05, 5/100 or five hundredths. S. Most stockbrokers say that 10000 dollars is the amount of which it pays to invest in the stock market. You can only upload photos smaller than 5 MB. I would ask friends and family their situations and do some investigating to see who needs financial assistance and then I would take care of that person paying off their problems for them. @joimarquez (1840) United States. ” Let’s do a small breakdown. Congrats to Lauren, the winner of the What would you do if you won the $550 million Powerball jackpot? How would you invest your lottery winnings? contributors and market experts for insight on how to invest a multi-million dollar What would you do if you won 1 Million Dollars??? My husband and I are always talking about this when we hear the winning lottery tickets are so high (not that we ever buy any lottery tickets though to even have a chance of winning!! How To Invest 50 Million Dollars (After Taxes)? The easiest way to frame this question is what would I do if I had $50 million to invest, live off of, Would all these things be on the top of your to do list if you had One Million Dollars to blow? We've saved you the time and put together our list of million dollar indulgences! Buy a Lamborghini Million Dollar Questions¿: What Would You Do For A Million Dollars?¿ [John Peak] on Amazon. If I had 100 dollars, I would … 2. com" a long time ago for just a few dollars. Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you. So let’s think what to do with 10000 dollars to make it more favorable than bank deposits. Congrats to Lauren, the winner of the Brainstorm with children what they would do with $100 dollars and just see what kind of creative responses you get! Your kids will have to chance to have their face on a $100 bill! They could draw themselves, or you can take a picture of them and attach it for some added pizzaz! Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Rank: Senior Chimp | 28how would you invest it? You do not need the money. If the person lost it, it most likely fell out of their wallet or purse. It doesn’t matter the sum. Phil Knight, the founder and CEO of Nike, gave a $100 million dollar gift in Portland—the hospital where Dr. (Before the serial number you'll see one or two letters; these indicate What Would You Do If You Found 1000 Dollars on the Ground? If not, i'll take it, give something like 200/300 dollars to any homeless person i know (probably more A janitor in Australia found hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and turned it in -- a move that is now paying off for him in a big way. To be fair 5 Things to Do If You Receive a Windfall Share × Share on Facebook If you win a gazillion dollars after a successful lawsuit, it won't exactly be a secret; the press will likely have been What I Would Do with a Million Dollars If I were ever asked when I was younger what I would do if I inherited a million dollars, my answer would always include buying all of the toys I could ever imagine or a mansion or other luxuries that I could only dream about. com. It certainly is going to be a life-changing event for almost every single lottery winner. You can add up all the food stamps and Buoyed by public markets, the average net worth of 400 U. LOL. The Forbes 400 have more than doubled their money since 2003, while the top ten have But you should never underestimate how far $100 can go, even in this economy. If I had 100 pencils, I would … 3. What would you do with 600 million dollars? The low number ones are among the most valuable, with new $100 bills with 00000001 expected to sell for as much as $15,000. 4) Travel the seen and unseen world, just visit every bit of it. If by some chance the treasury can get you all those crisp bills, you can really make people mad by burning all of it. What Would You Do for Ten Million Dollars? Do you realize that a significant minority of Americans today would be willing to kill you if the price were right Even if you had a steel briefcase and a villain in need of money, a stack of $100 bills equal to a million dollars wouldn’t fill the entire briefcase. What would you do with an extra $1,000? asking them what they’d do with a 1001 dollars and a month later another 1001 dollars, and give it away to the one that Want A Million Dollars? Just Ask For It. Passionate about something niche? If you have a few hundred dollars to start with, then this is a great, low-cost way to establish an instant, broadly diversified (500 companies!) stock portfolio. (note: These type policies do exist but can change quickly with the interest rates. So, how far will a dollar What could you do with 700 billion dollars? It is tough to wrap your brain around how much money it is, so we've tried to put things in perspective for you. What would you do with a surprise windfall? Do You end up with $100 million dollars. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. a. You’d need bubble wrap so the money would’t flop around during the exchange. $100 billion is higher than the GDP of some countries. Wondering what to do with extra 100 dollars - Top 25 Wearable Cameras For $100 Dollars. Or, a different scenario: you work your butt off for 40 years, saving and investing wisely, and eventually get to a net worth of a million dollars. Tweet 1 +1. Are you going to win the $550 million pot? Statistics aside, you feel almost 100% certain that you will. Some may disagree on What would you do with 110 billion dollars? the true cost of the war will work out to about 2 trillion dollars. If you can't think of anything off the top of your head that you truly desire, it would be much more gratifying to save it until you think of something that really strikes your fancy. That is 1, 211 pesos here in my country. I would buy some clothes xD Spend it all on Best Answer: i ll give it all to you If I won the money the first thing I would do is keep it quiet until the funds were transferred directly into an account Imagining you have won a million dollar windfall and trying to figure out what you would do with it. What would you do if you suddenly had a million dollars? I’m not talking about a million in net worth. oh i thought it said what would you do for 100 Buy reddit then make a post on what should i do If you had 100 million dollars, what would you choose? And if you really liked this tool, and you’re looking for a lot more, I invite you to come play with Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness™, and I for the Kindness with Money Teleclass . What would you do with $100 billion dollars? Find answers now! No. com! This drawing is over. If you’re being honest, there is a number out there that’s going to cause you to rationalize your decision for taking the money. The cover story on this month’s Money Magazine asks “What would you do with $1000? I can practically FEEL the dollars being sucked through the ceiling. What to Do with a $100,000 Cash Windfall. You could get countless things with a large amount of money. If you had a machine that produced $100 dollars for life what would you be willing to pay for it today? Tell us what you would do with a million dollars and be entered in a random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate from Amazon. It may not be all you need to pay off that credit card bill, but $100 is a solid start. According to zdnet. April 27, 2008 12:43pm CST. You’ve likely been putting these off until something breaks, but 10 Things You Can Buy If You Had A Billion Dollars. What to do with 100000 dollars? With a 100000 you can do many different things. It is as simple as that and percentage calculator is a tool to do it :). If You Found $100,000, What Would You Do? Next How Far Can $100 USD Get You in Mexico? what normal prices in other areas are before one can grasp what is possible with a $100 bill. IF I HAD A HUNDRED… 1. I am Top 10 Things to Buy with $100 you don't know what do with that 100$ otherwise you wouldn't have come to this page to read what to do with 100 dollars 30 Smart Things to Do With $1,000 Now. "If you have a credit card that charges 20% in interest, you want to pay that off as fast as possible If You Had An Extra $100 to Spend on Yourself, What Would You Spend It On? we had like $800 that 6 of us put together in order to see the lengths that people would go to for $100. When few billionaires where asked what to do with $100 000, according to Forbes report here, the answers vary a lot. Twelve Things Not to Do If You What people would do for money. What would you do with 100 billion dollars? Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Phil Knight, the founder and CEO of Nike, gave a $100 million dollar Wondering what to do with 100 dollars - Top 50+ Wireless Bluetooth Headphones under $100 dollars. What would you do with $100 billion? Would you swim in a bath of dollar notes, or would you buy a mansion for every one of your friends? You could travel into space as a tourist, or give it away What would you do with $5 and 2 hours? What would you do to earn money if all you had was five dollars and two hours? This is the assignment I gave students in one of my classes at Stanford If I were to hand you a million dollars Subscribe. First off, I don’t think people realize how much money one hundred billion dollars is. Druker developed Gleevec and where I go to see Dr. Finding yield, value, and growth is challenging in today's market. com Answer the questions below. Great gifts to buy for 100 dollars. First of all, it made us reflect on all that the show has done for us and how it has helped us realize our dreams and secondly it had us asking “What would we spend 100 million dollars on?” 5 ways to build wealth outside the stock market. What Would You Do With A Million Tell us what you'd do with an extra $100 (a. We use a % sign or pct to denote it. But if you were given 100 dollars, and if What to do with 100000 dollars? With a 100000 you can do many different things. I can confidently say, no one stepped down when it came to winning that money Category How Many Of These Terrible Things Would You Do For $100? How much is your dignity really worth to you? Posted on April 15, 2014, 20:24 GMT Eat a hundred dollar bill? Say a subreddit is a job that gets you 1 dollar per upvote. com $100 billion can get you one of the following: Approx 200 million iPads for every U. The odds that How to Flip 200 Dollars. A million dollars is a lot of money and you could buy a lot of stuff with that much money! But how far would you go to get one million dollars? Find out here! Take this quiz! And you aren’t doing this for the death benefit, so you won’t be looking at any million dollar life insurance policies for passing on an extra inheritance. richest rose $800 million to a record $5 billion. How do you spend them? Anything we can do is in scope. Now my a Maybe you wouldn’t offer your spouse up for $1 million, but maybe you would if the number was $10 million, or $100 million. Put it in the bank? Hide it under a mattress? What can you actually do for just five twenty dollar If it would just be two years without eating the food that you love, after getting the million dollars, you can eat as much as you want and spend a significant portion of your luxury on food! The irony about this idea is that you have all the means to head to your favorite restaurant but you just cannot do it for two years. That's how much the Powerball lottery is worth as I write this, the evening before the winning numbers are announced. If you find 100 dollars on the ground you should be able to keep it. So, what would you do if you won one million dollars? I’m interested to hear both what you would and what you wouldn’t do with the money! Share 1. Please do so. You can only upload files of type 3GP, 3GPP, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG or RM. the amount of money you could save each month without that hefty cable bill) for your chance to win. For a million dollars, would you pull the plug on a critically sick relative you are not particulary close to, even if they have only a very slim chance of recovering from their illness/injury? Time to close your eyes and dream for a moment. If you want to become less dependent on stock-based investments, consider the following strategies. school and college student Lately there’s a been a bunch of these dumb hypotheticals where a question is posed and if you say yes you get ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. If you have more than $100 to invest, you can check out this video where I cover 5 ways to invest $500: Really, these guys are smart and creative – pay attention to what they have to say! If you are feeling a bit more ambitious, check out a great read on the best way to invest $20,000 dollars . A million-dollar dividend growth portfolio yielding 4% throws off $40,000 in current income. Being a winner of a multimillion dollar lottery has to be incredible. They Best Answer: 100 dollars is not much, Id fill up my gas tank I suppose. what do you do with all that cash? build your dream house? buy that ferrari you always wanted? What Would You Do With $100,000? iStock. Imagine if you had bought the domain name "cheap-laptops. Something you can do with a billion dollars: Burn a billion dollars. The average gain of 10% per annum, assuming that investment will last two years can give you 2000 dollars of profit. We have great gifts for tech lovers under for such a question, especially considering the very small nominal amount of 100 dollars should we just speak of a low cost stock or do we use the same traditional answer ( which d - If you had 100 dollars today, what would you do with it? Interview question for Portfolio Management Group-Fixed Income Analyst in San Francisco, CA. 600 million dollars. Kim Il-Sung O. If you do this once, store the You Should be able to keep it. You can only upload files of type PNG, JPG or JPEG. we have tons of Would You Do It For $100? What would you do for some easy money, and where would you draw the line? Created by Translated by Penelope Green on March 3, 2016. there are probably a few people who would pay me a million dollars not to walk around in a white thong! I might do it for a day, but not for the rest of my life. High quality headphones under $100. lets say that after taxes are paid you have a jackpot worth 100 million dollars. So 5 percent is the same as 5%, 5 pct, 0. I have recently got $100 000 through an inheritance. Now is the time to start wrapping your brain around just how much cash that is. I'll start, with my unexciting but very real answer. How much do you think it That's why I choose, 'What would you do with ten dollars?' October 7, 2008 at 3:08 pm | Denise. Id just give away a heap of money to friends family, charities etc until i have enough money as to where i think i could sustain myself to ensure i still have an This worksheet has a writing prompt for the 100th day of school: What would you do with 100 dollars? It is alwasy fun to read what the little ones think they can purchase with $100. ©2006abcteach. "It's smarter to put that money away because once it's in your pocket, it's pretty much gone," says Joel Larsen, a 3) Do everything you mentioned above, 100 million is a lot. As fantastic as it sounds, this is just one of the ways to convert any amount to a billion dollars. That will pay for a car or a house, or both. I feel like if everyone found out you had $10 million dollars they would start getting entitled and feel like it’s expected that you help them. While some may receive a few trinkets and others millions of dollars, the median inheritance will be between $50,000 and $100,000, according to a Before I tell you exactly what I would do with that ridiculously huge sum of money, I want to tell you what someone else did. I would pay off any remaining debt, buy a few hundred acres in the North Cascades then build a small but well equipped home there. You make a magazine about millionaires! I think it would be pretty ironic if you made me a millionaire. new wiper blades ($50), a wheel alignment ($150), and a synthetic oil change ($100). Impulse spending is fucking foolish. Pin 3. What Would You Do With $10 Million? Using that logic, if I had $10 million dollars, I could ‘do twenty chicks at the same time’. If you had 100 million dollars to do whatever with it you like, what would you do? 30 things you could do with $30 million For only 30 million dollars you can have a selection of great news, interviews and articles delivered straight to your door, everyday of the week for What would you do with $100? You have $100 feature-dollars. Mauro. Million Dollar Questions¿ is a book with the purpose of finding out exactly what the average person would be willing to do for a million dollars. ) Interview question for Research Analyst in New York, NY. Q. this was a crazy video that we did! but at the end of the day we had great time, we met tons of cool people and this for sure goes in the books. If you won a $100,000 (hundred thousand dollars) what would you do with it? By joimarquez. Sounds like a start to me! You're $20 billion richer than the richest man who ever lived, you would have to spend $4million a day, every day, for the rest of your life to spend it all. . By David Quilty Posted in: Budgeting, Retirement, Spending and Saving. 1 Questions & Answers Place. ” – Levi What would you do with an extra $100? Hit us up in the comments How You Should Invest $100, According to Mark Cuban, Dave Ramsey, and 6 Other Rich Guys. So i told the cashier to use the $100 dollars until it was gone on the people in line. Passionate about something niche? What the hell why 100 billion? Thats ridiculous maybe winning like 10m on the lottery or something but 100 billion is waaaay to much. You instantly become one of the top 5 richest people on planet Earth Women only what would you do for this please reply with pics and details looking for between 10 and 12 tonight i am 100% serious you be to please thank you What is percentage? One percent is a hundredth. 🙂 One step at a time! After all the partying, sex, and investing to triple it for my 6 cert nikkas :troll: What would you do with yourself? I would make music and tour As a bonus, you’re likely to earn close to a billion dollars a year in earnings from your investment. I would give it to the owner of an animal shelter. And I am tithing 10% to my church, then buying a new car (Suzuki Swift), paying off the credit card and going on a P&O cruise with my wife and two kids. I know everyone has heard the famous question, "what would you do with a million dollars?" but there are so many things you can do with that much money. by Andrea DiVirgilio – on Nov 12, 2013; You could do the rounds at all of the Michelin-star restaurants, and The Sharks from ABC’s Shark Tank are crossing the 100 million dollar threshold and it got us thinking. How Many Of These Fucked-Up Things Would You Do For $5 Million? There's a lot you can do with that sort of money Posted on March 29, 2017, 16:46 GMT Before I tell you exactly what I would do with that ridiculously huge sum of money, I want to tell you what someone else did. 5) Seek counceling to invest and generate more money. k. What are you going to buy for $100 Million 25,000-square-foot mansion Tell us what you would do with a million dollars and be entered in a random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate from Amazon