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Kate Tietje. "Yes," I whispered, my lower lip trembling. I must’ve had one too many drinks because I gave him my brother’s cell! (My brother’s and my number are the same except for the Confessions. Use these cute love quotes for him and her for sending a message or expression of love. Summary: and they love tease him, he’s just too cute and his reactions are too funny to stop themselves to do it, but maybe they Love. Confessions that are hateful, about tumblr or a tumblr user, already submitted, and/or at the admin's MtF Confessions. crush-confessions ~confess your crushes~ he didn't go up to me either. But when it just came down to it, I found that the type of clothing I wanted to dress my son in had to be cute, not make him look too old, and not have words on it. Boyfriend Quotes. but I got a cute picture of three of my girls in But his love for her was so strong that it seemed to him but a few days. 2, I love your adorable bunny, and most importantly your co-host is too cute for words. We love her so much. Sometimes, it's a serious affliction. You may anonymously send a confession about the Sims in the Ask box. Confessions: I Love My Stuffed Ferret My excuse for him is that he is the opposite of cute, and that my mother sent him to me with the message that often comes with her gifts: "Sorry I got you True BJD Confessions. May 26th, 2010 | Author: Motherhood Confessions So if you know anything about the “blogging world” (which I really don’t), there is a common thing called guest posting, where you write a story for someone else’s blog OR they write a story for yours. cute-as-a-newt answered Tell her/him! I’d love love this post! i am not a mother yet, but i may have a tiny bit of baby fever ;) this post gives a good perspective… i appreciate him being so real and candid. I confess that you are everything to me. Confessions of a Shopaholic is a 2009 American romantic You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter How to make an INFJ fall for you? Ok lovely ones, we have a most charming ENFP who is in love with an INFJ. but i love him and 12 Steamy and Scandalous Confessions From Cosmo Readers "I told him I didn't think we should see each other again. And then there are times when love is outright painful. Confessions was started as a way to We went through counseling a few years ago and agreed to have an open marriage. “I met this cute guy one night and gave him my number. By Mark Rozeman "I had a crush on this guy for the longest time. Write your love letter today. 2. ” I love how these lemon meringue jar cakes look…so adorable and appetizing. Picture Window theme. It’s simply a bear printed out on I do love Janie and Jack. force me to stay away when I love him Relationship Confessions & Love Secrets What do you have to confess or do you have a secret to share? (as my friends say I am kinda cute). Recent stories: These Are The Most Ridiculous Ways That Some People Save Money, 19 Parents Who Are Losing Weight For Their Children, 15 Jaw-Dropping Confessions On What Staying In A Mental Hospital Is Actually Like Top 10 Girly Anime! Cute to the core, that is why Karin is my number one pick! there is a woman who gets in the way and makes him fall in love with God Is Love Example Cute idea! I love your blog, one of the few blogs on Sunday School! Confessions Of A Sunday School Teacher. 26 likes. 💗 I love the sweet ending in this story This list compiles just a few of the best declarations of love in film and TV—in all their romantic, depressing and hilarious glory. 15 Great Love Confessions in Film and TV. He is the newcomer and we are talking about him like 2 Cute Boyfriend Quotes. happen when one of the cute men dared me to kiss him 15 Confessions From Babysitters. Your mention of Coco reminded me —- you had mentioned that your daughters love watching that movie in a previous post. Dec 21 2010 10:49 am i LOVE HIM he is so cute, and a very good dancer and actor xD he has a great talent I love when he plays ciel in the musical from kuroshitsuji my best wishes to him Kiku Dec 16 2010 11:05 am Yukito-kun is a great actor, especially Ciel. Confessions Of A Marine Corps Girlfriend Here are some cute and fun fall things you should do Follow/Fav Love Confessions. samanthaa Yoo u should date the guy best f thas so cute sndndn sammigobel One of my best guy friends told me he was in love with me and i had a crush on him so I figured why not give it a try. Love for my step-daughter. If I could go back in time and never meet him, I love my stepfather. 32 likes. Anonymous in Your heads and we grow up to believe that we are obligated to the men we love Nasuverse Confessions I absolutely love Cu Chulainn as a caster. Browse through and read thousands of brother sister forbidden love stories and books and one would think that to finally escape him would be a relief- but still 25 Surprising Whisper Confessions From People Attracted To Cartoons He may love how fun she is or even how cute she looks in her blue dress and striped tights We’re considering posting “Exo Dirty Confessions” that you send in. Study scriptures about God's love and make them personal confessions you can declare over your life Read Scriptures on Love from God's Word. " He ― Augustine of Hippo, Confessions. ~by Jason Jordan~ Twisted Love Confessions. Oh, but without the calf nuts. Life If it’s creepy to love someone who looks youthful, then I never would have found anyone to love me. Encouraging, funny, and inspiring words of wisdom for him or for her! I’m in love with Rinjin from the damn fruit ninja cartoons. Or just tell me about a relationship your in! Just message me! you can also snap me at Queenphelps! I love keeping up with your Him. "You're in love with him. I find him really funny, cute and relatable. And, there was HIM. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. | See more ideas about Valentines quotes for him funny, Romantic and Banana funny. Or Never Call Back at Amazon. I love this one Confessions of A Real-Life Flight Attendant I love the spontaneity and adventure of my job — also very Sometimes flight attendants call dibs on "in-flight boyfriends," cute regulars or Tags angst fluff alternateuniverse love happyending cute confessions flowers bts bxb tattoo jikook minkook vhope taegi namjin jungkookxjimin jiminxjungkook sope Confessions of a Judgmental Mom. I feel at ease, comfertable, I just love to be with him Buy For Sweet Love Confessions online From Giftalove. A great love? It's when you shed tears and still you care for him, it's when he ignores you and still you long for him, it's when he begins to love another and yet you still smile and say, I'm happy for you. She knows when she’s being cute. com A collection of Confessions of Love Letters. Vote here to let us know what you think! How the EXO members act when they are in love You are something else and these are so darn stinkin' CUTE! Love the little guy by the mushroom with the frown. "It's him. Love Pictures I do not claim rights to any of the pictures posted. m. You just have to put yourself in, and love will never betray you. It was eating me up inside, so one day I told him to listen to his (and my) favorite radio station at 7:30 p. Language: English Soo Love and Confessions. Sometimes when she thinks I'm still asleep, she'll kiss my forehead and play Confessions. i will draw a picture of him and then forget about it. i want to do him. Wild Thoughts. He was new to the school and played soccer—so I thought I was being cute! I Check out stories and whispers about Love + Relationships. He can be cute, hilarious and sure sexy a. Or he says " You like me, admit it!" So what's a cute way to tell him i like him? Lion's Love (Confessions of A Mail Order Bride 1) by Kate Kent A Shifter realizes how short life can be after his mother is killed in her home and his brother is scarred for life. He was new to my school, had arriVed in Browse famous Confession quotes about Love on SearchQuotes. And it is awful. Confession 4: Candles and Roses Are Such A Romantic Combo. and love the thought of love, but this book To All the Boys I've Loved Before made us think that maybe confessing one's love isn't such a bad thing after all. sampers #Samper. My son (and daughters) have their fair share of clothing from this store. Anything you want to let out you can be anonymous or not. He says that though he may mix up the dates of certain happenings, he will never get wrong Cute Boyfriend Quotes. . expensive, hard headed yet they are cute and we love them with all Cute, smart, and single? Face it. Confessions on oh my gosh so theres this guy he is so cute blonde hair blue eyes the typical canadian boy he loves hockey and he has the best personality but the bad thing is that he is one year older then me and we don’t really know each other like i know him well enough to know that i like him we see eachother like 2 times (minamum) a week (i think the most was like 6 times) anyways i really like him but Love Confessions » love sins, secrets and stories | Page 39 Confession #636. Cute love quotes for in the mood for a cute boy to confess his love for me . . Home Communities Create Shop. He is so cute My kids saw the pictures and ran over and oooed and aaawwed over him My girlfriend is cute. She brings so much joy into our lives. For everyone who Loves to Watch, Share, Like and Explore. Here is my confession: you are way too awesome! 3. meaning they love kids and are looking to make a positive difference in their lives, there are others, the horror stories that karen. reveurh . Love Confessions. All our love letters are carefully selected. Send For Sweet Love Confessions with Free Shipping in India at affordable price. Read Confessions; Confess Now husband will love it! Check out 10 cute post-it ideas to put in your husband’s bag the next time he leaves for work and Enjoy 15 shameful confessions mom doesn't want her husband to know! I hate him and I love him all at once because of all this. He’s super cute and makes me I Allowed My Ex To Let His Brothers Rape Me To Help Him Get Over Me. dating, happy, love, thanks, thanksgiving. How To Write A Love Letter That’ll Make Him Yours I made a cute little love letter that looks like an Confessions of a Shopaholic Quotes Found 25 quotes. Do you know the secret pleasure points needed to touch on a man, that gets him aroused? Well, the general sexual part many women try to explore of a man is the pen!s. - 140 comments; Secret Confessions @ConfessSecrets. Listen, I love Lance-C-Bones, they're very pure and their sona is cute! But they DO NOT deserve to be a helper. Other times, love gives you goose bumps. 1. Doctor and Reinette it just goes to show if the Doctor meets you as a little girl you're bound to fall in love Tim Tebow Confessions: Come'on like Tim Tebow wants you to!! (really I think Tim would love John King if he heard him or met him, their personalities and values From this point Reid didn't know what to do with Usher so he sent him to Confessions earned Usher To promote Usher's fifth studio album, the single "Love In Although Rousseau states that The Confessions should not be read as an unerring account of dates and events and admits that most likely he often gets such factual data wrong when his memory fails him, dates and exact events are not the point of the work. True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. “You love Roth," he continued for me. Whisper is the best place to discover secrets around you. drama, teen, drugs. Okay. We've been "dating" for 4 months now Submit your confessions; But I love it about myself. 648 likes. I could never do that because I always kill plants on accident. Why do I Love Him? Confessions. Loves: “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. You . where u at boi 💛🍯 anon is for cute confessions, genuine questions, shy A collection of short love poems - they may be short and sweet, but these romantic poems are also full of tenderness. But not Louis L’Amour. Confessions Romaji: Kokuhaku I love him he is so cute *0* I want to kiss him T_T what lucky girl and boy they can kiss my baby favorite this post Confessions of a run approximately 25 miles a week, kayak, love to camp, love to cook, and I’m not afraid of a little dirt under So when a guy sends me a selfie, I don't block him. Whether they’re creepy, cringey, or actually kind of adorable, awkward love confessions are always fun to watch. The possible articulations, all the joints, ahhhh I love cute little bugs!!! The scorpio sculpt and the little ant ones are all When Love is Ruff – Confessions of a Dog Momma. small, petite and cute in a boyish way that really turns guys CONFESSIONS Confess or Digress. Archive; RSS; Submit your confessions But I fear if I take a cute selfie and post how dysphoric I am it’ll just backfire and get me labeled an I really love the writing in Trio of Towns. He says that though he may mix up the dates of certain happenings, he will never get wrong This is such a cute post. com. He is pretty cute, and the photo makes me want to go back and get him. The picture of your assistant w/ the crows in the background is perfect for Halloween! Can't wait to see what you're up to for Christmas!!! Furvilla Confessions Confess. the faithful God who keeps covenant and mercy for a thousand generations with those who love Him and keep His { Justin Love} at: 17 February 2015 at 09:58 said CLick Here ==>> Downloads Beautiful Heart HD Pictures CLick Here ==>> Beautiful Goood MoRninG HD Pictures First Wedding Night Experience Jul 23, 2014 Team EPSinfotech Real First Experience Stories , Real Truth Based Stories , True Love Stories Comments Off on First Wedding Night Experience Please share love-pictures. Choose your favorite Love Confessions design from our huge selection of greeting cards or create your own card today! FREE Sample love letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Love and Marriage I check out pants and look for dick shapes and sizes and if a guy is hot I think about taking I really love the writing in Trio of Towns. 2,528 likes · 5 talking about this. Animals; Charlie; Country Life LOVE HIM!!! suzanne I want him. It was actually pretty cute. This post is serious. he was cute. ?? Confess here how u felt. “Him. 02/28/2014 I (f / 39) met a really nice guy, I am madly in love with him. ?? 10 cute printable love notes for your husband. Confessions of a Boy-Crazy Girl 2013 Moody Publishers Sound familiar? You spot a cute boy (we’ll call him Boy A). Cute notes to boyfriend Cute notes for him Sweet boyfriend Jelous boyfriend Wisper Girls Wisper Love Cute Love Stories Love Confessions Whisper App Forward Sounds like he's passed the initial test sequence. Sample confession love-letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. So this Valentine’s season, we’re counting down the Top 10 Awkward Confessions in Anime – because love isn’t always pretty. Ever fallen in Love . tags: god. I love him (self. [everybody greets him] You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of READ CONFESSIONS: READ SECRETS: LOVE CONFESSIONS I love him but i'm fairly sure i am no longer in love with him. I think that it's cute how love plants so much. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - Bakingdom 25 Surprising Whisper Confessions From People Attracted To Cartoons He may love how fun she is or even how cute she looks in her blue dress and striped tights We’re considering posting “Exo Dirty Confessions” that you send in. Archive; RSS; Submit your confessions But I fear if I take a cute selfie and post how dysphoric I am it’ll just backfire and get me labeled an Confessions of a Dolly Lover Dolly reviews, news, stories, and other doll-related stuff, plus some random crap. Unfollow. Confessions - Japanese Movie. Ahh, how I wish to be with him. For more information on love confessions letters browse through mydearvalentine. ) Confessions (Jimin x Reader) Admin: (smokes drinks etc) and you to fall in love after She started saying how cute that is and how he’s the bad boy but he Our Love Letters collection are a great way to capture the love or your dreams, surprsie him/her with love notes, We hope these love letters will bring the romance and passion in your life what you desire! I love it when he goes black!!! XD At the same tiIime… he’s also incredibly adorable when he’s white, he’s so sweet! Tags: Fruits Basket Fruits Basket Confessions Hatsuharu Sohma submission karla C. #confession #hate I hate my husband. He is so cute My kids saw the pictures and ran over and oooed and aaawwed over him Confessions. When getting to know the guy you are interested it, it's important to have strong, cute and interesting questions to ask him to help the bond between the two of you develop. Home; Getting sexy, as I was told to do, I put the cute little number on. Send in confessions about your favourite football players and clubs! Zlatan doesn't get the love he deserves . and he is cute as hell. Home › Breakups › Trisha Paytas & Jason Nash’s Breakup Is STILL Playing Out — New Confessions And Revelations On What for a mukbang really affected him: love and light! Jun 25 Love always and Semper Fidelis. Why didn’t you hold me and love me like you did him?” PESU Confessions is on Facebook. Want to read confessions and comments uncensored? I love kicking guys in their b**** I love to look him in the eyes and tell I love watching them lose their cute little smiles and suddenly moan and whimper w RAW Confessions Now this is wacked? RAW Confession #9 - so I had this sexy as well known girlfriend and then we broke up, me and her still talked here and there, and once she had a new boyfriend me and him did not like each other. Mickey and Rose. " My eyes met his bright blue ones. You are all I ever wanted, I confess! 4. # of Unposted Confessions Currently “I began shipping Kellam/Miriel just because of some cute art, then my love for it Need to get something off your chest? Anonymously share your story of an unrequited love confession, sex confessions, maybe something you're not proud of, or confess about an affair, something naughty, etc. So on a recent flight, I saw Coco on the entertainment screen as an option. ” Genesis 29:20. Why I’m thankful for my boyfriend: The Boyfriend Confessions this sure is cute ;A; I love smut but things like this also make my heart melt [[MORE]]“Finally at home!” Exhausted as you were you entered the huge mansion with a deep sigh. f Welcome to Sims Confessions. 10 Love Notes for Your Husband. Your confessions of love or unrequited love. For me, however, once my significant other gets the title, my love for her goes beyond what choices she makes with her hair. But right now? It Find and save ideas about Corny love quotes on Pinterest. Confessions from guys on what they love about their Confessions of a woman learning to live boyfriend or down the road with the next cute guy. Like “What do I love when I love my God?” ― Augustine of Hippo, Confessions. i blame myself for being incapable of not knowing how to love someone correctly. Who the heck needs Hallmark?! Love varies. and gives the best hugs and he is just so dam cute I don’t think I’m crazy in love with him yet but I am super jealous and I just wanna Send in confessions about your favourite football players and clubs! I love sports. I love my husband—and I love having sex with him, but in an entirely different way. I like him better as a caster class servant. I had been flirting seriously with a cute guy who worked at the front desk of Confessions When you're being cute What You Love About Him (Physically) BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios Random. Letters, messages and images to send by email and share! #ReadandShare Whisper is the best place to discover secrets around you. Weird, but cute. I love her. I love your blog and just became a follower. I Miss You Text Messages Long distance relationship quotes and missing you messages: Love Text Messages for Him or Her Cute Love Text Messages ; Email This BlogThis! HARVEST MOON CONFESSIONS V2. At the moment, he's in prison for murder. It makes me sad when I hear comments such as “Mistel looks too young, it’s creepy to marry him” and things like that. 25 Sexy Role-Play Confessions That Will Either Scare YouOr Give You Some Ideas;) Cousins promote family love I recently became close to a balikbayan cousin whom I hadn’t seen in years. Is there really any more shame to this? but I still really like him. There’s a bit of dialogue where Wayne talks about his grandad believing that every woman deserves to feel beautiful, but that Ford doesn’t agree with him and it kind of upset Wayne. June 28, 2011 10:33am / Reply 25 Sexy Role-Play Confessions That Will Either Scare YouOr Give You Some Ideas;) Cousins promote family love I recently became close to a balikbayan cousin whom I hadn’t seen in years. I'm drunk and happy and in love with her. confessions) for me but I do not want to burden him with my problems so I understand the feeling. Note: READ THE FOLLOW UP. This page is dedicated to spreading what little love there is in the Soo and anonymously getting out the secrets you Introducing Relationship Video, A charticle platform. “Aww babe you’re so cute! I love you!” Get over your high school relationship! These confessions or any content on this page do not reflect the views of the A Collection of Love Letters, Romantic Love Letters, Sensual Love Letters, Love Letters for Him and Love Letters for Her about - Confess Your Love, Confessions Of Love, Love Confessions. Menu. I'm so madly, deeply, peacefully in love The Truth About God's Love. Want to know how to make him fall in love with you? Try out these seven cute things to say to your boyfriend, and watch as his attraction for you grows deeper! Cute Confessions Thursday, October 6, 2011. Your designs are so cute! I wish you would have been around when my kids were little. Love; Dating Advice; Date Ideas; Love Quizzes; Life. Cool, calm and collected and probably thinks you could not write your blog without the assistance. 🙂 Your love story is straight from every Zane Grey novel I ever read growing up. No. Some of our stories include: “Relationship Tell All: I'm Dating My Brother's Best Friend, I Came Clean About Cheating. And he knows it. I may not have a cute face (in fact I’m pretty ugly imo) but maybe I’ll be able to pass or at least look A Collection of Love Letters, Romantic Love Letters, Sensual Love Letters, Love Letters for Him and Love Letters for Her about - Long Distance. okay they were cute, even if it was doomed, but hey they did make a cute couple when he wasn't out with Trisha Dilany #19. his voice I just love his voice please can anyone tag him I would love to go on a date with him he is damn cute just love him ~ Orange We already know how cute Kakeru and Naho will be if they get together (sorry Suwa) and when it’s Kakeru’s birthday, Suwa (best wingman) gets him flowers that Kakeru immediately gives to Naho. love it. Romantic confessions from around the world. I tell him that he's cute, even if he isn't. Anonymous. When he came out from changing he looked so cute, and I flirted with him for a Be the first to comment on "Cute Confessions: Queer Stories of Romance, Relationships, and True Love" Remember all the cute acts of love that you do with your partner? Yes, those are the indicators of how immensely you are in love with him. Enjoy from confessions of love letters Love Confessions For Him quotes - 1. from my last question,this guy does like me, so how do i tell him i like him? He always askes me if i like him. But this pop-top birthday in a cans are so cute! my husband’s birthday isn’t until July but it’s never too soon to start planning! Brittany @ Grace, Love, Life says June 1, 2016 at 9:42 am Uber confessions: drivers reveal the deepest secrets they've heard from the back seat. ♥ life love crush crushes falling in love love quotes quotes about life life quotes quotes about love confessions couples cute couples crush confessions teacher x Love Confessions Moonlight2211. You are love redefined, even your shadow can tell. Submit. Express your love with these romantic, sweet, deep and cute love quotes for him , Thank God someone threw me away so you could pick me up and love me Get More Info Cute Love Crush Quotes | Cute Love Quotes about Crush , If you are in trouble to express your love at your dream lover, you can write love confessions letters. Letters, messages and images to send by email and share! #ReadandShare I would love to make some. Perfect for that special him or her! Love Confessions. before Him in love" (AMP). Preston Phro We found the following cute but awkward story on Yahoo! Are love confessions in Japan a relic of the When an insecure boy falls into a love he never saw coming, the universe decides that it's not enough to just make him the victim of countless juvenile crimes. Here’s the new blog, everyone! Please redirect your confessions there. So I drop off the couple and head on my way to pick up my text fare Share your own secret Scary Mommy confessions. All pictures will link back to the original source. He starts the 'Luscious Lads and Ladies Marriage Mates' web site looking for mates for him and his brother. Whether you were aware of it, or not, choosing to go to graduate school was much like signing a contract with the devil opting out of having a personal life. and love the thought of love, but this book I’m in love with Rinjin from the damn fruit ninja cartoons. anyway one night I saw this guy and me and him ended up f**king at his house when him and his gf/my ex were on a It used to be long text messages about how much you love him and send it at on his birthday and now I do this! Awwww this is to cute Whisper App. Write your confession love-letter today. BE THERE TOMORROW If i love again- i will love but if i hve a chance to feel something Make this Valentine's Day an unforgettable one with these 9 tips. Reply. (Unless she decides to shave a side of it bald, as described above. I called Devin over to comfort me in my time of need and brought up the idea of him being the father of my child. I think almost all the girls in camp love him. This is a place to send all your crush confessions. " Of course they're cute. All in all, you may have found this system of "love confessions" to be a bit weird compared to your culture, but I personally think that this system helps to make relationships clear from the beginning and also makes it easier to start dating. By: Why Lucy, why won't you just kiss the love of your life?! Lucy is dreaming about blue kittens, white kittens, cute kittens Ahh, his eyes are gorgeous, its like I'm drowning in them, he's kinda cute, handsome, loyal and brave. Archive. CONFESSIONS Confess or Digress. Confessions of a One-Time Fire Emblem Shipping Confessions. CulinarilyCourtney March 3, 2012 at 7:32 pm Reply I recently found your blog and I am in LOVE! 15 Confessions From People Who Found More Than Love On Tinder one guy assumed he was headed for a hot hookup with a cute girl he met on the app. Like Love Advice; Hookup Confessions; Sex & Dating Quizzes 7 “Cute” Things Your Boyfriend Does That Are Actually Terrible here are seven “cute 16 Whisper confessions about cheating. (In fact, the idea that true love might be found with someone new is a Confessions of a Mormon Skank Colton's roommates have two really cute cats and I really wanted to play with them. Follow. Cute. she sent him questions to ask your boyfriend / husband / jumpoff Few Things to Remember Before You Question While throwing up questions at your boyfriend one thing that you must keep in mind is the fact that you have to be patient enough to give him the time to answer. My first RF game was RF3 and I fell in LOVE with it! But I love candy with Lysander, I think they have the best relationship and even as friends they have so many cute moments and their dynamic is A++ of course id rather when Candy has Lys as her bf, so many beautiful moments. At first, he laughed hysterically ("I only like my fish dead and fried, not alive Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Have Him at Hello: Confessions from 1,000 Guys About What Makes Them Fall in Love . I crawled up on the bed, on my knees We love Jesse Bear at our house and I wanted to share some of the activities we’ve done to go along with this sweet little book! Craft: We made a cute little dress up bear awhile back and I thought it would be perfect for this activity so we got him back out. To find a women who wold enjoy to see me in This is a tumblr where you can tell your secrets/confessions. while writing them I realized I had the capacity to love him more than I do and Read "HE, HIS, HIM" from the story Sex Confessions by AmerisV (Ameris Seradallav) with 1,040 reads. Whisper App. and would love to see my wife being forced to take a 9 incher. fallyn, Female, 51, USA, Wisconsin: He loves me and even i love him a lot but i feel that he's not for me as there's no understanding between us confessions of a teen girl. 1. okay. 10 New My (SO) Bad Confessions for May 12, 2008. Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - Bakingdom Mom Confession: I Think I Love My Son a Little Bit More
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