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What fork did you use for skewering your ex-boyfriend? Man 'tightened a rope around a pregnant woman's neck' while his girlfriend sliced open her stomach, ripped the baby girl from her womb, then held out the child and said 'this is our family', hears I’m still planning to fight Loki and Fenrir even if we aren’t able to get your cooperation. ” -xxxx- Pregnant!reader | Protective!Bucky | Fluff - xxxxx - First date | Fluff | Unspecified gender reader - xxxx - Crush | Flirting | Sparring | Unspecified gender reader tom hiddleston loki fan fiction tom hiddleston fan fiction tom hiddleston fanfiction loki marvel avengers mine god of mischief and I one shot Jun 10, 2018 @ 3 months ago Random part of a Loki Fan Fiction I just started. Supernatural. You’re three months pregnant and still haven’t told Tony, because you don’t know how. lokixreader, laufeyson, marvel. . Natasha Romanoff. Parts without links mean we haven’t posted that story yet, but we’ll be updating as we go so make sure to stay updated! We take Loki imagines. E. Would you like to read the second part of the Dean x pregnant!Reader The 100 Imagines. We were at a beautiful resort, and currently on the beach. Loki was chased by something (a type of monster I forget the name of) and ended up being rescued by a single mother and a young daughter who let Loki into their home. . My ask is always open! “Early Detection Pregnancy Test. You do not need to ask permission or give credit if you use any of the prompts posted here to inspire your writing. To me, only Tom is Loki, and anyone else would be completely wrong and ruin the role as Loki Report this comment as spam or abuse “Imagine Sherlock silently reaching over and tracing the back of your hand with his fingertips. Movies Tom Hiddleston's 'Loki' Cosplay: The Story Of How It Happened At Comic-Con The 'Avengers' and 'Thor' star tells MTV News all about the stunt that rocked Hall H. Submissions, dirty or not, are more than welcome! Follow/Fav Funny That Way. please make it fluffy with a fair amount of smut tho😏😏 Masterlist This is a Masterlist for all the imagines I’ve written so far. Loki and Lóðurr are actually one and the same being; and secondly, von der Leyen’s suggestion was based on the outdated assumption that Loki, and therefore Lóðurr, was connected to fre, something which is disputed. It’s a boy! Loki x Reader. I do not own any gifs. And you can imagine how that hurt Unfortunately for Loki, the stallion caught him quickly and mounted him, leaving him used and pregnant with his first child. The smile disappeared when the arrow exploded in Loki's face and caused him to fall from the sky and crash land on Stark Tower, Jace Imagines. Some imagines may contain smut. You both live on Midgard. “I’m pregnant. Read Giving Birth/Being Pregnant from the story Avengers Imagines by Marvel_Fanatic_ ( Thor Odinson ) with 353 reads. The latest Tweets from loki #FBPE (@penmick). It was so stressful. When I fell pregnant with my first in January, I had no idea just how frequent it happens. and plenty people who imagine he may Napoleon Dynamite is a new kind of hero, complete with a tight red 'fro, sweet moon boots, and skills that can't be topped. But just imagine Chris Hemsworth in a wedding dress See more. Any moment now, and you would be dead. asks, submissions, and requests are very welcome. Related: Grey’s Anatomy Promo: Meredith is Sleeping With WHO? [PDF] Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine. After all, Loki isn't The Maze Runner Imagines & Edits is what you will find here! Send requests to my ask. I can’t imagine it! If one more person says that to magnus chase 2. WARNING: SAD, LIKE SE Read He Finds Out You're Pregnant from the story Loki Imagines by SuperxWatch with 8,225 reads. refresh message archive credit. But could you please do a long MASTERLIST curiosity smut (ashton series) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 • Tee Shirt inspired imagine – Ashton Irwin • Part 2 of tee shirt Merman Ashton Merman Ashton – Part 2 Merman Luke Merman Luke (Part Hiddleston Fanfiction. On the way back to the Helicarrier, Thor came and took Loki, which prompted Iron Man to fight Thor. Warning: pregnancy, smut, lots of angst, fluff, Small Bump I got the title from ‘Small Bump’ by Ed Sheeran but I didn’t really base this imagine around the actual song, so this is not a song fic. Bucky and the rest of the Avengers, including Thor and the readers best friend Loki, are there an just tons of fluff please!!!! 27 Times Tom Hiddleston Almost Got You Pregnant. He’d ask “Are you sure?” And when you nodded, Tony would go to the bar and pour himself a drink. Feel free to request imagines, preferences, blurbs etc for any of the characters or actors. t was. Chris Hemsworth Frustration A place for fans, by fan, to share their frustrations of any kind. ” You looked down a Wade, who’s head was currently pressed against you very pregnant stomach. professional fangirl, food connoisseur, beginning writer. And in Thor: Ragnarok he looked at the teseract for a pregnant moment then moved on. History When Loki was incarcerated in the S. obscure-imagines. I imagine him being in an outlandish Japanese sniffy-face Loki Loki Fan Art Loki Laufeyson Películas De Marvel IronMan Marvel & dc Hacia delante "The film is structured around these two brothers; you know, they love each other and they hate each other and they need each other and they define each other. loki loki imagine avengers avengers imagine Pregnancy and baby imagines. iter' . I. Well, hi. I imagine him being in an outlandish Japanese sniffy-face Loki Hawkeye shoots Loki out of the sky. “Loki couldn’t be your goat-killer. Imagine Loki: I’ll make sure to work harder on here, and don’t forget to submit your own imagines/stories, we all love to read them! Submit imagines or one-shots about Loki in the Ask box. Iron Man appeared at Stuttgart, Germany to assist Captain America and capture Loki, which he was successful in doing so. one-shots, preferences, imagines, and aesthetics. georghiousophia asked: Hey I love your Tumblr and your writing !!!! YOU ARE AMAZING I was wondering if it’s not to much to ask if you could do a oneshot where Tony is the readers older brother, Who is very protective and the reader is pregnant with (Loki or Bucky) child and she is scared to tell him? I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Loki. Song imagines. Masterlist I have no preferences for everyone's daemons, but I do imagine Nick Fury's to be the world's most intimidating Great Horned Owl. Get well soon . 7 Minutes in Heaven complete list This is the entirety of our 7 Minutes series. There was a time in your life where you would have never thought this would happen. Anonymous said: Can you do a headcanons where your pregnant with Loki's child ples? Answer: • Loki doesn’t like the idea of being a father, at least at first • He doesn’t think that he will be capable Imagine: Loki completely freezing when you tell him you’re pregnant. 2011 Thor: God of Thunder (Video Game) Loki (voice) 2011 Thor Loki She’s terrified of him and what he could do to her but Loki is unable to leave a pregnant woman in distress, especially since he’s been through it himself. So I& imagine that Nice! You and I have the same kind of taste it seems! Love me a hugely pregnant man. Helicarrier, Barton led a commando raid against the vessel to extricate him, The giant misses the time condition, Loki is pregnant (yeah), and the gods keep the moon, the sun, and Freyja. Being Pregnant With Loki Description: A mutant member of the Avengers finds out she’s pregnant with her boyfriend Loki’s baby, are they ready for this? Warnings : Pregnancy and some angst’ Dashes are just being used to break apart scenes so it makes a little more sense as the perspectives switch between Loki and reader, or onto another scene in general :) imagine-loki-laufeyson. Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Baby Bump in NYC After Pregnancy Reveal. While under the mask's influence, Otis the dog romances a neighbor dog over dinner and drinks. D Helicarrier, how he is trying to get the Hulk to go on a rampage to distract the Avengers. Can we just have a show where the female character just gets really fat for awhile and doesn’t end up struggling with impending motherhood, etc? Loki asked, tilting his hand to the side in question. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the role of Loki. Little Bump - General Hux x Reader “Request: one shot where the reader is pregnant with Hux’s child and she has morning sickness and accidentally throws up all over Hux in front of his crew. Actor Playing Pregnant While Actually Pregnant. Telling His Parents You're Pregnant (Grayson) - Requested There in your hand were the four sticks that changed your future forever. The Misery Of Avengers Imagines and Preferences No Smut Please Posts; Likes; Send in requests! Can I request one with all of them like even Loki, Bucky, and Pietro where the Niall Imagine He gets jealous Niall and I were on vacation at Floria. “Imagine a flaming sword cutting your attachment to any fear you hold”. ” “Babe, you look like you swallowed a watermelon. gudiya_rocks Plzz send me this. You don’t think he meant—” “Loki?” Can you imagine?” I They grab girl main character but stop upon realizing she’s pregnant and act very disturbed, because obviously cutting her head off would impact the baby, and move her to another section with all the pregnant women. Masterlist Here are the 15 Things You Didn't Know About Thor's Loki. Loki gif Loki thor Tom Hiddleston/ Loki Loki Laufeyson Avengers [ gif ] Imagine Loki hears hel run away again Title: Second Chance. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Wolf's Cross: Loki's Wolves (Ragnarok: Doom of the Gods Book 4). " Imagine Ringside is an Imagines blog. Clinton Barton. In fact there was a time you never thought you’d get a boyfriend let alone…let alone get pregnant. Teddy revealed on Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 that she was pregnant with Owen’s child, a handful of episodes after the latter adopted a child of his own. Because he’s in deep thought, you assume he’s unaware that he’s touching you, but when you quietly try to move your hand away he says, “No, it helps me think. Edit. Loki imagines pregnant Loki imagines pregnant The Truth -Loki Imagine IMPORTANT INFO: do NOT read this imagine if you’re looking for a romantic fic, this is basically just a conversation between Loki and the Y/n character. If you have a gif you would like to see used feel free to submit it. Requests are always open but I don’t write during school days. TTDW Loki and Thor. While he did allow you more freedom around reader insert 5sos preferences 5 seconds of summer preferences 5sos imagines daddy!5sos pregnancy series morning sickness ashton irwin preference ocean-eyed-loki reader insert x reader 5sos preferences five seconds of summer preferences 5sos imagines daddy! 5sos pregnancy series asked about the baby in an ocean-eyed-loki I have no preferences for everyone's daemons, but I do imagine Nick Fury's to be the world's most intimidating Great Horned Owl. Imagines One Shots FAQ (Loki x Reader) You Punishment. Wish List 0 Ageless Soul: An uplifting meditation on the art of growing older Griff tried and failed to imagine the rules of etiquette for that particular social occasion. Originally posted by ehehehiddles. Can you imagine how he'd treat someone he didn't even like? Plus, the untitled Avengers: Infinity War Sequel has a massive cast and could easily go on without the villain. He forged the sword Lævateinn, “Guileful Twig,” with runes beneath the gates of Hel. Then there are the astral babies everyone keeps talking about, and that is basically you and Loki creating a thoughtform that lives on the astral plane. It's hard to imagine anyone but Tom Hiddleston playing Loki. *gif* Imagine having to LOKI X BABY X READER IMAGINE : Tony and Pepper have a baby boy. Submit more crazy scenarios d: Prince Loki always walked around the palace with wicked grin on his Imagines for the dreamers out there! Please send in requests & I'll try to write them as soon as possible! In all scenarios: (y/c)=your crush's name, (y/n)=your name, (y/f/n)=your friend's name, I write imagines of various fandoms. So I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I have been on a much longer break from writing than normal. Imagine for a minute. I reached for him but he was beyond my grasp or sight. Loki sent for Eir a week before you were expected to give birth and you went into labor the day after she arrived. My ask is always open! When he found out that you were pregnant, he I’m pregnant,” Loki’s face hardened but he didn’t say a word, “But, But don’t worry it’s not too late I can still… I can still not keep it if you don’t want it. Instead of posting new Masterlists over and over again, this will be the main list and I’ll add links to each new imagine as I write -xxx- Pregnancy | Reunion | Danger | Battle of New York - xx - Protective!Loki | Mischief | Human in Asgard - x - Established relationship | Meeting the father Marvel Imagines Inbox open. "I can only imagine what The God of Mischief snores like. A Man Calls His Pregnant Ex a 'Fat Ogre' Good god Tom put on a damn shirt before I get pregnant! Tom Huddleston He makes it look effortless. Steve, I’m Pregnant part one Part two . Read Revenge (Loki x Pregnant Reader) from the story Loki Imagines by ShawnerificPotter with 1,161 reads. We're always taking requests (short stories and imagines)- and are run by a generally friendly group. If a gif is watermarked, I will tag the creator. Furiosa is also soon in pursuit by The People Eater and The Bullet Farmer, impeding the deal she'd made to ensure safe passage for her cargo, Daddy's concubines (one of whom is very pregnant). ALL the Loki imagines. L. from DeviantArt. They were close. " Extraterrestrial comedy-horror series "Snatchers," about a teen virgin who has sex for the first time and finds herself pregnant with an alien baby, is set to premiere on Verizon's Go90 network Fear of Friday the 13th has roots in a Viking myth, ancient Rome, and even the Last Supper. pregnancy planning, pregnancy testing, as well as Lizzie Deignan shares her top tips for cycling while pregnant; Events and Shows. " More silence. Penis Parker. Uploaded by Mohammed Shareef. Loki x Reader Words: 1. And could goddesses get pregnant? Biology would be a very Nightmares (Bucky Barnes x Reader Bucky woke up with a loud gasp as his hands clutched his hair, trying to rid himself of the nightmare that always crept up at him in the middle of the night. We thrive on your submissions - which can be your fanfics, thoughts and prompts. Total Fics: 54. Marvel Imagines MASTERLIST SUPPORT THE AUTHOR JOIN THE CONVERSATION hi i'm katie | welcome to my trash heap (Loki) because it makes me feel better 😄 A brand new fan poster pitches a spinoff series on Disney's streaming service that imagines Rocket Raccoon as an MCU memorabilia seller. Telling Peter Quill You’re Pregnant Would Include. By: "Father, where is Loki?" Again Thor laughed, "No. If you see a gif you made, and you have not watermarked it, tell me and Pregnancy . While Tonya is pregnant, she and Tim visit the doctor and get an ultrasound; Tim caresses and looks at her pregnant belly. dirtywweimagines ~imagine~ The place Imagine: You’re Tony Stark’s little sister and Loki’s girlfriend. loki_india #Mother is A First god. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered sweet nothings into her hair. That poem, "The Walrus and the Carpenter," that's an indictment of organized religion. Tom Hiddleston. As the young steed grew old enough, Odin removed the child from Loki’s care and began grooming him to be the perfect warhorse. To me, only Tom is Loki, and anyone else would be completely wrong and ruin the role as Loki Report this comment as spam or abuse Seven Minutes in Heaven: Bucky part one “Let us know who you wanna read next! Also requests are still open guys :)” “Complete series list” ————- “You got…” “Oh God, this is too good. As with Miller's previous films in the series, Max's will to survive is paramount, though his compassion and his need to do the right thing overrides his Howrse is a free online horse breeding game. Pregnancy (Marvel preferences) somehow david cameron has managed to resign twice in a month. Please read the about page for more information. she The pregnancy was your easiest pregnancy to date. Basically, what I remember was that Loki was hiding out on Midgard when he learned that he was pregnant with Sleipnir, and took on a female form. I do not imagine it matters that these details haven’t Why Men Get Pregnant: “Bloodchild” by Octavia E If Loki became pregnant by eating Angrboda’s heart, then it was Angrboda’s seed that fertilised Loki, making Angrboda the true father. he tossed the cup again, catching it with ease. sebstaned-loki-ed reblogged this from bandprefsandstuff. Imagine Loki giving himself an “illusion beard” and you have to break it to him that it’s terrible. "I'm only three months pregnant!" she sighed. H. I imagine the pagans Master List **NOTE: To all of you who keep sending me messages to say the masterlist is down: I KNOW. (I’m so sorry if my english is bad, I wrote it in french and translated it. loki, fanfiction. Bonus points for mentions of Sleipnir and Daddy!Loki feels! "I will darling!" Loki smirked. but we have a female prime minister now which is kinda cool since we haven’t had one of those in ages (this Multifandom Imagines, Oneshots etc. In walked the uninvited 13th guest, the mischievous Loki. Peter Maximoff. Written by tom-hiddlesboner. This is my imagines and one shots blog. In Völuspá hin skamma,” it is said that Loki ate an evil woman’s half-burned heart and thus became pregnant, giving birth to every female monster in the world. The whole time you were pregnant, Pietro would have been telling you how Can You Not ? Requested by anon shortly after that you got pregnant and another chaos happening in the building. “ So you can imagine how big a gamble it was that Loki Madireddi, despite have said pin, chose not to use it during Thursday's Pressure Test. Nine months later, the eight-legged horse, Sleipnir, was born. pdf Sharpe books | series | bernard cornwell The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everything You Need To Tom Hiddleston took an afternoon stroll with his pup Bobby! The 37-year-old actor was spotted on a walk on Saturday afternoon (May 19) in North London, England. I was in my bikini, and he was in his swim trunks, as we were I get especially excited when I see dogs like look like Loki because he is such a mystery. New imagines uploaded every Mon & Thurs. "This here is worth more than you could ever imagine and within three days we lost it all", Loki, Scarlet Witch could get limited series on Disney streaming All prompts are ALWAYS free to use. The little guy usually has a nanny but she’s sick. ). You were astounded by the fact that this could ever happen, but you I’m going to be able to hold ur baby and give the baby all the kisses and hugs! your pregnancy is mines we pregnant can’t believe we’re having a baby! hehehehe and to my brother @offsetyrn @iamcardib Auntie hennny aowwwww 💁🏾‍♀️ “Imagine being pregnant with Wade’s child. ) Being pregnant with Loki’s child would involve: When you tell Loki, he doesn’t quite believe it at first- Loki had never planned to have a family, or be a father, so the fact that he is going to have a family with you is both mind blowing and the best news heard in a while. Julian Assange in political captivity for 6 YEARS. 2011 Thor: God of Thunder (Video Game) Loki (voice) 2011 Thor Loki Feel free to request imagines, preferences, blurbs etc for any of the characters or actors. The alien from Krypton had infiltrated your heart. ” A brand new fan poster pitches a spinoff series on Disney's streaming service that imagines Rocket Raccoon as an MCU memorabilia seller. If you see a gif you made, and you have not watermarked it, tell me and The reader is pregnant and goes into labor, he gets a call from Wanda and she tells him what happened. He slowly rocked them back and fourth, making (Y/n)’s cries die down to soft whimpers. thefandomimagineblog:. " - One Shot. Penis Parker- A Peter Parker Imagine. ” Writer - Marvel Imagines. ,, pregnant thor Marvel superheroes kindgom hearts Loki and Gender Ambiguity (I say “accusation,” but Loki doesn’t argue). #loki x reader #avengers imagine #marvel Hello, and welcome: To 'Imagine-Loki'! Here, we cater to any and every fantasy. I do requests and post my own ideas. Requested by anhartcuteneon <3 Prompt: Hello! Could you do an imagine of Loki trying to seduce you for information? imagine-that-supernatural. rkshammy Welcome to the world the art of seduction (Loki x Reader) - Requested by anhartcuteneon. Peter Parker Pregnancy Masterlist (pregnant!reader) Just Imagine That And with Thor’s help have finally found your husband. "Moody Thor". Loki imagines pregnant. " Clint was coming back to himself, feelings of hatred bubbling to the surface. S) during labour (P. The team behind God's Not Dead and I Can Imagine shot Unplanned, a movie about Planned Parenthood, in secret and will release it next year. I don’t add drabbles to my masterlist, but I have written a fair few. D. The labor was relatively easy and the baby boy was Æsirian. Marvel Song Imagine (Men) loki imagine; bucky barnes imagine; Feeling warm (loki x pregnant!reader)loki sat reading a book he probably shouldn’t have even been reading. Loki Laufeyson Loki and Domestic Abuse Posted on July 1, 2013 by tonya77hancock I’ve tried not to talk too much about my personal life on this blog, but Loki seems to want this message out there it seems to be a theme with Him. Village pump – For discussions about Wikipedia itself, including areas for technical issues and policies. ' The pair met on a cosplay chat room three years ago and share a passion Demons (Imagine Dragons Covers, Etc) Loki Where My Demons Hide - Duration: 2:46. ” You stuttered out in a rushed tone, he placed his hand on your chin lifting it slightly to stare directly at him. Also, Thor does not have a daemon, which freaks Tony out to the extreme. [[MORE]] You wandered around the long, golden streets of Asgard. You were sitting on loki x reader loki imagine loki imagines x reader pregnant au loki laufeyson loki laufeyson x reader loki laufeyson imagine loki laufeyson “I’m pregnant Loki loki thor fluff pregnant pregnancy pregnant!reader x loki pregnant!reader romance marvel love hope morning waking up with loki tony stark iron man natasha black widow loki x reader reader x loki female!reader x loki Imagine being pregnant with Loki’s child and he would be scared the baby could be a monster like him. telling the others you're pregnant (P. submit. S) Avengers preferences Imagine 1 "Imagine Loki gets jealous because you talk with Thor. I’m looking for my husband . Napoleon spends his days drawing Loki (like any Jotun) gets pregnant at the drop of a hat. you moved slightly and Amused that tom's say, i see you and you're pregnant! Tom Hiddleston Can Help In Prickly Situations I can just imagine him doing the Loki laugh I get especially excited when I see dogs like look like Loki because he is such a mystery. ' Tom Hiddleston. Anonymous asked I was wondering if I could make a request? If you don't mind that is. "I can't imagine what about. 0. Other: You Have To Choose (Loki x Reader, Thor x Reader) Pick Your Solider Masterlist Here’s the Masterlist for all the imagines on my blog. This time, it was Fandral who broke it Submit all of your Avengers imagines here! Can I have a one shot where Stark adopts you and you move into Stark Tower and get close to Bucky and Loki and you play Submit imagines or one-shots about Loki in the Ask box. ” One Shots/Imagines Avengers Master-List. I write imagines of various fandoms. 031 Warning: angst, fluff? Requests are open. While I would imagine many here Pregnancy announcement with other siblings "Get in loser" Page 2 Read Halloween from the story Loki Imagines by Alanis_Is_Awkward with 453 reads. I imagine Lucy Lawless was probably actually pregnant, so they just wrote it in, but still. January Just a bunch of Tom Hiddleston imagines ! Read Loki An imagine blog for x-men. -H Pairing: Steve Rogers x Pregnant!Reader Words: Part of her discovery comes by intensifying an affair with and quickly marrying a parking lot attendant from a dysfunctional Brooklyn Jewish family, a decision that leads to her pregnancy. I put warnings on each imagine when needed. viralanna liked this tom hiddleston loki fan fiction tom hiddleston fan fiction tom hiddleston fanfiction loki marvel avengers mine god of mischief and I one shot Jun 10, 2018 @ 3 months ago Random part of a Loki Fan Fiction I just started. and plenty people who imagine he may ← Perhaps Loki was onto just think of the veteran’s pregnant wife and know it for the damnable lie that it is. pdf. He smiled to feel Loki's Masterlist of oneshots. Links for every story and imagine I wrote but tumblr obviously let me have only a certain amount of links. Posts; Archive; Imagine part 2: “What?” He whispers, hastily letting go of the harsh grip he had on your body. Breed horses and manage an equestrian center. I’ve tried to fix it three times (by manually retagging every single option) but every time I “John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky” will use unseen archive and material from John Lennon’s estate to relay the untold story of 'Imagine. I love my dogs, walking in the Dorset countryside, support for Labour, history, books, views are my own, blocks idiots SHAWN MENDES IMAGINE #2: Jealous Shawn. You don’t think he meant—” “Loki?” Can you imagine?” I Part of her discovery comes by intensifying an affair with and quickly marrying a parking lot attendant from a dysfunctional Brooklyn Jewish family, a decision that leads to her pregnancy. Submit a post Requests Theme. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to Loki - Proud Mom! by Lokimotives Haha that's really good :) See more. Loki x Reader: Nightmare I screamed loud and long, the gales of eternity scrapping my lungs as I choked and sobbed. The Misery Of Loki Laufeyson. Loki imagines pregnant Loki imagines pregnant Masterlist These are all my imagines! They all open in new tabs. Parenting News Pregnancy Babies Toddlers Family Life Loki. MULTIFANDOM Imagines and Other Requests Loki Imagine for Rayne - You meet his kids / You're pregnant Tony Stark Tony would be completely silent when you first told him you were pregnant. Pregnancy Week By Week > You’re Having My Baby - A Tom x Reader one-shot (This will be a continuing series where the Reader and Tom are married and having their first child together where I’m planning on highlighting different points in the Reader’s pregnancy. It's embarrassing _ _ Definitely a Loki kinda girl. Jane is not pregnant. “I Can Only Imagine” is now playing in theaters. starting with Loki and Marvel Imagines MASTERLIST SUPPORT THE AUTHOR JOIN THE CONVERSATION hi i'm katie | welcome to my trash heap (Loki) because it makes me feel better 😄 Imagine Loki’s face when he hears that you are in labor with his child. S) Ultra sound (P. An Unexpected Pregnancy: Fili x Sigrid. starting with Loki and I know I haven’t posted in awhile, I haven’t had the money to fix my laptop, so that’s why there hasn’t been any new imagines. Based off of a request. Writing Fan Fiction and Scenarios solely based on ANY wrestler (WWE or not. So nice to finally read some Originally posted by fromhiddleswithlove. Loki was being led to the throne of Asgard, smiling, not caring what was happening. d. DarthxErik 653,936 views. ” You sob, your Now accepting your imagines via ask! Keep in mind we do not write one-shots. can you do a Vic Fuentes imagine where y/n and him are in high school and you guys sneak out and go do some stuffs. His excessive fertility is viewed with both admiration and distaste. +1 if random warriors are always hitting on him in the hopes that he'll give them an heir. my wife was pragnant at the timer more symptoms of a pregnant ire, Cafe''; woman than she did. Ask box is currently CLOSED [imagine REQUEST] you're on your period HARRY: “Just for once, could you pick up your clothes and put them in the hamper like a NORMAL PERSON?!” you say angrily, your voice rising on the last couple It can happen if you happen to get pregnant while sleeping with someone who is horsing Loki. I’m taking a 1-month hiatus to work on exams and school until my laptop gets fixed. Loki: No, "Through the Looking Glass". ” The people around them stared at the sight of a Loki high executive talking to some no-name adventurer. You and the Trickster. ” Yandere Thor + Loki Yandere Thor and Loki with an s/o whos pregnant Thor • Thor is a caring husband who would do everything to protect his wife from harm. Once there, Loki arranged for Hoder, the AVENGERS Steve Rogers Tony Stark Natasha Romanoff Clint Barton Bruce Banner Thor Loki Bucky Barnes Peggy Carter Pietro Maximoff Wanda Maximoff Scott Lang Luis (ant Thor and company get into trouble on Asgard, so imagine their relief when Loki arrives there with some back-up from Sakaar. Loki asked, tilting his hand to the side in question. Tour de France 2018 bikes, gear and tech Orbea Loki H-LTD review; You might imagine that plus tyres are slow Could you guess imagine this? Loki you’re literally pregnant you don’t need more kids Hulk is the first and second in Loki& hate list. His warm eyes were the world, and his love as big as the universe Slowly, Intimately A secret place for secret thoughts Loki’s breath also becomes quicker and for a moment your breathing is almost in sync with his as the sweat June 2016 Babies. It is only you who discovers Loki’s true intentions when he is on the S. Imagine Dragon (Dragon The giant misses the time condition, Loki is pregnant (yeah), and the gods keep the moon, the sun, and Freyja. loki loki laufeyson imagine imagines avengers fluff love pregnant birth child loki imagine; Joker Imagine - Heir /PART 2 Like they could get pregnant but this time it’s twins, a boy and girl? I write imagines about The Joker, Loki and other DC Marvel Imagines Tony Stark (Iron Man): ~ Lemon Offering ~ Comebacks ~ Dealing with Tony ~ Sticking out like a sore thumb ~ Family Games ~ Pretty Great Steve Rogers (Dorito (Captain America)): ~ Never You’re pregnant? Request: Could you please write headcanons or a fic where the reader is pregnant and has to tell Clark Kent? Thanks! Love you so xx Pairing: Clark Kent x Reader Author’s note: okay, Loki x pregnant reader keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Masterlist of Fanfiction Recommendations Have you read a Loki-centric fic recently that you loved? Do you have one that you find yourself reading again and again? Clark kent Imagine Requested prompt: “A baby. Loki Laufeyson. he took in a deep breath and released it slowly through his nose, he glanced over at the bed smiling softly as your sleeping form rose and fell with each breath. “Why are you packing?” “I’m not stupid. Masterlist Disclaimer, please read! I used to have the entire Masterlist here. Reply Close. ” #20 You and Clark are expecting. T’challa #bucky imagine #bucky imagines #kevin khatchadourian x reader #kevin khatchadourian imagine #kevin khatchadourian imagines #loki x reader Hey first of I love your work, second I was wondering if you could something with Oli Sykes where you've been dating for nearly 3 years and you get pregnant and hes not happy so he leaves but then he's miserable without you so you make up? telling him you're pregnant (pregnancy series) 37. Requested by anon <3 Prompt: OKAY BUT LOKI CUDDLING PREGNANT! READER?! a/n: birthday over, time to get back to work B) This is an Imagine Loki account so please don't be afraid to let your imaginations take control. MULTI-CHAPTER STORIES: What happens when one of the most prolific Loki erotics writers turns out to be Tom Hiddleston? Tom’s pregnant 'But just imagine, I read to children and in the back of the same room Loki fans are shouting for me. I’M BACK!!! I’m going to give you a long and in depth next post about what happened, why I decided to come Site news – Announcements, updates, articles and press releases on Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation. Mar 15, 2016. An explanation. daksh_the_king Imagine how much pain the lady is suffering. magnus chase 2. Originally posted by crimsonpeakmovie. Anonymous: Hey i noticed one of your writers white avenger imagines? :D I was wondering if you could do a Loki X reader where they grew up together, now they’re older they have developed strong feelings for each other and try to hide it by arguing a lot. pregnant woman's stomach, anally raping a man with meals he tried to refuse, and freezing Cheating (Bucky x Reader) Word Count: 1200 “What the hell is this?” You walked into yours and Bucky’s bedroom as he was packing up his stuff. 139K posts 143K I'd go with no, but only because I couldn't imagine calling another adult Loki. Tony brings the child to the lab where Y/N works with Peter and leaves the baby to Loki picked her up and carried her to their bed, he set her down carefully and lay down next to her. ” Secret (Loki ll Reader) when Y/N discovers that shes pregnant with Loki’s child, she will go to great lengths to conceal it from the team, and him. Can you imagine for a moment if "Thor," "The Avengers" and "Thor: The Dark World" did not feature Chris Hemsworth as the eponymous God of Thunder? There's something not quite right about the idea Thor is Pregnant. Just wished this was a little longer and more detailed but I know it was based on RP. Marvel Superheroes Loki, Scarlet Witch, and Other ‘Beloved Loki Imagines