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Circle hook vs j hook

  • We then used multidimensional ac- Gamakatsu started producing hooks in Japan in 1955. This study has found that non-offset CIRCLE HOOKS lip hook red drum over 90% of the time. dont be fooled by the sizes, a 10/0 ez baiter looks about the same as a 4/0. S. circle hooks were used quite a bit by long liners and rock codders. . Overall, the large circle hook (C18) had the lowest catch rates for tunas and other fish, while small circle hooks (C15) had the lowest catch rates for billfish and sharks. They work like a circle hook and a "J" hook at the same time. 99 Swing-rigging circle hooks is a good option when fishing very small live baits that will flick around a lot but are unlikely to have the power to tow the hook and line around. Fishing Octopus Hooks. Compare with a modern circle hook which is an adaptation of the ancient bone circle hooks. Leave the point of the hook exposed when putting a bait on your circle hook. I will talk more about line setting and hook attachment later. GOING GREEN-REPLACINGTREBLE HOOKS WITH SINGLE HOOKS More than ever before manufacturers of fishing lures are dressing their lures with single hooks rather than the standard treble hooks. As for the bass, the same studies show that fish suffered lower rates of mortality when caught on circle style hooks. Gamakatsu Circle hooks in 5/0 - 7/0 Daiichi circle wide in 3/0 - 5/0. I'm old fashioned but i like my J hooks versus using the modern day circle hook. I have seen circle hooks up to size 16/0 which is MUCH bigger than what you are looking for. J-hooks. Tonight was so exciting. Best used when trolling, drifting and tightlining in reservoirs, rivers and lakes. However, when significant differences between hook types were found, higher mortality rates and higher rates of deep-hooking and bleeding were associated with J-hooks relative to circle hooks. A typical j-hook vs. The preferred circle hook is the EAGLE CLAW 2004 Circle Hook pictured below. After determining the type of hook you need (Circle hook vs. Gamakatsu has developed a new hook designed for use with really big baits and really big fish. Lighter hook encourages rigged live baits to swim more naturally. Corner of mouth Hook set, allows for easier removal of the hook upon release and who doesn't like saving money on hooks! Octopus Hooks, Circle (Offset-point) Gamakatsu's Octopus Circle Offset Point Hook is specially designed to set in the corner of a fishes mouth, making it a great choice for both fresh and saltwater anglers who prefer to use bait. Gamakatsu Big Cat Offset Point Octopus Circle Hooks Black Finish . The hook point is pointed toward the hook eye instead of toward the shank of the hook. A "circle hook" is defined as a circular hook in which the point of the hook is perpendicular to -- and aligned with -- the shank of the hook. went carping first time sunday and we got 1, 14lbs on corn, still a bit early for me but was nice to get one, had numerous hits though. the traditional J-hook. "J" Octopus Hooks - Black Nickle. ) are based on a numbering relationship between the hook’s shank, bend and gap devised long ago by hook manufacturers; and for traditional hooks (also called J-hooks), the numbering sizes are somewhat similar from one straight-shank design to another — a 2/0 beak hook is not dramatically different from a 2/0 In this photo there is 4 hooks, each pair has the same distance between the hook and shank, however the right hand hooks are much better suited to sport/ Billfishing needs. I like them as the fish often are hooked in the corner of the mouth and if a gust of wind comes along and throws the hook onto my head the point will not wind up penetrating my scalp. The best thing about J-hooks is that you decide when to set the hook, that means that no matter what direction the fish is swimming with your bait you can still set the hook. Circle Hooks vs. Mustad 6/0 circle and Owner 4/0 mutu/super mutu are both excellent choices. In conventional hooks, or J-hooks, the hookpoint runs parallel with the shank. Circle Hook. And the element of striking a fish to set the hook is missing when it comes to fishing with a circle hook: because when a fish bites on a circle hook you tighten up your drag and lift into the fish opposed to setting the hook by sharply and quickly lifting the rod. A lot of times when you gut hook a fish, it is going to be impossible to get that hook out. A “circle hook” is defined as a circular hook in which the point of the hook is perpendicular to – and aligned with – the shank of the hook. With a circle hook, there is no need for a "hookset", the hook will end up in the corner of the fishes mouth and bury its point there. Gamakatsu® Octopus Circle Hooks – Per 25 (45) The sticky sharpness of Gamakatsu® hooks is the result of a patented mechanical needle-honing process developed to make the sharpest hooks possible. Various studies have shown that circle hooks mouth-hook a greater proportion of fish than typical “J” pattern hooks. J hooks with both live and dead bait on Pacific sailfish. These circle hooks are made so that the point is turned perpendicular to the shank to form a circular or oval shape (vs the “J” shape of the J hook). A circle hook's point is turned back toward the shank, forming a semi-circle shape. I use the Gamakatsu size 6 or 8 and never seem to have a problem with trout but the smallies sometimes swallow the hook. The big drawback to swing rigging is that the hook is liable to swing back over itself and catch the leader. Centre for Applied Conservation Research, Department of Forest Sciences, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Centre for Applied Conservation Research, Department of Forest Sciences, University of British Columbia, Forest Sciences Centre, 2424 Main Mall, Vancouver, BC To use circle hooks correctly, anglers must train themselves to resist the urge to snatch the rod. Circle hooks vs regular hooks 03-14-2005, 10:27 AM I can't for the life of me see why a hook with the point tucked back toward the shank, will do a better job of catching fish than a sharp hook with the point out there where it will stick into meat easily. La scelta di un amo da pesca è spesso fatto senza pensarci troppo. the J hooks for live bait fishing, & also, in your opinion, do the 'bleeding' hooks in general have a better success rate? Circle hooks have less deep hooking than J-style hooks, with circle hooks catching mostly in the jaw. Research has found that circle hooks are 90% more likely to hook fish in the mouth instead of in the esophagus or stomach. ? • Circle hooks are closely associated with hooks in in the corner of the mouth while "J" hooks were closely associated with deep hooking and foul hooking. I tie many of my streamers with #1 & #1/0 Mustad circle hooks but have never seen them in typical nymph hook sizes. circle hook circle hook Bait circle hooks in the same way as J Hooks, but steadily reel in the line — do not set the hook with a sharp jerk. By now, it should be perfectly clear that using circle hooks versus J hooks isn’t an either-or proposition—both types belong in your tacklebox. Of course you could probably use striper hooks and they would swallow them too. Hey, I bought some circle hooks and have been using them but when a cat takes the bait I just cant get the hook to actually hook the fish. A circle hook is a fishing hook whose barbed point curves perpendicularly toward the shank. So, at least part of the answer to the long-argued question of whether circle hooks or J-hooks are better for halibut fishing depends on the temperament of the angler. Find great deals on eBay for carp fishing hooks. These "circle" hooks are much less likely to be swallowed by turtles than traditional J-shaped hooks, which cause suffocation or internal bleeding when swallowed. A circle hook is a type of fish hook which is sharply curved back in a circular shape. look like a circle hook with long shank. J hooks so that the sharks are rarely hooked deep which makes the hook easier to remove and reduces the potential of harming the shark. Circle Hook Ballyhoo Rig I learned about rigging ballyhoo with a circle hook while fishing in Isla Mujeres, Mexico aboard the Magic Lady out of Quincy. For bass I tie some streamers on a VMC offset worm hook that has a longer front section than most worm hooks, which makes tying on them easier. The way a bait is threaded can determine the best hook size. You may actually hook up more times with a traditional J-hook but you'll stay hooked up more with circle hooks. The Circle Sea hook is scientifically proven to reduce fish mortality. Barbed Hooks Circle hooks, used primarily for fishing with natural bait, cause less damage to the fish than conventional, barbed hooks. The reels are in freespool and I decide when to set the hook. The next improvement was to solder a size 2-6 ‘J’ hook (minus the eye) on the top Circle to use as a bait holder (when casting) thus leaving the Circle free to do it’s job. Anglers are often told that circle hooks work best with a lighter hook set (or none at all), but a new study of bluegill in a Canadian lake found that wasn’t clearly the case. Where they noticed a 20% less hook up rate… Where they noticed a 20% less hook up rate… That said, for billfish, you will never miss a hook up based on this rigging vs a j-hook rig. When fishing with bait and circle hooks I usually keep the reel in free spool and let the fish have it for a few seconds then very gradually and softly apply the pressure. The hook points up toward the surface in the current to get better penetration, other hooks like circle and kahle hooks are pointing down in the current and allows the fish to steal your bait with out much resistance. Catfish Wide Gap Circle Hooks | Circle-K's are manufactured by combining the popular self-setting circle hook with the classic offset wide gap hook design. n most cases, however, only one hook type was compared or results were already I Gamakatsu Barbless Octopus Circle Hook $ 3. circle hook magic by Jerald Horst At first glance, to a fisherman who has never used one, a circle hook looks like it is designed NOT to catch-fish. Circle hooks tied with a Snell knot … caught 40% more snapper than circles tied with a half blood knot and … three times as many fish as J hooks in whatever manner the latter were tied. setting) pulls the hook straight out of the fish's mouth. I believe setting the hook yourself is one of the best parts of fishing. Not sure what type of hook to use? These charts will help you pin point the hook you need based on species or geographical area. 1; Cooke and Suski, 2004, Serafy et al. However, research from North Carolina State Saltwater Fly Tying Hooks by Tiemco TMC, Daiichi, and Gamakatsu - This is the general category where we list hooks manufactured specifically with saltwater fish species in mind; fish like bonefish, permit, tarpon, sharks, albacore, Chinook salmon, coho salmon, Giant Trevalley, monster squid, and who knows what else. These hooks are made from high quality, high carbon steel specifically made for the demands that a fishing hook can endure. The unique circular design eliminates gut hooking fish even when the bait is swallowed. There’s a new dog in the fight for catfish fishermen. ez baiters size 10/0-12/0 work great. It has the offset bend that holds the soft plastic up on the hook, but a drop of super glue will prevent it from sliding down the hook and getting in the way of a hookset. Many of those species happen to show up in the same areas as species such as flounder, which are not covered by the circle-hook requirement, and many North Carolina fishermen worried that they could be ticketed by marine enforcement officers while flounder fishing with standard J-hooks. A traditional J-Hook is a great tool and something we use in many situations. 02 vs. If you crush the barb and a catfish gets gut hooked cut the leader and the cat's stomach acids can dissolve the hook since gammies are high carbon steel and dissolve in saltwater within 72 hours. Circle and kahle hooks have a shape that differs from conventional J-hooks. I like to use size 8/0 – 10/0. e. “J hook), the next step is to decide the proper size hook you’ll need. Circle hooks simply don't have much of a chance of foul hooking, unless you're using offset circle hooks. These octopus circle hooks have a short shank, offset point, closed eye, and special barb. In our conversation, I learned that Hoben’s vision was to create a hook specifically designed for people who jerk to set the hook (as opposed to pressure setting circle hooks) while retaining all the fish holding characteristics of the circle hook. 6; p ≪ 0. Circle hook VS Kahle hook Discussion in 'All I went to kahles and never looked back. Choose the right size hook to allow room for the bait and the fish lip. The fishermen are learning that the Circle hook is catching 60% more fish than conventional "J" shaped hooks, incuding a 95% lip hook rate so the fish cannot escape. Where they noticed a 20% less hook up rate… Where they noticed a 20% less hook up rate… In line circles are technically a true traditional circle hook offsets are not really circle hook and gut hooks can occur. The offset, precision sharpened hook point penetrates quickly even with light hook sets. To catch a wide variety of fish, use a small hook. I use Kahles for flathead in lakes. the rest The new Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hook is designed specifically for tough-lipped, thick-mouthed catfish. Trying to set the hook with a circle hook doesn't allow all of this to happen and results in pulling the hook from the mouth. Most plugs use treble hooks so that when the fish realizes it has eaten a lure instead of a real fish, it is already hooked. A violent motion(i. Circle hooks used in bait fisheries should be “non offset”. • Mustad Ultra point 39950BLN Demon perfect circle hook size 9/0 to 14/0 1) Working from the leading squared-off edge of the strip, pass the point of the rigging needle completely through and approximately 1/8” from the edge and dead center of the strip, as a guide hole. J hooks 08-31-2005, 01:22 PM What's most of the angler's here take on the Circle vs. A Hook To Give You An Edge With Sheepshead and Mangrove Snapper With teeth like these, the sheepshead, left, and the mangrove snapper, right, are both in their own way, very adept at picking around an angler's hook. In general, anglers tend to prefer circle hooks for catching snapper, as opposed to J-hooks that can cause more injuries to fish -- something you don't want if you're throwing a fish back. ) Interested in opinions, exact make, model, size of Circle hook, pro/con, experience etc. For example, a number five size hook can catch fish from a quarter pound to 25 pounds. : A comparison between circle hook and J hook performance in the troll fisheries off North Carolina 157 Stream waters off of North Carolina. Channel cats have such a light bite, I would use any type of hook before a circle hook when targeting channel cats. reversed 10° o set 18/0 circle hooks or the straight (0° o set) 17/0 J-hook (Fig. The study aimed to assess the impact of circle vs. Been hearing circle hooks are the way to go (fewer foul hooks etc. Gamakatsu Octopus Circle 4X Strong Hooks provide the same secure corner hook ups as the regular Octopus Circle Hook, but at a much larger gauge. Here are ancient bone circle hooks and then a metal "J" hook. Every Mustad pattern is specifically designed with consistent hook gap, bend, wire diameter and shank length for precise scaling. I don't think I would tighten the drag with the pole in a sand spike though. but any hook will work. For striped bass, mortality with circle hooks ranged from under 1 percent to 6 percent while J-hooks accounted for 9 to 18 percent mortality, a sizeable difference. Circle hooks are made so that the point is turned perpendicular to the shank to form a circular or oval shape. My friends using traditional J hooks would miss about 3 out of every 4 takes. Anglers are learning that the Circle Sea is catching 60% more fish than conventional J shaped hooks, including a 95% lip hook rate so the fish cannot escape. The argument could be made that it’s better to use J hooks The results of a bibliographic search comparing the effects of circle and "J" hooks provide information about the advantages and disadvantages of using each type of hook. J-Hooks are brilliant, that I will not deny, but can the modern circle hook beat it. Because they are so often used in saltwater, large circle hooks for species like groupers and sharks could almost encircle a coffee cup. Octo J hook for Reds Making the trip to Alaska for Sockeye and some fun side trips in a couple of weeks. They are made of high carbon steel, so they can resist corrosion. From my experience, occasionally a gut hook occurs with any type of circle hook - but it seems to have more to do with the hook size. Gamakatsu Big River Bait Hooks. 49 – $ 5. A J-hook and a circle hooks require different techniques to get the hook into the fish's mouth. Octopus hooks come in both traditional and circle hook style. In this article I'll present some pros and cons of both and a little information to help make your decision. Gamakatsu developed a material known as High Carbon steel specifically for the manufacture of fish hooks. By reeling only the hook slides along the side of the mouth until it reaches some ridge for the point to catch(the jaw and surrounding muscles) and rotate around. It is why Florida State Waters require "non-offset circle hooks," so that the shank of the hook shields the point until the hook rolls around the edge of the fishes lip. Using circle hooks is less likely to result in deep hooking. They take a little getting used to just like when we all started using them with bait, we all missed a lot of fish from trying to set the hook instead of just pulling. A J-hook is more likely to be swallowed and damage a shark's internal organs. The circle hook has become the popular choice among many catfish anglers. I can remember fishing out of Newport back in the day and the rockpile was a long way out, with tons of halibut on it. The third study was done on 5 to 13 inch bass in a tank with live bait tethered to circle and J style hooks. J-style hook CPUE = 16. With rods fished in the holder, of course, hook-sets become a non-issue. … if an angler holds the rod, waits for bites and strikes effectively … then the circle hook may lose its advantage. We conclude that empirical evidence is sufficient to promote circle hook use in almost all hook-and-line fishery sectors that typically interact with . Here’s how this configuration works. Replacing Treble Hooks With Single Hooks. ' Circle hooks have a similar shape, but the bottom of the 'J' is typically wider, and the point comes around more toward the stem instead of straight up. If you catch & release, circle hook is the way to go (make sure to use the ones with offset shank). I usually carry Owners, Gamakatsu and Mustad circle and J hooks. With a circle hook, it’s important to let the fish take the bait and turn away before setting the hook. VMC is a global market leader in treble hook production, and their treble hooks arm the world's most popular fishing lure brands. This functionally shaped fishhook results in more fish being hooked. The company’s dry fly hook is probably its most well-known product among fly fishing anglers, but its arsenal – which includes wet fly hooks, streamer hooks, bass bug hooks, and nymph hooks, is dense, deep, and well-rounded enough to fill any fly fishing tackle box. Circle Hooks. J-Hooks should be used Unlike a j-hook or many other styles of traditional hooks that hook virtually anywhere they make contact the circle hook functions in a different way. Its an easy option go with gamakatzu circle hooks. Also called Shinner hooks or 'K hooks' (old school) look like a cross between a J-Hook and a circle hook. I use circle hooks when fishing current of rivers and the reels are locked and the cats hook themselves. Last year I decided to give the circle hooks one more try for a longer period of time, now that's the only hook that can be found in my tackle box, I catch more fish with less effort. When a fish strikes a bait with a circle hook the hook slides until it reaches the inside of the lips and the hook then turns and hooks, setting itself in the process. The j-Hook by design is easy to hook up if the fish swallows it, but what if you are a little fast on the draw. The distance between the point and the shaft is greater than on a circle hook. The circle hook is the hook for catch and release, it generally sets in the fish jaw not the gut and often will hook without the need for setting action. Circle hooks are used for the shark long line survey vs. circle hooks), deeper depth of capture, warm water temperatures, and extended playing and handling times. As the fishermen pulls on the line, the hook slides forward until it reaches the fish's mouth. About Gamakatsu Gamakatsu started producing fish hooks in Japan in 1955. a circle hook. used them all. The shape often ensures that the hook point will only hook onto an exposed surface, which is typically in the corner of the fishes mouth. They have varying length shafts but usually short and have a symmetrical bend resulting in the barbed point of the hook being parrallel to the main shaft if the hook. Significatly more red drum are released alive when caught on non-offset CIRCLE HOOKS than on J-hooks or offset circle hooks. A lot of fish were lost due to pulled hooks. Circle hooks frequently hook a fish in the corner of the mouth. A U. Using circle hooks has been shown to help avoid deep-hooking fish, making it more likely that released fish will swim away. 29 – $ 3. Unfortunately, by the time the fish sets the hook it may already have swam back into structure. I was talkin to a friend the other day, and he told me that i might be better of using J hooks for smaller tuna, which is what usually comes on these 1 1/2 to 2 day trips. 50. Is a circular shaped hook with a sharp tip. This differs from a J hook, which is shaped like the A circle hook is a fishing hook manufactured so that the point is turned perpendicularly back to the hook shank to form a generally circular, or oval, shape. Unfortunately, this almost always results in gut hooking fish. Circle hooks have been promoted as an alternative to traditional J-hooks in pelagic longline fisheries to minimize bycatch mortality and injury to sea turtles and other marine wildlife. That means that a fish hooked with a circle hook is much more likely to survive when caught and released. We evaluated the effect of hook type (circle hook vs J-hook) on the catch and length composition of target and non-target species in the Uruguayan pelagic Anglers are learning that the Circle Sea is catching 60% more fish than conventional J shaped hooks, including a 95% lip hook rate so the fish cannot escape. Regards, Gamakatsu Octopus Hooks are known around the world for performance, durability and reliability. • Seventy on of the 125 sailfish caught on "J" hooks were observed bleeding, as compared to 14 of 235 sailfish caught on circle hooks. Circle hook vs. But getting the right-size hook might play an even larger role in whether your bait swims naturally or the hook sets true. Hook sizes (1/0, 2/0, etc. Rudershausen et al. They usually hook the fish in the corner of the mouth & easy to remove. 50, located at catfish connection. This beak will allow the hook to be turned into the corner of the fish’s mouth when he grabs the bait and makes a run. This Pin was discovered by Isabella Blue. Maryland defines a circle hook as: A non-offset hook with the point turned perpendicularly back to the shank. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Circle Hooks I bought a bunch of Ringed Onwer Circle Mutu hooks ranging from 1 all the way to 4/0 for theese applications. Circle Fish Hooks versus O'Shaugnessy and Octopus Fish Hooks There is so much hype about the relative efficiency of different fish hooks that it is hard to know which is fish hook best for the fisherman, or the fishery! These Octopus circle hooks are now my go-to hooks for saltwater pier fishing, caught a lot of big fish, all hooked in the lip, easy to remove hook and strong enough to haul them up the side of the pier. They are designed for The new circle hook ruling has come into play after several years of research documenting the survival rates of tagged billfish using circle hooks vs. For all experimental trips, the longline was set over the vessel s stern, typically after sunset. The results were dramatic clearly illustrating the benefits of circle hook use not only in regards to billfish survival post-release, but also in hook-up percentage and efficiency. , circle or J-hook). com (hope i didn't break a rule by naming a web site) ,however if you do locate #6 circle hook please advise. Treble hooks are sized the same way as other hooks, but it usually takes a smaller treble hook to catch the same size fish as a circle or J-hook. The difference between a circle hook and a J-hook is that the circle hook is shaped so that the point is turned perpendicular towards the shank instead of the point being parallel to the shank as it is with a J-hook. Mustad 7731-DT Sea Demon Hooks (Old Reference: 7731D) are forged for extra strength and feature a knife edge point and Duratin coating. Circle hooks are designed to turn quickly and penetrate a cat’s meaty outer mouth as it pulls against the tension of the rod. The difference between a convential circle hook and an octopus circle hook is the bend of the eye, the difference between the traditional octopus hook and the circle octopus hook is the bend of the point of the hook. Down here in the Gulf of Mexico the regulations for reef fish require the use of non-offset circle hooks when fishing with bait. The J-hook is one of the most commonly used hook styles and is a great hook for big catfish. Sold in packs of 10; sizes 6/0 - 16/0. Bigger Circle Hooks. At that time each hook was made and sharpened by hand. VMC Hooks - TackleDirect sells VMC Hooks. 79 – $ 3. for about $2. Here's the image i had to pull from saff I have been taking notes about the types of hook i use while sunfishing or anything else ! Then later post the result how good they are. times have changed with the popularity of spectra which makes making the choice even more difficult. The best hook will be the lightest Bait hook shapes and names include the Salmon Egg, Beak, O'Shaughnessy, Baitholder, Shark Hook, Aberdeen, Carlisle, Carp Hook, Tuna Circle, Offset Worm, Circle Hook, suicide hook, Long Shank, Short Shank, J Hook, Octopus Hook and Big Game Jobu hooks. j hooks in terms of mortality rates. In July 2012, the Ecuadorian government eliminated a significant import tax on circle hooks. Shop with confidence. You can let the circle and J-style hooks. Anglers are required to use circle hooks in some fishing tournaments because they are less likely to cause lethal injuries in billfish, such as marlin. You can rig up a horse ballyhoo with this system and if you get a hit from a billfish I think your odds of hooking up are as good or better than any other hook or rig. It’s another incentive to make the switch. In most fisheries, the fish does most of the pulling. The circle hook is our recommended hook for most outings. Pictured below is an example of a J Rated 5 out of 5 by NickGT from Gamagatzu Circle Hooks The only kind/brand of hook I prefer for live bait fishing! Date published: 2017-08-16 Rated 5 out of 5 by Surf57 from In The Surf Great hook for surf fishing. Broke the first hook and threw the rest away! Matzuo hooks vs. Hook performance was measured in terms of catch, mor-tality, deep-hooking and bleeding rates (see next). Red drum, salmon, and tuna also showed major differences. The way a circle hook works has to do with the inverted hook point. of circle hooks for smallmouth fishing, 99 cents on sale vs Gammies. The offset worm hook is a great all around hook. The fish don't know the difference between a circle & J hook. Whether or not to fish barbed vs barbless hooks is a question of many anglers. Re: Circle hooks for bluegill finding a #8 circle hook can be/maybe difficult to find, the smallest circle hook i have found is a eagle claw #6 ,L702A6,10@2. Re: J hook vs Circle hook vs circle offset It's still really good fishing, the spots have changed a little from what the old timers tell me, but I think they all have. The new Gamakatsu Big Cat Circle Hook is designed specifically for tough-lipped, thick-mouthed catfish. Circle hooks When fishing live or dead bait for large species such as catfish, pike or muskie, a circle hook is a good choice. 59 Gamakatsu Octopus Hook $ 3. on circle and J-hooks to determine whether blood phys-iology, or visual at-vessel capture metrics, differed be-tween hook types. I will not use circle hooks either. Circle hook rigs are required for tournaments and are great to improve survival rates on released fish, but if you are rigging your baits under trolling lures, you are going to need to use a traditional j hook. It [continued] It seems to me some sort of circle hook would be best, but I'm not sure what size. Do not use J hook for chunking, because it usually results in "gut hooking". Point surfaces quicker on hook sets, and wide bend reduces the chance of fish throwing the hook. Not only do I release far more healthy fish with them, but I think I hook more fish as well, probably because without the fear of gut-hooking them, I let them run a little longer. The term circle hook refers to a specific design for fishing hooks that causes them to appear circular in shape. I absolutely love circle hooks - don't think I have a single J hook left in my bait fishing bag. VMC Inline Single Hooks - TackleDirect sells Taylor Made Blue Marlin Fish Flag, is made for treble replacement on larger lures made with x-gap and is x-strong. Circle hooks are amazing for live bait, especially for bottom feeder fish or catfish. (No pics yet I’m afraid as I’m on my work PC). Each of the three tuna species showed higher CPUE values with circle hooks, particularly the bigeye tuna, in relation to which, the CPUE in the C hook was about 40% higher than with the J-style hook (circle hook CPUE = 23. ? You always stand the chance of pulling the hook out of the fishes mouth. Best Answer: This is a perfect solution to your problem as the circle hook will set itself on the way OUT of the fishs' mouth, allowing you to sit back and finish what your doing instead of having to jump up upon the strike to set the hook correctly. Both these tests were conducted on Striped Bass. These hooks are made of Hi-Carbon steel and don't rust like most hooks. Circle hook Out of interest anyone have any opinions on after effects of losing a fish on a circle vs a j hook? I. Hooks - Gamakatsu: Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hooks GAMAKATSU OCTOPUS CIRCLE HOOK VALUE PACK - SIZE 3/0 This offset circle design is the perfect deepwater bottom fishing hook with paternoster ‘dropper-style’ rigs or normal boat fishing with cut baits. That is, if the hook is laid on a flat surface, all parts of the hook lie flat on the surface. Their Signature fly hooks, with their Nor-Tempering process, rely on the most advanced hook technology and deliver the ultimate in quality. And one issue that causes a lot of confusion is the hook size numbers from the manufacturers… A true circle hook is engineered so the point is at a 90-degree angle or less to the shank of the hook — that single attribute causes predictable hook-sets in the corner of the jaw. You don't set the hook because the only way to not hook a fish is to yank it straight out of the mouth. Also, with the circle hook in the corner of the mouth the line is generally out of the way of the fish’s teeth making it easier to de-hook. Also circle hooks are a little harder to get out than a J hook so there is less chance of a fish throwing the hook once hooked up. A "J" style hook will be easier to pin a chunk on and will always give you a better chance of a hook set than a circle hook, However using a "J" hook will give you a greater possible of being chewed off (some anglers offset this by using fluorocarbon line). Offset circle hooks are better than J-hooks, but due to the fact that the hook point is twisted off to the side of the shank of the hook, it does have the ability to snag in the gut or gills. J hooks will give you a much better hook set because if you feel a fish biting you have the ability to set the hook at your own leisure. ‘performance’ of circle hooks vs. We were losing a lot of fish during and after a hook set, these hooks are the answer to that problem! Circle hooks are fairly new to me, so I’m still experimenting with my techniques. Fish and Wildlife Service study published in the North American Journal of Fisheries Management evaluated circle hooks vs. Went back to my standard Striped Marlin j-hooks (Owner Offshore 7/0), and picked up 2 more on a later day with no issues (clean hook-ups and releases). solid hook up and line snaps Im 100% behind circleand if fishing to release ill flatten barbs on circles or j hooksbut a solid circle hook up doesnt look like it would easily dislodge on a lost fish? By using artificial lures rigged with a J hook and natural baits rigged with a circle hook, they can be ready for anything . | eBay! The j-Hook by design is easy to hook up if the fish swallows it, but what if you are a little fast on the draw. Other significant mortality factors were: use of natural bait, removing hooks from deeply hooked fish, use of J-hooks (vs. Because of the paucity of data on sharks, if multiple circle and J-hook sizes and o sets were compared in a given study, we pooled the data into a single hook category (i. VMC has been making hooks for more than 100 years. Less damage means a higher survival rate, and that's important as fishing evolves into a catch-and-release sport. Although the two hook styles look similar, they are vastly different in the way they hook fish. Circle hooks. So, when pitching live shrimp up into grass potholes while wading - I'll be using the smallest wire circle hook possible so the shrimp can swim unencumbered - but when fishing To make this test a good one reducing variables, every other hook is J hook and then the next hook is a Circle hook. I let the fish run with the bait for and then set the hook hard and fast like I normally do with a j-hook. Basically with them the hook sets itself as it comes out either side of the mouth. I'd appreciate any advice. In this How to Fish video, we'll discuss both types of hooks, how they work, and why you would choose one hook over another. comparisons between traditional J-hooks, “circular hooks” and real circle hook samples, it was determined that a sample of circle hooks need to meet four (04) criteria to archive requirements from fishers as well as from sea turtle protection including: XX Strong. Circle hooks are safer because it’s much tougher for a kid (or adult) to hook themselves with a circle hook compared to a j hook. In my opinion, circle hooks are a bad choice for channel cats. The Circle hook. That said, I don't know that there's any advantage to them, nor do I think I hooked fish with the circle hooks that I might have otherwise missed with a conventional J-hook either. Used primarily for live bait fishing, these hooks increase hooking percentages and also help to prevent gut hooking fish. But I did get mostly "corner of the mouth" hook sets as you would expect. I had been using offset circle hooks with whole or cut fish for uku and wasn’t satisfied with the poor hookup ratio. On a recent 7 day trip, I used only Gamakatsu and Mustad hooks as the Owners Gorilla and Mutu hooks are a heavier wire than Gamakatsu and Mustad. i use a #4 with a fluorocarbon leader. First time I've tried circle hooks (Eagle Claw 8/0), and I had a Marlin spit the hook on a jump after being on for several minutes, first time I've had that happen. Whether you let the hook do the work for you or prefer to set the hook, it’s hard to argue the effectiveness of the circle hook for catfish. Although circle hooks have only recently begun to be used in some of the inshore recreational fisheries, they have been used in But setting the hook doesn’t work with a circle hook. A circle hook is more likely to lodge in a shark's mouth instead of its gut. But most fall into one of two categories: they're either J hooks, or circle hooks. There are a zillion types of fishing hooks out there, and all have a different specific purpose. All fish caught were identified and measured for total and fork lengths, as well as the time of haulback, hook type, and hook posi- I was introduced to circle hooks by Jamcaster, after about a week I gave up and switched to the old j-hook. 001) . Re: snell vs palomar on circle hooks I guide for cats and I use the Mustad, Demon Wire. However, angling and landing that number 25 fish, when using a small number five hook, requires careful angling and a gaff or a net at landing. 29 Gamakatsu Nautilus Circle Hook $ 4. Saltwater use with up to 50 pound test line. Circle hooks are sized like J hooks, and available in the same wide range. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Fish hook shapes and names include the Salmon Egg, Beak, O'Shaughnessy, Baitholder, Shark Hook, Aberdeen, Carlisle, Carp Hook, Tuna Circle, Offset Worm, Circle Hook, suicide hook, Long Shank, Short Shank, J Hook, Octopus Hook and Big Game Jobu hooks. Belmo pretty much said it all with inlines the hook set is not needed and if you set the hook you WILL LOSE the fish so don't try it. YOGAYET Offset Fishing Hooks are octopus circle hooks that come with extra sharpness. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for bait for these hooks, I'd love to hear them. Tench, It’s no mystery circle hooks are less harmful to fish intended for release than J hooks, but there is a downside when it comes to catching predators – circle hooks don’t set well duri Circle hooks are generally circular or oval in shape and have a point perpendicular to the shank that curves inward and is less exposed in comparison to J- (straight shank) and Japan tuna style hooks where the point is parallel to the shank (Fig. With a snelled circle hook I hooked up all takes. The reason the circle hook is gut hooking is because it is an "offset circle hook," so the point has the ability to still grab a gut or gill. Studies and tests on the fishing hooks have found that circle hooks are 90% more likely to hook fish in the mouth instead of in the esophagus or stomach. The debate between using circle hooks and J hooks offshore is a topic which comes up time and time again. A circle hook is also better for the conservation of fishing (tougher for a fish to swallow), and it is much easier for a kid to set the the hook on a fish using a circle hook (all the have to do is reel or let the You'll have more gut-hooked fish on offset circle hooks than on inline circle hooks, though both are probably less prone to gut-hooking than are j-hooks. VMC 11/0 tuna circle is also a very good option. The Pros and Cons of Circle Hooks by Jim Porter Probably the best innovation to come along in preserving fish and insuring they live when released is the circle hook. When deciding what fishing hook size to get, the basic rule to follow is this: the smaller the fish, the smaller the hook needed. Today Gamakatsu is the leading fish hook manufacturer worldwide. Between the gap of the hook being filled with bullhead or sucker leaving less of a point being exposed and the difficulty in getting a circle out when it’s IN the maw, I’ve switched back to J’s. The non- appendaged H circle hooks caught more fish than the non-appendaged J hooks and Tainawa hooks for all size ranges of snapper. Setting the Hook "Fishing with circle hooks is technique sensitive," Neill says, explaining that getting the hook into the corner of the fish's mouth is the hardest part of the process. but the circle hook rule is probally for the better, there is a lot of people that rig j-hooks and just put the rod in a holder. Quando ci si ferma a considerare le opzioni disponibili, la selezione di un gancio può improvvisamente diventare un compito arduo. If this was because the catfish felt the hook and spat the bait or just because of the self setting nature of a snelled circle hook vs the J then I'm not sure, but one thing is certain. Corner of mouth hook set vs gut hooking is more prevalent when fishing circles vs J hooks. A study done by Caruso showed the same 97% jaw hooked and a mortality of 3% with circle style hooks, compared to only 60% jaw hooked and a mortality of 16% with J-hooks. Circle hook, 10/0 and I snell mine. I've had good luck with circle hooks. "J" Hooks -“J” Hooks, with an extra wide bend, is perfect for Carolina and Texas rigging lizards and other larger soft plastic baits. The researchers found that the fish would still strike at The “new breed” of circle hooks allow you to set the hook using a modified hook set or they can be fished like a traditional circle hook where you simply allow the hooks to set themselves. Blue cats are a different story. Effective January 1, 2008, a new Federal regulation requires anglers fishing from HMS permitted vessels (and vessels that should be permitted) to use circle hooks when deploying natural baits or natural bait-artificial lure combinations in Atlantic billfish tournaments. Any differences in the length of fish caught by the individual hooks were minimal. This hook definitely fills the need for a big enough hook to handle really big baits without being too heavy to get a good hook set. My hookup ratio is about 98% and this is with clients who sometimes dont know how to fish a circle hook, i. 3; this J-hook is the one commonly used on the vessel). During the study, striped bass were caught using traditional J-hooks and circle hooks and held for five days. What they are famous for is hooking the fish in a way that reduced fish mortality. This differs from a J hook, which is shaped like the letter J. , 2009). Maybe I'll just stick with the gammi hooks I already have. Not only is this beneficial to the sharks survival, but also to you as an angler. When swallowed by walleyes, circle hooks don’t cause as much damage — and likely kill fewer fish — as traditional J-style hooks, in part because anglers don’t set the hook with a circle hook. I know the arguement that the circle hook is more likely to hook the fish in the corner of the mouth and less likely to gut hook the fish making it a healthier option for the fish's survivability but i bet out of 10 fish that pick up a bait with circle hook you only get to hook 6 fish versus 8 with the regular J Hooks with different shapes but a similar gape width (circle hook size 16/0 vs J hook size 2) were tested in order to determine the potential effectiveness of the hook design to both reduce sea turtle capture as well as to maintain acceptable levels of target species capture rates in a shallow-set longline swordfish fishery in the Mediterranean. circle hook bearing a more traditional J-hook shape resulted in a higher incidence of deep hooking than that associated with a more rounded circle hook, although J-hooks look like a letter 'J. It has become widely used among anglers in recent years because the hook generally catches more fish and is rarely swallowed. J hooks are the original bait hooks. Circle hooks tend to reduce hooking mortality by 50 percent on average, although there are exceptions. In 1999 Lynn and I switched our hooks, we still use Gamakatsu hooks but we have switched to the circle hook design. It is a simple method that allows for quick changing of baits, extended running time before washing out and a reduced number of deep-hooked fish. hi, i use circle hooks for carp, they seem to do fine for me. A circle hook is very similar to a j-hook with one major difference. The difference is the turned in beak at the point. the reason is: you dont need to swing to set the hook. In addition, in order to set a hook with a circle hook you just let the fish swim off and with line pressure the hook is set automagically. Octopus Hooks, Circle (Offset-point) Gamakatsu's Octopus Circle Offset Point Hook is specially designed to set in the corner of a fishes mouth, making it a great choice for both fresh and saltwater anglers who prefer to use bait. for me, its just frustrating to see a fish tapping my bait and not hooking up, when I know if I had j-hooks I could had caught the fish. I am thinking maybe its the way I set the hook. Figure 4 shows the overall catch by hook type, non-appendaged J and H type (4/0 and 5/0 hook sizes combined) and the Tainawa control hooks. So far I’ve done just as good or better with circle hooks than I ever did with J-hooks. J hook vs. Since then, Gamakatsu has steadily researched new materials and tempering processes to produce one of the finest fish hooks in the world. 99 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle Hook $ 3. If there was ever a fish-friendly hook, it is the circle hook. Inshore Fisheries Research Section Red Drum - Hooks . I usually size the hook to the bait. The Path Forward Handline, troll, pole and line, and jig gears are environmentally-friendly fishing methods that have low effects on ocean wildlife and ocean habitats . J vs. Studies found that fish caught with circle hooks were much less likely to be gut hooked and their survival rate was much higher than the J-hook caught fish. Instead, the rod is lowered and steady pressure applied until the hook is embedded. Circle Hooks Vs. If you learn to properly hook a fish on a circle hook you will probably lose less fish than with a J-hook. "Circle hooks were roughly 60 to 70 percent as effective at catching these three species as J hooks," [researcher Paul] Rudershausen says