plug, but no start. no injector pulse only after warm up sounds like an electronics problem. So no power means just thatNo pulse means bad ground to or from computer, The engine computer usually 1989 chevy van,3/4 ton,all fuses are good and hot 2002 Chevy Cavalier has no injector pulse . Test for Fuel Injector Pulse, although depending on the fuel system design this is not always possible. 95 GA, 3. The mechanic go no codes and couldnt even get the machine to recognize the car. i have tried every thing,new ccm,coil, ignition module, even distributor,no help. Anyways, glad you got it resolved. It has no spark and the injectors are not firing, but it does have fuel pressure and it turns over. 1) the computer is not receiving a signal it needs to supply spark and injector pulse at "Start" and "Run" 2) or the computer is not sending out the signal to the injectors and coil I have a spare computer, condition unknown, plugged it in, no change. a good battery will read 12. Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: I do not know about the spark to the plugs. If that harness has become disconnected somehow, the ECM will not have a pulse reference from the distributor in order to fire the injectors. . Cadillac DeVille 1985 to 2005 including: 1985-1992 Fleetwood, 1993 Sixty Special, All FWD Forum Discussion, 98 deville no spark no injector pulse in Past Cadillac Vehicle Discussion; i did head gaskets on a 98 deville now i have no pulse or spark any help would be appreciated Home; Search; Powersearch Browse fixes for your Volvo. pickup coil. Cold air, TB bypass, B&M shifter, Jacobs electronics ignition, wires and ultra coil, and the Ed Wright chip. As the title of this thread says. Oh yeah after I plugged in the battery today (had to recharge it) I tested the fuel pressure after I was finished I plugged the fuel line With a bad crank sensor, you will still get spark, but it wont be sparking at the correct time or the correct cylinder. Okay so I go to start my car this year and there is no spark or injector pulse. There is no injector pulse while cranking. I have tested every wire and went through the vortex Buick no start tree. If the ECU shows no change in the MAP voltage while cranking it won't pulse the injectors. However, the first time I powered all of them, it actually worked, started, and ran until I unplugged them. Will run with fuel dumped in tbi so it has spark No power or ground at the injectors. I have been struggling. R. I had it back for three days then this morning went to leave and i I appear to be getting no spark or fuel. Solution, mouse had chewed insulation off of one of the battery leads in the firewall fuse box (one of two to the computer). I have spark, and fuel supply, just no injector pulse. Now it has no injector pulse, the coil is good, and the stim board is showing nothing on the little led light on the stim board. I thought it might be the ECU, but I swapped them out and it still does the same thing, cranks but won't start. You'll need to test for spark at all cylinders to acertain that there's no Spark present at all. im having to same trouble no injector pulse i cant get a code reading on my eec iv, the fuel pump runs continually with the key turned to on position. it's in the service manual under the fuel injection system chapter. Thanks, Hammer! I've verified there's no spark at the plug, and there is a strong fuel supply at the throttle body (haven't tested with a pressure gauge, but pulled line and turned the ignition on and got a serious gush of fuel). Engine would crank over at a normal RPM. I have no check engine codes, and light is functioning properly. Getting 12v to injectors, but no pulse - removed and inspected dme, no visible signs of water/dampness, no ECU uses ground to pull the injectors low on one side. If your engine cranks normally but will not start because it has no spark, or it stalls and won't restart because it has no spark, the problem may be due to any of the following: A bad pickup inside the distributor (on engines that have a distributor), a stripped distributor drive gear (common probl - 1989-1993 Subaru Legacy full size ford bronco 302 v-8 no start condition,good spark and fuel pressure. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Still no start and at this point no fuel from the injectors. misfire cylinder 2 p0301 no pulse injector. ebII no spark no injector pulse and the fuel pump wont pump and there will be no spark or injector pulse and other say it will crank ect so what the hell will and The Vehicle was hit in the front but was working ok. i know the older gm's like this the module controlled spark and fuel. '91 GSX, I've got spark, I've got fuel, I've got 12v at the injector connector, but, with a test light connected to the injector plug ends, and while cranking the car over, I've got no pulse. cranks over but doesn't start, it One Response to “94 buick no fuel” Freeautomechanic says: If you have no spark and no fuel injector pulse, replace the ECM. Registration is free and fast. It has fuel to the injectors, but no injector pulse. No maybe about it. Have battery voltage at injectors but no pulse. 5. The 4-wire plug on the left (also 92 engine harness) has no match on my 91 distributor, but the big black/yellow trace wire was 12 volt and placing it in the two-wire plug gave me spark, but no injector pulse. i will see if i can pull up a schematic for you and post it if i The module does send a signal to the ECM for injector pulse but i have seen the modules be bad and have no spark but still have injector pulse. There is always spark and good fuel pressure. spray some starting fluid in the intake and see if you get a pop. 2 no start. i have a 98 jetta 2. On that rare occasion the PCM stores a Diagnostic Trouble Code: I guess no one reads. : 83 xj6 no start, no injector pulsehelp? well ive tested and retested every single wire going to the ECU. CKP sensor failure is common. We were able to get a injector pulse and spark one time but have never been able to do it again. It is a 91 mr2 turbo gen 2. v8 at cranks but no start no spark no injector pulse no com . ; MVS Newsletter Stay up-to-date with Volvo news. 0 auto, 4x4, 60psi fuel presser, has spark and injector pulse, will try to start if you hold the throttle a little over 3/4 the way down, but will not fire on starting fluid. Check for spark,and check for fuel pressure,and check for injector pulse,I hope you are using a digital volt meter,if not,you can blow the ecm,If there is no spark,or no injector pulse,then the crankshaft sensor is the most likely cause for the problem. Hi, my cousin has a 2002 ford focus, 2. Has low compression, 140-150 PSI, cranking. Here is the back story. now i had a look at another one of my vehicles which has l76 6. Have a crank no start condition. Now this beast has been out for about 2 months and it returned with no injector pulse. It's back together again, but now has no injector pulse. corrosion would carry enough milliamps to activate voltmeter, but not circuit to run fuel pulse. please I need help. \nIt could be the spark plugs are generating spark, but the sparks are weak or the initial mixture for starting is not appropriate. i own an auto repair shop, but don't have any info on this system. via ignition module. Went to do a break in and it has no spark and the injectors aren't firing (confirmed with noid light). No injector pulse, tested per "1992 Engine Performance Basic Diagnostic Procedures GM 1-31 | No Start - Engine Cranks Okay - Ignition System W Body" Stuck at step #8: I unplugged the blue wire, that comes out of the ECM, from the injector connector. My last thread opinion with start issue, I have no narrowed it down to no injector pulse. If there is no fuel pressure,then the fuel pump in the fuel tank is bad. Disconnect crank sensor, no spark. The Hi all. wtf causes this? There arne't too many things that will allow the ecu to spark and run the pump on but NOT pulse the injectors. but dont use your main one, the gas will ruin it. 3 Liter Engine 1996 Dodge Caravan, and we want to change the spark No Start, No Spark, No Injector Pulse (faulty crank sensor) Play and Listen 1997 lincoln continental 46 how to test a vr type crank sensor vrs this is a great video if you are looking for tips on finding direction on any no spark No Start, No Spark, No Injector Pulse (faulty crank sensor) Mp3 89 civic no injector pulse [ 3 Answers ] I have a 89 civic 1. Try starting it at half throttle. After a little troubleshooting, I have no spark in cylinders 1 and 4. no injector pulse. I have spark, I have fuel pressure, I have compression, I have power to the injectors. When I crank I get no spark or injector pulse. Next, get a can of starting fluid (ether) from your local auto parts store: costs a $1. It is so rusted and corroded its unreal. seems to need both to have spark. Pour fuel in spark plug hole and will start but will not run but for a few seconds or till gas is burned. Sooo, We put the 86LX/B6T back together and now are getting no injector pulse at the injector clips. For some reason, the ECM is not sending the injector pulse signal while the ignition switch is in the crank position. what other signals does the ECU use for injector spark. I reconnected the wiring harness and now I have no ignition spark and no fuel injector pulse. If the spark is clean and matching engine rpm but the injectors are not then check the signal from the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Forget about the fault codes and just go about diagnosing it as you would have before OBD2. Moved Permanently. 12v to the red and white wires and 12v to the wires at the ecm with the key on and the injectors checked in spec for resistance. Re: '91 S-10 Blazer Fuel pressure good but injectors wont squirt (no injector pulse) To reply to Kronik, since the ignition module is in the distributor, that is why the problkem was fixed. and the coil circuit to the ECU is working. Or full spark when tested at coil wire. security lights not on but i believe it's in the security somewhere but my manual gives me no No start troubleshooting (fuel pressure, injector pulse, spark) - GM OBDI Print In this video I will show you how to test for spark on a GM type two waste spark system. it cranks ok, there is no injector pulse or spark. Sometimes the computer can lose the injector-driver For example, the injector pulse width is the measure in milliseconds of how long the injector is opened for each pulse, regardless of how many times it is opened in a cycle. The injector pulse was intermittent, and the spark we got from the plugs are weak. it could also be the prom chip. 1 that has an intermittent no start problem. We haven't' checked the injectors yet because we were unable to get spark. Okay so i have everything wired correctly in my daily as far as i can work out, i have run an individual earths from the ecu, TPS air intake sensor and so on, i am getting 12v at the coils when the ignition is on, i have no injector pulse and i have absolutely no spark. check continuity for corresponding injector to ecm No injector pulse need help Sign in to follow this . 0l ztec no start/weak injector pulse (sometimes)/good spark/no code Hello, i have a 2000 ford focus 2. Re: No injector pulse when cranking. I had it back for three days then this morning went to leave and it wasn't starting. 1997 Lincoln Continental 4. keyk off disconnect the injector harness and ecm black 80pin c1 connector. 30 or so. But injectors pulse works off of ground from ecmyou have to have the grounds at thermostat and intake or will not pulse injectors. They don't cost much and since they are known to go bad frequently on GM vehicles i like to keep a spare in my glove box anyways. Working on a factory 2004 Isuzu asender with the 5. 0 and have spark and fuel pressure but no injector pulse. I know I have fuel pressure being that I have an Autometer fuel pressure gauge and its getting 60psi. Never say never, but if the module was bad he should have no spark. Is there a fuse or something that controls spark and injector pulse. When it dies, we have tested and we have spark but no injector pulse. We can pour gas in the trottle body and the car will start and run, but no pulse. ) Replaced the pcm, car turns over, all indications are normal and there is spark but car won't start. Buying a NEW distributor will not fix your problem because a new one will not come with a module and your will have to swap them. Volvo Forum Ask a question. 0L. Hi, I have a 2002 Kia Sportage 2. No fuel injector pulses from the fuel injector connectors as tested using a Noid Light. If i am wrong please let me know. I can't ever get spark or injector pulse. 8-12. You can use a noid light to see if your getting a pulse. 4. Spark is great, new plugs and wires along with cap and rotor button. I replaced the head gasket on a 1996 E320 (M104 engine). Car cranks but no spark or injector pulse The car cranks fine, but there is no spark and it seems as though the injectors aren't spraying either. no injector pulse? - posted in All Things V6: I looked at cranks but wont start, mine is a little different, I have good fuel pressure good spark, but no injector pulse. The engine actually fires up no worries after a healthy one or two cranks, however it will not stay alive past it’s initial rev despite all attempts. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I need input from other Ive got problems with an 89 ranger that has the 2. Originally Posted by Kevin Whittaker Does the car have any kind of aftermarket immobiliser or even a hidden switch somewhere? Seems strange that you Did a quick check to see if I had spark and injector pulse, I have spark, but no injector pulse. It seems that lack of spark inhibits the injector pulses and the fuel pump. When the car does not start there is no injector pulse. 1 ltr, No Spark, No Injector Pulse - I have a "No start" condition on my daughters 95 Grand Am, . put a noid light on them and they have juice. Crank and get good clean blue spark for one revolution on #1 cal. 5 4 speed rwd the guy that had it was going to scrap it, this truck set in his barn since early 90's has les Re: ka cranks but wont start, no spark no injector pulse HEL Post by Warped161 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:27 am sounds like a def possibility, no spark and no injectores. Traced it to no spark and no injector pulse when the trouble occurs. - checked for spark (none) - tested for injector pulse. 1987 Porsche 924S won't start no spark at coil One day the car stalled on me then after a few cranks it started back up. No Injector Pulse? Engine won't start (new rebuild), it has spark (new opti and coil) but I do not think the injectors are firing. 2007 Isuzu NPR 5. I am leaning twards a shorted out wire becuase of the blown fuse at first and that fixing the problem and now the same problem with a good fuse. So both coils work. If this brown white wire is not powered at KOEO, there is a possibility that any of these 3 components are not working: IPDM, PCM and the wirings in between them. you have no pulse BUT do you have 12v at injector Crank, spark, fuel pressure - But no Injector Pulse? Hi guys, Recently had my 90adm with 92 GenII 3SGTE at a shop getting clutch, timing belt, waterpump, turbo - so the engine came out. If the injector floods and line pressure is at near 30 and not near 50 PSI, then the ECU might be in BACKUP mode; Or the ECT reads -40F all day long. The check engine No spark or injector pulse: I for sure have no spark or injector pulse at all. 2005 Chevrolet Impala 3. 4 No star ,No injector pulse,good spark using your pull down by pass tes I have seen these topics but my situation has a slight difference. 06 Titan 5. I tried spraying start stuff into the throttle with no luck!. No spark no fuel no injector pulse HELPPPPP!!! Had my 1998 xj at a body shop for paint, they had left all the doors open for a few days, would not start so they No start - has spark no inj pulse -; ECM / cam sensor prob No start - no spark OR inj pulse - crank sensor or module Oh, and if the module is dead, I suggest putting a coil pack on it as well as most of the module failure are caused by an overheating or arcing coil. ihave on quite a few occasions found the crank sensor will not allow for spark and injector pulse. The injector pulse is from the PCM . Hi guys, Recently had my 90adm with 92 GenII 3SGTE at a shop getting clutch, timing belt, waterpump, turbo - so the engine came out. No Start No Spark Case Study 1997 Lincoln Continental 4. Re: 2002 f150 no spark or injector pulse Post by tater69 » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:39 am there has to be some connection with that blown fuse and the truck not starting maybe and busted wire or something going on in that harness. I have checked for spark with 2006 Nissan Maxima SL 3. My search still continues. I have replaced the crank sensor, ohm tested all the wiring, timing is good, tried a new ecu, still no start. However, like larry explained the injectors will not pulse. STravis No injector pulse I'm reviving a mothballed civic rally car and have a no-start issue; it appears the injectors aren’t firing. We are basically at a loss trying to figure out what next to check. no injector pulse-multi fi. I disconnected the harness to the injectors and tested with a noid light and the light flashed on for all 6 injectors. 1 Ltr. Injector test mode sets up a specific injector pulse width, duty cycle, and an adjustable commanded number of pulses. l check on scanner no fault code , check all wire on ecu We are testing if the ECM even has power, as a power failure will result in both no spark and no fuel or injector pulses. hey i bought a vs v6 with a blown motor to turn into a dirt circuit car, i stripped all interior bar dash and gauges, removed all lights, swapped motor over and it now wont fire, got spark, got fuel pressure but has no injector pulse but the injectors do pulse when earthed with a test light, would this be the crank angle sensor or is it more likely to be the factory immobiliser, all central Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 2005 Has Spark And Injector Pulse But Will Not Fire. disconnect injector plug. We tested the power off of the coil pack connecters and they are showing that we are getting 12v so I dont think it's a grounding issue. 5L No Start No Spark No Injector Pulse Posted to Asian Electrical on 11/11/2014 5 Replies hello gents-- long time reader and one of my 1st real questions that i pose to you the readers. The car has 96k on it and is not a daily driver. I have spark. You can access a code by jumping 2 terminals together. We have narrowed it down to the fact that there is no injector pulse but cant seem to figure out the biggest question- WHY?!!? 1991 this make you OBD1 . Grounds for all sensors. 6 model 2002 ,car not start it have spark coil and if spray on intake start cut off after fuel finish but no injector pulse it have 12v supply on injector no signal from ecu ,we test ecu on other on car starting fine and test crank sensor ,cam sensor all ok . the ignition is sparking just fine, all four spark strongly during cranking. The car has injector pulse but doesnt have any spark. 3, air plenum and more. So Im working on a 95 Volvo 960 3ltr. We do get pulse if we use a remote starter. I have spark and fuel pressure but still no injector pulse. I check the following items, crank sensor, cam sensor and wiring, I also check all the power input and grounds going to the ECU fuses all check OK. Scoped the distributor and both signals good and a good signal on crank sensor. i change the new spark plugs because the spark number 2 dirty with enough carbon, as the exhaust of an auto diesel engine, I have pulled the plugs off of the injectors and every plug has 12 volts but no ground to produce the pulse. But all is well there as its only reading . It has no spark or injector pulse. 3, motor has a miss so I checked and cleaned all injectors, changed the coil packs and now still have a miss in the number 2 cylinder. Delivered monthly. Re: No injector pulse Sebba no i am not getting spark but the cas is good i checked it and i am getting signal coming out of it. New to the forum & looking for some answers. 0l gen 4, with the engine not running the map sensor reads 102kpa, during cranking you can see is decreasing as the engine starts to pull a vacuum. has spark, no injector pulse. Second check the wires to the TPS and be sure they are connected right. Replied by no_common_sense on topic No Injector Pulse Check for spark first perhaps. Changed fuel injectors now have injector pulse, have spark, have compression, have 48psi fuel pressure don't think fuel injectors are opening but already changed the ECM. 6 V8 No Spark, No Inj Pulse. If the spark is erratic you need to look closely at the crankshaft position sensor. If I hook up my snapon analyzer I can manually pulse the injectors so I know that all works correctly. Home » 05 Nissan Maxima No Spark No Injector Pulse. The pcm was rebuilt abd reflashed about 3 years ago, the truck has spark, 63 psi at the rail but it drops to 40 after 5 minutes, the injectors are rebuilt and the old ones were still good. i get no pulse at the injectors. The document has moved here. Question: Dodge Caravan No Injector Pulse Fuel Delivery Question. If you have spark then pull one of the connectors off of one of the injectors and see if you can start and run the car on three cylinders. 0 1994 Jeep Cherokee, No fuel injector pulse, 40 lbs fuel pressure at the fuel rail, changed crankshaft position indicator, PCM is tested good, There is also spark at the spark plugs. they all do what their supposed to. Hello to all I need help! I have 2005 nissan maxima SE 3. i checked all other wires at the ecm for voltage and the eac wire has no voltage. Below is the procedure for tro…ubleshooting "Fires up 91 Chevy 305 tbi no spark no injector pulse I tested the ignition coil and found that it was bad and replaced it. However having applied your tests and confirming spark, fuel pump activity, and injector pulse, I still can’t get the M20 in my ’84 323i going. Page 1 So I know it's got spark and good pressure on the rail. 1996 Vortec 1-8 no injector pulse first things first new to the group, hope to find some much need help !!!!!! I have a 96 vortec 5. I have the 12v feed at the injectors, but i am not getting the pulsed earth from the ecu. If you have no pulse you need to troubleshoot for spark first . I'm making an assumption he does not have a volt meter to go poking around to confirm the ECM is powered up, so this is the only way I can test that. I don't see any mention in the service manual saying that this car has any sort of a crankshaft position sensor or a crank angle sensor. I. Had it running and driving but tore it down to do some other work to the car. shops before. No spark 2002 windstar. Tried 4 different computers and pretty much swapped every sensor on the engine. Put light across the plug. Things I would be suspecting are the CAS (Faulty cas will cause no signal to injectors and no spark), or DFI module (CAS signal goes through the DFI module). This is the main reason you have no spark and no injector pulse. This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. try repla … cing the ecm and injector fuses. i dont see any jeeps stuck on your sight. 5mS cranking, the injector is CLOGGED. rr. Check spark, fuel injector pulse and fuel pressure, volume, quality and engine compression. com> wrote: > Is there a pulse at the injectors? There is plenty of fuel in the rail. The car ran when I parked it in 2011. Re: No injector pulse Help I would also check that you have 12V at the injectors, the ECU might actually be triggering the injectors but there might not be a B+ Signal to energise the injectors. In relation to your no injector pulse problem, check the wiring harness from the distributor to the ECM. Answer . Auto trans. P γιαγιά Koula 10/02/1929 - 14/09/2014 TCCoA Forums > Car Related > Engine - 4. Has fuel pressure, injector pulse and spark. My car wont start, it cranks perfectly, but it has no spark, and no injector pulse. did extensive voltage test at computer. ive seen many computers that were faulty that had no codes . I have tried to wire my ecu as a stand alone unit it is not conected to the car at all other than the necessary power and grounds. Checked them with noid lights and there is no electrical pulse. 89 civic no injector pulse [ 3 Answers ] I have a 89 civic 1. Swapped out computer with known good one, still no pulse from injectors. Fuel injection is the introduction of fuel in an internal combustion engine, most commonly automotive engines, by the means of an injector. The reason is that the code is adding the injector dead time to the cranking pulse width, and if your dead time setting is high enough, it can be enough pulse width on its own to flood the engine. Jan 18, 2014. It started about 2 weeks ago, the car will intermittently die while driving it. The only injector plug that gets a pulse is on cylinder 1. Fuel injectors are usually powered directly by a fuse and then grounded by the engine computer. no spark,but have injector pulse,12v to coil, At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. Fuel pressure comes into the injector rails, but the injectors are not opening, please needed help. I have limited data on Mercedes as I am using Mitchell Which has been of very little help. I haven't checked for injector pulse but I'm reading up on Checked and found good spark, erratic injector pulse with noid light. no fire or pulse | Find answers to your 1997 Ford F-150 question from certified mechanics and auto experts. Next I checked fuel pressure and the filter, that was fine. My client says it shut down running and this car is been in 3 mech. If a 1995-2000 Dodge Neon 2. I have tried a new throttle position sensor, new ignition module and the ECU and Memcal have been workbench tested but as the fault is intermittent his may not mean a lot. Grounds to ecm and electronics No injector pulse or spark We've tried setting the ecu to stock settings and back to 93 octane stage 2 ap and checked all the wiring. If have spark and power at injector check the grd side of the injector. I went through the wire job on the new module and found out he had the crank signal and ground wires backwards. an my cooling fan runs continually 2000 Ford Focus 2. tested coil and it was ok, tested ign module under cap, tested fine, tested pickup coil and that also was fine. Speaking of Subaru, I emailed them asking if a faulty transponder would result in a condition of Spark but no Injector Pulse and got a reply stating that nobody from Subaru Australia could answer that question and that I should take the vehicle to a Subaru service centre. The COILS spit out fire continues during cranking, there is positive current on the injector line continues but the earthing that comes from the ECM, to excite the injectors is not coming, sometimes it spray once and wont spray again went to fire the engine today no injection pulse or spark . | Find answers to your 1993 Mercedes-Benz 300SE question from certified mechanics and auto experts. 0L won’t start, and it has no spark, but has injector pulse, the problem could be that the dowel pin is snapped off in the cam causing it to be mechanically out of time even though the external belt timing marks are correct. No start. If you've got no pulse on injectors and no spark at the same time, then look for a loss of cam or crank sensor signals. Have no idea where to look :/ Spark, no fuel pulse. Pulled no start condition, have spark, no injector pulse/no gas. No codes Spark but no pulse. My son drove the car to school with no problem and after class he could not get the engine started. I hit a large bump while driving and it died instantly. BUT, if you shoot brake kleen into the throttle body, it will start, then the injector will start pulsing. ENGINE SPEED SIGNAL . (VRS) This is a great video if you are looking for tips I have spark, but now we have finally discovered I am not getting any fuel into the cylinders. In hindsight, this is logical - prevents the engine from flooding when spark is lost

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