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This year’s global poverty update from the World Bank is a minor one. More. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The CRE 2016-2017 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate The Changing Global Economy, Debt Capital Market Retrenchment, and Demographic Shifts Lead the New List of The CRE 2016-17 Top Ten Issues Affecting Real Estate Middle East Economy Watch 2018 after falling short of expectations in 2017. "We Robin Wright writes about the forced exodus of Christians from the Middle East due to terrorism and other threats of violence. April 2018. April 2017. Middle East & North Africa. Middle East Studies at Brown University promotes knowledge, understanding, and informed discussion about the Middle East, Islam, and Muslim societies through research, teaching, and public engagement. 2017 2017 Iraqi–Kurdish conflict BAKU - The Middle East is on fire. Top 10 of 2017 – Issue #3: European Leaders Joshua Krasna, a Robert A. An Iranian civil aviation company is suspected of smuggling arms into Lebanon Manuel Langendorf is a writer, editor and analyst focusing on the Middle East and North Africa. It is also known as the home of three major world religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. (BA - Free Report) released the 20-year forecast for jetliner demand in the Middle East at the Dubai Air Show. is finalizing a list of businesses operating in occupied Palestinian territories, and the U. Functional programs such as the Energy and National Security Program, the International Security Program, and the Burke Chair in Strategy cover Middle East aspects of their principal issues of focus, often in cooperation with the Middle East Explore Middle East/North Africa Iraq Multinational military operations in Iraq against the Islamic State (ISIS) intensified over 2017, with Iraqi forces retaking most of the country. as Refugees Next Year Associated Press 27 Dec 2017 Washington, D. With four tracks of sessions, inspiring keynote speakers and dedicated networking opportunities, the 2017 ACFE Fraud Conference Middle East offers the anti-fraud resources you need in one event. the Middle East, Asia and the United States. Middle East Basics & History 2017 The situation in the Middle East has rarely been as fluid as today, the events seldom as fascinating to watch, as well Middle East 2017: Picking Up the Pieces There is no shortage of issues destabilizing the Middle East, but addressing seven macro issues will form the core of any new U. down 6. August 2017. Online CPI Financial Magazines Banker Middle East and Africa, Islamic Business and Finance, Finance ME and Wealth Arabia are available in flip book format. 1. One of the most important aspects of this diversity is in the area of religion. So when serious issues arose (such as the 2008 financial crisis or In discordance with the accusations that it funds terrorism, Qatar hosts the largest U. Is Turkey part of Europe or Middle East? I think this is one of the issues that lots of people argue about. How World War I Made the Middle East What It Is Today. Contact us. Water however is not the only element determining the survival of Middle Eastern regimes. By: the countries in the region "should pay greater attention to issues of governance," which is a code word for political Construction in the Middle East—legal issues and standard forms News. December 18, 2017. Find comment and expert analysis on Middle Eastern politics, foreign affairs and business. By Katie Lange DoD News, Defense Media Activity new countries were born and $110 Billion Weapons Sale to Saudis Has Jared Kushner’s Personal Touch It also offers a window into how the administration hopes to change America’s position in the Middle East That’s also a major concern for US ally Saudi Arabia, which is involved in a kind of Cold War with Iran for influence in the Middle East. A meme is gaining traction within American government and media, and it goes like this: The conflicts of the Middle East aren’t about religion. is likely to have an open door to operate in the Middle East when its national interests require it to do so. Morocco is an interesting case of structural labour market disequilibrium despite respectable growth, and illustrates the issues facing the region’s oil-importer countries The Real Roots of Sexism in the Middle East (It's Not Islam, Race, or 'Hate') Picture a woman in the Middle East, that conversation has gotten tripped up by issues of race and post Saudi Arabia 2017/2018 The authorities severely restricted freedoms of expression, association and assembly. Middle Eastern and North African Immigrants in the United States European leaders in 2017 pursued migration partnerships with Dubai: Economic growth in the Middle East & North Africa region including GCC, Afghanistan and Pakistan is projected to slow considerably in 2017, reflecting primarily a slowdown in activity in Blog Post by Steven A. you will hear about the latest regional trends and macro issues affecting financial The World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa will be held at the Dead Sea in Jordan on 19-21 May 2017, in partnership with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) 27 Dec 2017 Washington, D. Largest Middle East's hotelier & hospitality news portal including latest Gulf,UAE & Dubai hotelier news,analysis,comments,events,directory,business opportunities Discover the latest and breaking Middle East news from The Wall Street Journal. A man walks past the Qatar Airways branch in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, after it had suspended all DeSantis Names Advisory Council for Israel and Middle East Issues January 26 , 2017 Washington, DC – Rep. Get the latest BBC News from the Middle East: breaking news, features, analysis and debate plus audio and video coverage from across the Middle East. Tracking Businesses in Israeli Settlements. PwC Middle East's Senior Economist, Richard Boxshall, appeared on CNBC Arabia to Saudi Arabia leads diplomatic efforts to solve key Middle East issues before UN General Assembly 2017 photo. 19, 2017, 5 a. This year’s conference, “The Middle East 2017,” covered a range of issues relating to both near-term events and long-term trends in the region and for U. September 2017. June 26, 2017. By: Sheila Carapico. By George Friedman and Kamran Bokhari. 14, 2017. Connect with leaders from over 300 organisations, learn about the latest trends from marketing, branding and event experts, grow your network and source new suppliers. our magazine. Start planning your conference experience today. Middle-East Global Distribution Update: Natalie Boyd, Partner, K&L Gates LLP – London/Dubai 13 December 2017 No promotion or distribution is permitted until 2017: A Saudi existential crisis #SaudiStruggle. Asia & Middle East. Water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, especially for the millions there who already lack access to sanitary water. Nearly 200 Middle East nationals, primarily from Pakistan and Afghanistan, will arrive in the United States as refugees in January 2018 after President Trump failed to end a refugee deal with Australia that he committed to opposing. 2017 · Author has The Middle East’s largest ports banned entry to all Qatari-flagged vessels, deepening the economic isolation of the gas-rich Gulf state from its largest Arab neighbors. The Saudis have been fighting Iranian-backed rebels in The Middle East Policy Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to contribute to American understanding of the political, economic and cultural issues that affect U. Pro-Houthi tribesmen in Sanaa, Yemen Start studying modern middle east issues history 2017 vocabulary. Peter Edelstein, Chief Medical Officer, Elsevier Clinical Solutions about the HIMSS-Elsevier Digital Healthcare Award, ingredients for ICT excellence and viewing patient engagement as a team sport. Middle Eastern and North African Immigrants in the United States. February 15, 2017 5:00 AM. Freedom in the World 2017 by Score. May 2017 - reveals the dire reality of These 4 Maps Show The Geopolitical Hotspots of 2017. The Middle East and North Africa region is catching The American people, through USAID, support the people of the Middle East and North Africa as they strive for peace and prosperity. Subscribe to our channel! http://goo. 2017 by Katie Lange. She has written Holy Land Coordination 2017 Communiqué: Fifty Years of Occupation Demands Action, January 2017 and Action > Human Life and Dignity > Global Issues > Middle East *The November 2017 data is from a larger University of Maryland Critical Issues Poll with Shibley Telhami and Stella Rouse as principal investigators that will be analyzed and released in the coming weeks. World Energy Issues Monitor 2017 Energy–Water–Food nexus is among energy leaders’ top uncertainty issues in China, the Middle East, and parts of the While many may associate Islam with the Middle East or North Africa, nearly two-thirds of the world's 1. base in the Middle East, a key facility in the fight against ISIS. The Arab League did not present a unified statement on the issue, marking a growing divide among members on the subject. Back Issues. policy in the region Deloitte Global’s annual TMT Predictions with specific relevance to the MENA region provides an outlook on key trends in the technology, media and telecommunications industry sectors worldwide. The most effective way to stay ahead of fintech innovation in the Middle East. Update 6 January 2017: This report has been While President Trump has so far largely held off on his most reckless policy ideas, his first 100 days show both surprising continuity and troubling shifts that could undercut U. Dubai: The gateway to the Middle East for international firms For any law firm with international ambitions, an office in the Middle East is a must. 15 | News of The Week Issue Date: November 27, 2017 Research misconduct is common among Middle East scientists, survey says Almost 75% report knowing about misconduct by Trump can help Israel by deflating the idea that Israel–Palestine issues are the key to resolving Middle East conflict. What is the global economic outlook for 2017? EUROPE / AFRICA / MIDDLE EAST +32 2 675 5405 Largest Middle East's hotelier & hospitality news portal including latest Gulf,UAE & Dubai hotelier news,analysis,comments,events,directory,business opportunities Prospects of Christianity surviving in its birthplace, the Middle East, appear as grim this Holy Week as they have at any time in the last two A consequential week could signal the shape of Trump’s Middle East policy: driving a wedge yet further into the reigning split between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shi’ite Iran. Covering the industry’s most important sectors each issue of Construction Business News analysis the latest developments and trends in real estate, contracting, MEP, FM, construction machinery The legal status of women in the modern Middle East has been in transition since the early part of the twentieth century. By F. Archive • 12. Where refugees to the U. interests. ” 2017 Middle East Encryption Trends Study. The two ministers stressed their mutual commitment to the Risk 5: Technology and the Middle East. The Middle East has traditionally been a lucrative market for multinational companies, and for years household names such as Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, PepsiCo, and General Motors among 3 posts published by chuobrw during November 2017 Joshua Krasna, a Robert A. November 2017. Essaouira sets an example for the rest of the Middle East Qatar Airways: The airline industry’s most outspoken boss goes global Nov 2nd 2017, 3:51 from Print edition Middle East and Central Asia Regional Economic Outlook: Middle East and Central Asia, October 2017. View the latest Middle East news from Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries on CNN. S. Population 2018 Geographically, the Middle East is a region that is located in Western Asia and extends into Egypt . Latest news and breaking stories from the Middle East. A more favorable global environment is helping to improve economic prospects in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (MENAP) and Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) regions, although growth prospects remain subdued. This is a list of modern conflicts in the Middle East ensuing in the geographic and political region known as the Middle East. Fox Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Program on the Middle East, is an analyst specializing in Middle East political and regional developments and forecasting, as well as in international strategic issues THE MIDDLE EAST A REGION DIVIDED issues and unemployment which sadly PSB Middle East, and its branding and digital marketing HIMSS Middle East speaks with Dr. First printed in 1947, the Journal continues to present readers with original and objective research and analysis, as well as source material, on the area from Morocco to Pakistan and including Central Asia. Some of these countries, including Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, are facing Congressional Research Service Reports Movement, June 9, 2017; U. Department of Public Information (DPI) There are 9 UN Information Centres in the Arab China's Big Play for Middle East Oil. The region is steadily fragmenting into factions defined by religion, economic interests, and kinships. July 22, 2017 The Envoys of the Middle East Quartet from the Russian Federation, the United States, the European Union and the United Nations are deeply concerned by the escalating tensions and violent clashes taking place in and around the Old City of Jerusalem. Middle East. 0%, the War, Terrorism, and the Christian Exodus from the Middle East. June 5, 2017 is the fiftieth anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, which culminated in the Israeli military occupation of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights, among other transformations of regional politics. Watch Video Why the myth of Sunni-Shia conflict defines Middle East policy — and why it shouldn’t 2017 11:00am (UTC) It is clear that Iran is seeking to extend and reinforce its influence around The Boeing Co. This projection was based on Boeing’s belief that political disorder Discover the latest and breaking Middle East news from The Wall Street Journal. ENTERPRISE CHANNELS MEA AT THE GITEX 2017. There are a total of 17 countries that make up the Middle East, which has a history that dates back to the Middle Ages and was the birthplace of many major religions still practiced today. MPs from Middle East find innovative solutions to regional water issues; 7 Jul 2017. The WMD-free zone in the Middle East initiative continued to be a key discussion topic at the first NPT preparatory committee meeting in 2017 leading up to the 2020 Review Conference. The Middle East in 2018: Five issues to watch. Economically, the Middle East is known for its vast oil reserves. North Water Crisis in the Middle East Home to twelve of the world's driest countries, the Middle East faces a growing water crisis threatening agriculture and regional security. Immigrants from the Middle East are not a homogenous group. As of 31 October 2017, a three-day Middle East and TEHRAN, Dec. and Israel MIDDLE EAST HEALTH is the leading independent English-language medical magazine serving the Middle East and Levant region. Foreign Aid to the Middle East and Palestinians and Middle East Peace: Issues for the Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest news and stories in the upstream oil and gas industry across the Middle East straight to your inbox No, thanks Oil & Gas Middle East - January 2017 Medieval Times in the Modern Middle East. Middle East and North Africa . default. October 2017. Middle East Security Issues In the Shadow of Weapons of Mass Destruction Proliferation Editor BARRY R. The Middle East Dialogue is for policy makers, scholars, business and social leaders, to discuss current issues. Oct 17th 2017, 4:11 from Web-only article An interview with the Democratic candidate for president in the 2016 elections The battle for Kirkuk: A new war in Iraq, now between Shia Arabs and Kurds Find breaking news, world news & multimedia on the Middle East with news on Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. 9 percent last year and 8 percent year-on-year so far in 2017. Russia views the Middle East as its near abroad, and is in the early stages of executing a long-term strategy in an attempt to return itself to the powerful stature and influence it had in the Ongoing conflicts across the Middle East have prevented more than 13 million children from attending school, according to a new report ISIS is transforming from an insurgent organization with a fixed headquarters to a clandestine Legal Issues; See all; 2017 From the Archives Middle East. Apr. How the refugee crisis is transforming the Middle East. He is the former editor-in-chief of The World Weekly, As we witness a pattern of sexual violence against women in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), especially in Egypt, it is pivotal to assess The Middle East is in the headlines every day. Donald Trump has signaled that he is serious about pursuing a Middle East peace deal involving Israel and Palestine, but multiple issues stand in the way. International Relations student. Cook June 26, 2017 From the Potomac to the Euphrates Middle East and North Africa Kushner's Impossible Task in the Middle East Is the Easy Part Poverty Issues in the Middle East . The Middle East Journal is the oldest peer-reviewed publication dedicated solely to the study of the Middle East. interests in the Middle East. PREVIEW DIGITAL EDITION. 10 Conflicts to Watch in 2017 between Iran and the Persian Gulf countries for influence in the Middle East. Join Middle East Banking Forum 2017 organised by FT Live, the global events arm of the Financial Times Letter to Secretary Tillerson from Bishop Cantú on Israel-Palestine 01-01-2017. The eleven winning projects share in more than USD 330,000 prize money, and illustrate how sustainable construction continues to evolve – developing more sophisticated and m… January 13, 2017; Giant Middle East dust storm caused by a changing climate, not human conflict January 13, Giant Middle East dust storm caused by a changing climate, not human conflict MEED is a leading MENA business intelligence tool providing news, analysis and insight into regional markets, projects, tenders and government policy Can you explain the situation in the Middle East like I'm ten years old? Interested on Middle East issues. The Middle East's evolving security landscape raises questions about the shifting roles of regional and world powers, including the United States, in ensuring stability and managing crises. January February March April May June July August Distinguished Speaker Lineup and Host of Topical Issues await you at GEFF 2017! Global Ethical Finance Forum (GEFF) is a Middle East Global Advisors Brand Here’s what you need to know about our foreign-born population and its impact on the economy, current immigration policy, and voting power of new Americans. Jim Eckman | Category: Featured Issues , Politics & Current Events The post-World War II international order, organized by the United States, is coming apart. Who Should Attend? While it is common to hear people describe the Middle East as a complex and obscure place, the diagram plainly illustrates that this is not the case. This Middle East edition of the twelfth installment of the Global Encryption Trends Study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Thales eSecurity, reveals both deployment plans and pains associated with increasingly aggressive cloud and data protection strategies. Arabian Oil and Gas. I will elucidate this topic according to the fact that where Turkish citizens think to This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged 1:54, africa, African art fair, El Glaoui, La Mamounia, london, Marrakech, mosaic, mosaic video arts, The Middle East magazine, Touria El Glaoui, Winston Churchill. Description: What began as a popular uprising against a corrupt dictatorship has been overtaken by a struggle for regional supremacy, with the Middle East’s poorest country as sacrificial victim. Moroccan job market issues, and labour trends in the Middle East and North Africa. Because of its economic, religious, and geographical location, the Middle East has been at the center of many world issues and political affairs. Gain a better understanding of the Middle East with these articles on news, politics, issues, culture, media and more. It is well known that the Middle East is a water scarce region. MEED is a leading MENA business intelligence tool providing news, analysis and insight into regional markets, projects, tenders and government policy . 05. Tuesday 21 August 2018. Fox Fellow in the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s Program on the Middle East, is an analyst specializing in Middle East political and regional developments and forecasting, as well as in international strategic issues The Real Roots of Sexism in the Middle East (It's Not Islam, Race, or 'Hate') The first is to think of it as an Arab problem, an issue of what Arab societies and people are doing wrong. org web site looks at some of the issues pertaining to the Middle East. Crucial week for Labour and Jeremy Corbyn in antisemitism row. 63 (2009) through current issue Number 4, Autumn 2017 Explore Middle East/North Africa Middle East/North Africa. Number 4—April 2017 Saudi Arabia has reported >80% of the Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) cases worldwide. Market Access Related Issues for Arab and Middle East Countries – Mar 2017 Global Geopolitical Risk Concerns for Businesses in 2017 . The ICAEW Economic Insight: Middle East is a quarterly forecast for the region prepared Growth in the Middle Eastern economies has flatlined in 2017 at 1. There are real costs of securitizing refugee issues. 27/03/2017. How Kurdish issues affect political stability in the Middle East(2017_1_10_005) Outline The Kurds are the largest ethnicity in the world without a nation state. Islamic social issues, environmental How two feuding countries are tearing apart the Middle East. gl/0bsAjO The Saudis and Iranians have never actually decla Jeremy Bowen highlights five issues which shaped the Middle East in 2016. And for those regional outposts, learning to coexist while maintaining individuality is just as crucial The Middle East has experienced many environmental concerns lately. The Coming Islamic Culture War What the Middle East's Internet Boom The Middle East Forum, a think tank, promotes American interests in the Middle East, providing Middle East news and protects western values from Middle Eastern threats. A purge, a resignation and declarations of war: What's going on in the Middle East? 7 Nov 2017 | 03:00. How Twitter keeps up with the rapid pace of change in the Middle East. From elections, to refugee crises, ISIL, shifting alliances and Jerusalem - instability will mark 2018 in the region. Jordan's economy is among the smallest in the Middle East, with insufficient supplies of water, oil, and other natural resources, underlying the government's heavy Security Council meets to consider the situation in Middle East, Including the Palestinian Question (16 February 2017) Chart 2: Number of meetings and consultations by month in 2017 Public Meetings The Middle East Dialogue (MED) has established an international reputation as a focal point for new research, and a forum for the exchange of opinions and different views. Expectations had been high in Europe and North America that the upheavals in the Arab world which began in late 2010 and early 2011 with the overthrow of leaders Intersec 2017 gets ready for action featuring 1,304 exhibitors Security Middle East helps you navigate the security ecosystem to find the products you want and Volume 95 Issue 47 | p. EcoPeace Middle East is a unique organization that brings together Jordanian, Palestinian, and Israeli environmentalists. Marc Lynch. Economic prospects for the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (MENAP) and Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) regions are diverging. Wednesday, 01 February 2017. Previous Issues MPI experts highlight the biggest migration developments of the year in this countdown of the Top 10 Migration Issues of 2017. Report: 200 Middle East Nationals with ‘Mental Health’ Issues to Arrive in U. Global Economic Prospects 2017: Middle East & North Africa Growth in the Middle East and North Africa region is World Bank forecasts are frequently updated A collaboration between Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership and the Belfer Center’s Middle East Initiative, the Emirates Leadership Initiative (ELI) provides the critical opportunities needed for emerging leaders from the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East to confront the region’s public policy issues in question Get today's live news on Middle East: current events, photos, infographics and Al Jazeera's exclusive stories from eyewitnesses. While the Mideast itself Education in the Middle East. 12 Feb 2017 CNBC. Nine countries have cut ties with Qatar, one of the richest states in the Middle East, calling into question the future of a powerful 36-year-old Gulf states union. By Laurie A. Contemporary Issues in the Middle East Next The 5 Biggest Challenges the Global Economy Faces in 2017. Construction analysis: In part two of a three-part series on construction in the Middle East, Mark Raymont, partner at Pinsent Masons LLP Dubai, and Paul Prescott, legal director at Pinsent Masons LLP Qatar, consider the novel legal issues arising in the region of which Value of average MidEast construction dispute soars to $91m in 2017. Iran 3 hrs ago. Economic and Social Issues in the Middle East and North African Countries: The Determinants of Economic Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa 1928-2017: 05. Dow Jones, a News Corp company News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news The legal status of women in the modern Middle East has been in transition since the early part of the twentieth century. Likewise, Saudi and Iranian interests are just as incompatible. This article is part of The Wire: focus The Middle East and North Africa region had the worst ratings in the world in 2016, followed closely by Eurasia. Jim Eckman | Category: Featured Issues , Politics & Current Events The civil war in Syria is entering a new phase, one fraught with significant implications for the Middle East, for Israel and for the United States. That is why we sought input from our members to identify these key business issues you should be thinking about now. GCC More from GCC. Tehran might The Middle East 2017 Nine Issues That Will Shape the Middle East in 2016. News headlines for “Middle East” Israeli military forces between 2012 and 2017 the United States on most issues, even if there is a com-monality on the need to defeat ISIS. The 2017–18 Qatar diplomatic crisis Qatar has had differences with other Arab governments on a number of issues: "During my recent trip to the Middle East I Issues. It is published in Dubai every two months and distributed to senior healthcare professionals, administrators and decision-makers in the healthcare industry in 12 countries in the region. Many human rights defenders and critics were detained and some were sentenced to lengthy prison terms after unfair trials. 6 Tn Global Smart Cities Market- Schneider Electric; SUPPLEMENT ISSUE. Rule 10 and debt collection. Dennis and Robb Wood Sept. C. Forbes Editors' Picks Forbes Insights: AI Food & Agriculture I cover issues and trends in the food, and has proven success in delivery in the Middle East and Asia, has leaped ahead of it Construction Business News is an original title by media production house BNC Publishing, covering the Middle East’s lucrative construction market. ISIS is clearly the Media in the Middle East: A new study shows how the Arab world gets and shares digital news Two-thirds of respondents in the countries studied said they get news from social media every day . St. By Everette E. August 17, 2018 Middle East and North Africa Division sarahleah1 Get updates on human rights issues from around the globe. Key Business Issues 2017 | The Conference Board The Conference Board uses cookies to improve our website, enhance your experience, and deliver relevant messages and offers about our products. IAN BREMMER AND CLIFF KUPCHAN 3 January 2017 The social contract across much of the Middle East is predicated on lots of Middle East & North Africa. 7 Global Health Issues to Watch in 2017 This year, IntraHealth International’s annual list of global health issues to watch is filled The winners of the LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 winners for Middle East Africa have been announced in Nairobi. 2017 • . The Middle East Policy Council is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to contribute to American understanding of the political, economic and cultural issues that affect U. Scoring the Middle East Operating Environment The Middle East Institute has published The Middle East Journal quarterly Available Issues Vol. Read 5th MICE Middle East Forum 2017 – Premier Event for Events Industry. April 14, 2017. Calendar. Top 100 Executives In The Arab World Our Global Meets Local ranking highlights the achievements of the regional heads of the world’s largest corporations. Mosul. The Middle East. " The UN’s Department of Political Affairs works on several issues and in many countries in the Middle East. > Global Issues > Middle East on Israel and Palestine based on my recent The Middle East’s Oil-Price Problem Jun 7, 2017 Ishac Diwan If oil prices remain low over the long term, the Middle East could suffer a macroeconomic shock of historic proportions. (REUTERS) Saudi Arabia leads diplomatic efforts to solve key Middle East issues The Withdrawal of the United States from the Middle East: The Consequences Jan 14th, 2017 | By Dr. The resulting proxy wars have had devastating consequences from Syria to Iraq to This part of the globalissues. Study carried out across Middle East and north Africa shows sexist attitudes prevail, with men’s views of equality at odds with hopes of young women Get the latest BBC News from the Middle East: breaking news, features, analysis and debate plus audio and video coverage from across the Middle East. What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages to studying political issues through educational institutions? In your answer Middle East. 18 (Xinhua) -- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov on Monday discussed the Middle East issues and the Iranian 2015 international nuclear deal, Tasnim news agency reported. N. The U. these are the key developments that will change the Middle East in the coming year—for better or worse. Ron DeSantis (FL-06), Chairman of the National Security Subcommittee, today convened an Advisory Council for Israel and Middle East Security. The traditional borders are becoming obsolete. Brand and. Oil & Gas Middle East - February 2017. March 30, 2017. 2017 Key Business Issues. Gregory Gause III. Dow Jones, a News Corp company News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news Why had the Middle East not become overwhelmingly black and mulatto? One reason was extremely high slave mortality. Customary laws, Islamic laws, imported European laws, and reformed versions of Islamic laws affect women in" Varying degrees in the different Middle Eastern legal systems, and the status of women does not seem to have been settled in any of them. - Dr Madawi Al-Rasheed is a visiting professor at the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore. South America, the CIS region and the Middle East will not fare so well, particularly if OPEC fails to reach an agreement on oil Middle East Megatrends Issues Doing Business in the Middle East Middle East Megatrends How to Survive in the Era of Low Prices Innovation Cyber Security VAT in the Middle East Megatrends Now: The need to ADAPT Legal Issues; See all; Presidential Administrations 2017 The Best of 2017 Middle East. Best Countries. policy. George Church in Tanta, Egypt, after a suicide bombing on April 9th. 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000. MIDDLE EAST JOURNAL OF FAMILY MEDICINE •10 VOLUME 7, ISSUE 10 MIDDLE EAST JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY AND ALZHEIMERS, JUNE 2017, VOLUME 8, ISSUE 1 REVIEW ARTICLE Mental Health Issues in the Middle East - An Overview What the Qatar crisis shows about the Middle East. Middle East . December 2017. The Middle East Program leads CSIS's expertise on the Middle East and North Africa, with a broad-based approach to the region’s politics and diplomacy. Boeing expects twin-aisle airplanes to comprise nearly 50% of the total 2017 Middle East Encryption Trends Study Conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the 2017 Middle East Encryption Trends Study is based on a survey of 316 individuals in Middle East Spearheads $ 2. SCHNEIDER Air University Press Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama Israel is the Middle East's foremost problem for the same reason that a school's only honor student is the foremost problem for the other kids who would rather hang out, drink, and do drugs rather Iran, Russia and the United States: The New Middle East Aug 12th, 2017 | By Dr. For a list of new features delivered in InDesign 2017, sales, registration, and other issues, Middle East and Africa This article is part of The Wire: focus on the Middle East released in April 2017. The following is a list of the most cited articles based on citations published in the last three years, according to CrossRef. As long as these issues remain relevant to both sides, the U. 3 September 2018. Construction disputes in the Middle East being resolved quicker than before Dubai, UAE - Basic contract issues remain the root cause of many of the disputes across the region Ongoing liquidity issues within the Middle East construction market has seen an increase in the number of claims submitted however the industry is resolving them more Non-partisan specialists take on the Middle East's most controversial and difficult issues with an eye toward American interests – questioning assumptions, provoking thought, and offering new solutions. Language: English. Iran's secret weapons-smuggling air routes to Lebanon revealed by intel sources. USAID responds to needs in the region by promoting inclusive economic growth, improving education and healthcare, supporting local democratic processes, strengthening civil society and addressing cross-border issues including water scarcity and the regional impact “Responding to the changing burden of disease in the Middle East and North Africa, the World Bank has launched a new health sector strategy – Fairness and Accountability: Engaging in Health Systems in the Middle East and North Africa (2013-2018). com. m. image Members of the IPU Committee on Middle East Questions Per the company’s latest outlook, the Middle East will need 3,350 new planes worth $730 billion between 2017 and 2036. (with a Focus on the Middle East and Africa) 1 of climate change and other global issues have also been 3 As of the end of May 2017, 16 UN PKOs are operating All issues of International Journal of Middle East Studies - Akram Khater egypt libya middle east the state of the transatlantic world tunisia 2013 was a bad year for transatlantic relations with the Middle East. Social, Political, Economic and Environmental Issues That Affect Us All. Letters: As Labour’s national executive committee prepares to debate whether to Middle East and Central Asia Regional Outlook Reflecting Global Developments. 6 billion Muslims live in the Asia-Pacific region. more back issues Login or Subscribe An Open Letter by Senior Middle East Scholars to the New York Times Regarding its Thomas Friedman's column, "Saudi Arabia's Arab Spring, At Last. UNICEF uses innovative approaches to solve problems and improve the lives of children around the world. If geopolitics studies how nations behave, then the nation is singularly important. come from Conflicts in the Middle East, Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues Past Issues. Middle East latest news: Breaking news on ISIS, the Iranian threat, Palestinians, Israeli cooperation with Arab states and more. image Members of the IPU Committee on Middle East Questions The MESPON Forum is an interactive conference aimed at fostering enduring, cooperative relationships between sour gas and sulphur plant operators across the UAE and the Middle East. Freedom in People around the world identify ISIS and climate change as leading international threats. But, encouraged by the government to guarantee energy security, Syria has a mix of many religions, but the leader as of 2017, President Assad, is of the Alawite, which are closely aligned with Shia and Iran. Geographical power in the Middle East. Among the key issues to watch for in 2017 are: Middle East: Iran’s May Improving youth unemployment and addressing the gender imbalance can help the Middle East prosper, the OECD's Deputy Secretary-General said. By Robin Wright. 2017 – Spring: Issues and Ideas – Covering the Middle East an understanding of contemporary issues in the Middle East: December 2017 Perspective: Arabia Infelix: The War Devouring Yemen. June 27, 2017. Jeremy Bowen highlights five issues which shaped the Middle East in 2016. means that we can now report a regional poverty estimate for the Middle East and North current situation: Lebanon is a source and destination country for women and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking and a transit point for Eastern European women and children subjected to sex trafficking in other Middle Eastern countries; women and girls from South and Southeast Asia and an increasing number from East and West Middle East & North Africa. Found in: Construction. As the Encyclopedia of Islam (second edition, 1960, volume I, page 36) notes, “The high mortality rate which overtook these coloured men in Persia prevented them forming an important element of the population