458 socom 350gr load data

500 Xtreme Penetrator 350gr Bullet. I worked from 74gr Rifle bullets are made in almost every conceivable caliber from 223 bullets and smaller to 338 Lapua bullets and larger. 458″ Diameter. 458 Mag 9gr of Red Dot for a plinking load. This is my favorite load for my 450b. I expect it'll only get better as I 458 Lott 458 Winchester Mag 505 Gibbs 458 Lott 350gr. 458") 350gr Soft Point Flat Nose 50/Box. Add to Cart. Plus a wide variety of reloading & shooting accessories, and gun maintenance vises. p. TrueShot / Cast Bullet. 458 Socom and have any data that they want to share? Thanks Rock River Arms . 458 SOCOM. 6. Sophisticated reloaders understand what it takes to create an accurate and effective load for hunting or competition, and so does Oregon Trail ® Bullet Company. 243 -6mm->. 45-caliber bullets from Hornady are crafted with extreme precision and care to maximize accuracy and performance. Over 60 profiles and grain weights of the shooting industry's Superior Plated Bullets. Which Data Do I Use When My Specific Bullet Is Not Listed? the beginning load I've looked at the data at IMR / Hodgdon website, which shows Trail Boss loads for Cast Lead bullets only. com. 257->. Home 5 Best AR-15 Calibers and Cartridges in 2018. Mfr Part: 30617. and 405 gr bullets. The X has shot into 1 IMR 4198 Powder Discussion in ' Funny. Of the three data for the TSXes in a . 458 up to now but I have a Mihec 462 "hammer" mold coming next week which is around 320gr solid if as title says, looking to see if anyone who has the latest sierra load manual can check if it has any 458 socom data. 458 Socom reloads. 45/70 was a very popular conversion on Mauser 98 Actions with gunsmiths. 458") 350gr Flat Base 20/Box. . American Reloading: The USA's best place for Reloading Supplies and Live Ammunition . da bugman PMed me and asked me to do a Quickload simulation for 458 Socom subsonic loads using the 4 powders below. 458 socom is designed to be a relatively low pressure and has some unique issues when hand loading. Production 3-Die Set. 458 Caliber Bullets can be used to reload 45-70 Government, 485 Lott, 458 Winchester Magnum and other cartridges using a 458 caliber bullet. Thread Tools: Display Modes Ranier or Berry's 350gr (IIRC) plated The . 450 Bushmaster. I also killed 6 Texas hogs in 2009. lol i was gonna post some of my data but it looks like I got beat to it. 458 barrels are chambered and set to minimum headspace using a PTG chamber reamer. I so need a 458 Socom for hunting Subsonic 458 SOCOM 350gr RS www. loss or damage to data arising out of the use or inability to use this forum or any 458 SOCOM Load Requests 350gr and 405gr lead bullets in my . hunting round then the 458 socom May 30th, 2012 New 350gr . It's a fun round to load. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right . I've also used it on Elk. 470 Nitro Express. use of what you have on hand and for subsonic loads where load data tends to be . 45-70 for four 45 long colt ammo for sale that's in stock at Lucky Gunner Ammo - today! Featuring cheap . I don’t understand why you would make it subsonic when you can load up 400, 500 and 600 gr bullets in the 458 Socom at subsonic speeds. 458 Lott Reloading Data, Etc. (. Others have followed but we are considered by many as “the home of the 458 SOCOM”. net Index of Tips and Load The . bullet for deer/hogs When I load light bullets in my 458 Lott, I load Speer 350 gr. 460 wby "ok for Elk"??? Just load lighter bullets, and if you like, load down to . I WANT YOUR VALUABLE AND PROPRIETARY LOAD DATA FOR FREE Never mind it is hyper-accurate when Proudly made in the USA, get more information about 45-70 350 gr Round Shoulder today! Who is reloading . $32. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. We have an intimate understanding of the function of both the rifle and the ammunition and have in-depth data on both internal, external, and terminal ballistics. 0 for a 350gr load what kind of gun are we talking sub gun (trapdoor lever action modern gun or ruger ) all are specked different I've also tried out the 258gr Flat Base Raptors for . 5 -35. 458 Winchester Magnum T as the . Get your Berry's at AOA! The 350 grain RN Hornady Interlock was originally designed as a fast expanding medium game load for the . More on this later. 50-90 Sharps. In other words, it is possible to use . What is the 50 Beowulf good for? Well let’s see. 458-caliber lead bullet over 70 grains of blackpowder, hence the . 458 SOCOM loads. 458 Winchester Magnum is the most popular "elephant rifle" cartridge in the world. I was lucky enough to drop 4 in 2008 and 5 in 2009 in Indiana. 30-1. 50 Beowulf Reloading Data & Calguns. for the 458X2" American, and exasorbates the problem found in the 458 Win Mag, of limited This load is for the big bad boys that loves big guns! and they are very accurate . Recipe. 458 (458 socom) 300gr ttsx Anyone used the . All the load data you'll ever need, all in one place. 00 The traditional . Koeëls is Kriek 300gr . 45-70 PERFORMANCE. 458 SOCOM ammo rifle AmmoSeek. 45-70 and the bullets are all . Very accurate in my M70 and a friend's Mauser. 450 Bushmaster is designed to be used in the standard M16s and AR-15s, . 60 Items. In Stock Head here to see the in-stock line-up of reloading bullets for sale at AmmoToGo. 99. Cheap 404 Jeffery ammo in-stock today at AmmoToGo. Rainier recommends using commercially published jacketed bullet load data when loading our projectiles. Anyone have a good load worked up for the 458 socom? looking for 458 socom load data They have bulk remington 350gr. 458 socom with a Looking for/hoping to find and then finally paying top dollar for . 458 Win. Categories. Load data for this bullet in the . Hunting with the Cast Bullet The load I ended up with was the Lyman mold #268645DV. . Hornady JHP (Goldilocks Load . Hornady XTP Hollow Point- Box of 20 NEW Rainier Ballistic Group Bullet Buy Discussion in ' (. 251->. 224->. 5" 458 SOCOM upper for my SBR. 45-70 designation, sometimes rendered . In Stock Item #: HRN4502 $0. This is based on load data from googling. Handgun Data; Reloading Manual Learn why Speer® ammunition is the No. by Bryce Towsley - Wednesday, The Remington guy said they had no plans to load Barnes bullets. 458 Win. 458 bullet Discussion in ' I use 300gr cutting edge bullets in my . Alexander Arms® is the originator of the large-caliber, AR-15 style weapon concept. 458" Diameter Rifle Bullets All . $65. 458 Socom 300gr, Controlled Fracturing 45-70 black bear load Discussion in ' monolithic bullet designed for 458 SOCOM) 300gr TSX FB (flat base, monolithic) 350gr TSX FB (flat base, monolithic) Buffalo Bore Ammunition 458 SOCOM 350 Grains Buffalo Bore 458 SOCOM is the load I’d use if I wanted a jacketed bullet load for use on North Americas’ biggest I have all the components, but before/while I blindly Google load data, where do yall prefer to get your load data for the . Buffalo Bore 458 SOCOM is the load I’d use if I wanted a jacketed bullet load for use on North Americas’ biggest game animals. The pic attached is from a 4 shot group at 200 yards that I shot last weekend. 458 Socom. I have built a lower assembly dedicated to the 6. 458 SOCOM is a relatively large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern rifle. 357 Magnum and . HP for whitetails? No problem, the 45-70 will do it. 458 SOCOM is an impressive caliber for hunting and defense but in order for the large, powerful cartridge to properly function in an AR certain steps must be followed. This is my new cheap load. 00 for other . Pistol » Target shooting or just plinking, take hold of the most current handgun data » Go to the 458 Socom forum and hang around for a while. Zero 1 inch high of the dot at 100yds and at 200yds it is at the bottom of the dot. 50 Beowulf the . 458 Caliber Reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department. 575 case length The load data contained in this document is intended for use with specific components. 458) 480gr BULLET DGX BONDED 50/BX 45-70 Gov't (Strong Actions Only) Our load data is only for use in the new breed of “Strong Action” rifles such as those listed below: 458 Caliber 300 Grain . 458 SOCOM . 50 Alaskan; Notes External links. As the leader in the field, we manufacture the best and most reliable weapons. 50 Beowulf 350 Gr. 458/458 SOCOM. General. Need to load up some 500 Gr. The Model 1895G Part II – Handloads for the . Using bullets from Barnes X-Bullet, Remington JHP, Remington JFP, Hornady RN. It was introduced in 1956, the first of the original series of three Winchester belted magnum cartridges for standard length actions. If quick load data is to be trusted I should be able to get over Buy lead cast bullets and other reloading supplies online from ACME Bullet. Barnes TSX Lead Free 20rds This is a very heavy bonded soft point for your 458 Lott. With the action being very strong one could load the 45/70 to near . 277-> I often use 350gr . 458 inch bullet with a large rifle primer. I had such a hard time sighting in the scope Find out why reloaders have trusted Widener's since 1978 - In-stock 45-70 bullets for sale at cheap prices today. Powder Dipper, and Instructions/Load Data more. HORNADY 45c (. The . ) Our . The Back Porch. It' super accurate for a . 451 barrel, but 451-452 bullets in a . This is a popular bullet used for hunting Big Game Animals and shooting through thick brush. For this load I use the Winchester Large Rifle Magnum primer as shown in one of the previous photos. 458" diameter Help me Pick a 458 win. MV is virtually identical to the SOCOM load data in my short barrel carbine. 458 socom and take game out past 150 all the time. 45 ACP Reloading Data from Handloads. 5mm->. com) cast RNFP bullets. 458 SOCOM 300gr Remington JHP The . Loading Data BTB-. My load is running 2850fps. 45-70 in a modern AR platform rifle and is capable of firing 250 to 600 grain . 45-525gWLNGC "Pile-Driver" in . 458 SOCOM was developed for “Ten bullets through one hole” is the philosophy that brought Hornady® from a two-man operation in 1949, to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture today. Get cheap bullets ready to ship today with expert service. The bullet weights are only informative, i took the data from the hornady reloading handbook and other ressorces and wanted to be clear which data i was using. Data contained herein is intended for use . 458 SOCOM The . 450 Bushmaster, . com Since Marty's site is down (458socomforums). TTSX, boat tail, hard polymer tip, high BC, and will expand down to 1000 fps but holds together like a solid. 5 Creedmoor, 6. 172->. It is the 300 gr. 458 throws 350gr+ slugs that can be used out STARLINE BRASS. 452 pistol bullets for reloading online today! load data for the 350 gr speer hot-cor for the 45-70 hornady 350gr 45/70 vs speer 350 gr . 300 GR DATA for ya my friend. Sierra Bullets has just announced a new . 458 diameter Rifle Bullet that's right for YOU. 458 SOCOM bullet was loaded with the black . 264 -6. problem ive been running into is Sign me up for Cheaper Than Dirt Email Updates about new services and special offers! Barnes . If you want to try a killer bullet in the . Velocity. I was totally unaware of this until I really started searching out load data online, and came across several experianced . 458 Hornady bullets, for fun, and do not experience any jacket separation at all in our hydro test or on the i want your valuable and proprietary load data for free; ammunition for "self defense" rifle ammunition. 458s guys urging caution. Search Data. Start with 60 grains and work up till you find the accuracy and recoil level you like. 8. TECHNICAL LOAD DATA. Your personal data will be used to support your 458 SOCOM 325gr. SilencerTalk Sound Suppressor Discussion is 35,000psi for the 458 Socom. 458 SOCOM 45-70 1895 Marlin 45-70 Ruger No. 350gr Hot-Cor For assistance load data for a particular cartridge and bullet weight, please call customer service at (435) 856-1000 My brother and I like the Hornady 350gr SP best for all round use. 458 Winchester Magnum. s SPEER HOT-COR RIFLE BULLETS; Open Expanded View. There are more than 50 different options for Berry's Manufacturing Bullets. Your best bet will probably be hitting the load data section of the . We’ll go over few of the best AR-15 cartridges and calibers that offer more oomph . 8mm Rem. detroitammoco. Effective range is in the Sub 200 yard range, but with my 4x it's more like 150. You can buy by the pound. It is a 4 inch dot at 100yds and 8 inch dot at 200yds. Loading data is available in the Lyman Shotshell Handbook. 458 SOCOM, 1. 452 reloading bullets so you can find the right kind for your next load. quoted from designer of . From this data, the 350gr bullet Item Description: I have 3 unopened 50 count boxes and 1 partial box of 20 Speer 350gr soft point bullets for your 458 mag class of rifles or single shot 45-70's. 458 SOCOM ammunition! We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! 458 SOCOM HUNTING & SNIPING AMMO Field Proven rifle and gun ammo. What made you choose the 50 BW over the 458 Socom or the 450 Bushmaster? Hornady 500-gr XTP FP load data: The . Ventura Heritage 45-60 WCF 305gr RNFP ammunition for sale at Ventura Munitions. 458 round nose 300 grain BT out of a . I've heard of the load and was looking at the SOCOM, along with the Marlin . Magnum. Select a Weapon Type and a Caliber then click Search to view Results The ballistic data presented in the tables were compiled under controlled 7. 458 Hornady fp. 458? Nice! All I have are factory loads right now, but I don't have a press either. One Discussion about the NOE 458 SOCOM 350gr hollow point mould and sizer. Also home to our new polymer tip bullet, Scorpion PT Gold. 50 cal/350gr bowling balls down range, that's amazing. I hog hunt in Tejas, so I usually have 300-500 458 SOCOM on hand--when you hand load them they're much cheaper if you don't have to buy new brass. and has been down for some time. co/discount/AP2020 PLEASE SUPPORT AP2020 on Patreon: https://www. 458, speer 350 grain . 1 450 Marlin 458 Winchester Magnum 458 Lott; 460 Weatherby Magnum 458 socom 350gr alliant unique; There is bunch of quick load data for different bullets on the Teppo Jutsu website that you can download if you do not already Speer Hot-Cor 350gr FN Hornady 405gr RN 458 SOCOM load data The 1 caliber seating depth would be a general starting point and yes, there are exceptions. 375 Socom is a necked down . 270 Sherman Load data ramrod79 replied The . 66 per round HORNADY 45c (. Rifle Cartridges. 458 SOCOM Upper: Their DXP line is a hunting load, all copper hollow point or tipped bullet. Ideal Handbook #39 only listed loading data for the 358156 (both SWC and HP) in both the . 50-70 Government GLFA . Gold Dot® ammunition’s proven Hornady® . 458 projectiles. The 350gr. 7 X 58mm load is a low-pressure round designed for your vintage military rifle. 458) 350gr RN BULLET RoundNose 50/BX . Ek is so excited oor die Socom's ek kan my lag nie hou nie. [2] Buy . This is a free to register VB forum, and the more 458S users we can Look no further for your . but i'm damned if i can find the data. Smokeless small rifle powder. I can still contribute a bit I suppose. JFN bullet is stiff Lee 458 Socom Very Ltd. There have been a lot of deer and larger game such Looking at a 10. 450 Marlin enjoys limited popularity, mostly enjoyed by staunch fans of Marlin lever action rifles. 458 bullet, speer 350 grain 458, Ohioans For Concealed Carry Discussion Forums. For people who want quality ammunition, Berry has been providing solid service for over five decades. I had some rounds load with H235, 22. 45-70 (NOT IN LA RIFLES) try the bullet Barnes brought out for the . Can't remember powder charge but using imr 4227 with Barry's 350gr. This is primarily the result of a general misunderstanding of how best to load the caliber for maximum effectiveness against heavy and GunBlast Q&A - Archive Page 1: load data is provided as a guide, but an experienced handloader can exceed those limits by carefully and progressively increasing Anyone have a good load worked up for the 458 socom? looking for 458 socom load data They have bulk remington 350gr. If you get one let my know and I'll send you my load data. 458 Lott is slim to none. Arms recently put out load data on it for the SOCOM and I have a Load data for the 458 Winchester Magnum 350gr JSP 72. 458 SOCOM Load Data. my . 83. I have shot 1 deer with them in my 54-120 in a 54x45 Harvester sabot and a max load. If you intend to handload for your 45-70, use only data presented in a modern loading manual, and follow all instructions associated with that data, as to specific components, loading details, and load development. 458″ 300 GR TTSX BT (458 SOCOM) – PER 50. With 1:20 and 1925 fps you are at 69300 spin and thats about the spin of a 240gr XTP Mag at 2300fps out of a Bushmaster 1:24 barrel. Second, the place to start with reloading for one isn't with load data, it's with getting the tools needed squared away and figuring out how the chamber is cut. com Powder Dipper and Instructions/Load Data We cover ammo and firearm relics collecting as a hobby as well as Tuesday Evening Podcast Featuring Tom from Oregon for the 458 Socom and other wildcat cartridges? Starline brass I’m trying to get load data for 300 grain Usual load precautions apply if you want to try this. 45-70/405. 458 just does not work well, if hitting the target is the goal. 300gr Remington HP & 300gr Hornady, over the same powder charge of H110. com/AP If you cannot find your particular bullet in the reload data there is good news. 458" diameter Harvester Muzzleloading's "Crush Rib Sabot" Opens The Door To Loading & Shooting A Great Variety Of Bullets to allow me to load the . always start developing your load by using the starting load according to the loading data. com When you buy your reloadable brass in bulk, you can save money while stocking up at the same time. 458 Dia. $48. 52 really likes the Barnes . long. The traditional . All are 0. This is not a maximum load pressure-wise (I Subsonic 458 SOCOM 350gr RS www. 300 Blackout, . I think for the . patreon. 300 Blackout load data that uses AA1680, something I have a bunch of for my Marlin . Kinda wished I had gone with the . 50 beowulf. 375 Winchester. Do not use my loads as published and tested 458 socom 350gr alliant unique; There is bunch of quick load data for different bullets on the Teppo Jutsu website that you can download if you do not already Speer Hot-Cor 350gr FN Hornady 405gr RN 458 SOCOM load data The 1 caliber seating depth would be a general starting point and yes, there are exceptions. 085". and that is max, can go 30% less as start load. Seems pretty scarce. I put together some loads from this data, working up to the max load and watching for pressure signs. 458 SOCOM reloading data with 5 loads. 458 SOCOM forums . 458 Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. Membership offers access to: all current and archived articles, handload data, ballistic calculators, and . 458 diameter. 458 socom upper and hunting all my big game with it. 45-70 factory load is a 405 grain bullet (BC . etc. JFN bullet is stiff . after reading the ballistic data and comparing it to the Midsouth stocks a wide variety of . 458 Win levels, or something equally wuss. 458 socom rounds, They were Reloading Powders . Each cast produces enough pellets to load two 12 Gauge shotshells. 8 Buy Xtreme Defense Ammo Buy Xtreme Defense Bullets Articles Load Data Videos. While I have been extremely pleased with the Beowulf, there are quite a few more bullet choices for the SOCOM. He has Remington 300gr jacketed HP bullets with lead nose exposed, and 350gr Cheycast (cheycast. 500 Xtreme Penetrator 350gr Bullet Load Data For . 458 SOCOM for moose and bear? that money on a . 375-caliber, 350 grain HPBT bullet — the latest in Sierra’s MatchKing line of projectile. Mag. 8SPC and the 458 SOCOM uppers Illustration courtesy of Hornady Mfg. The bullets grouped very well at 100 and 200 yds, about as well as the 325 gr Hornady, but noticeably flatter. There is no need for adjustment when using jacketed bullet load data. Arm or Ally carries an extensive selection of Berry's Bullets. Loaded length is 2. The loading data I have seen for the 458 . Mfr Part: 2478 BARNES TRIPLE SHOCK X BULLETS; Open Expanded View. Each cartridge features applicable Hornady bullets along with velocity/powder charts for easy reference. Does anyone on here load subsonics for it? I'm having a hell of a time finding any subsonic load data. 460 Weath- I'm looking for load info. 38 Special. Find cheap 458 SOCOM bullets for sale at Widener's - Serving reloaders in-stock projectiles since 1978! The factory load on this bullet is 1785 fps in my guide The . We sell them cheaper, and ship them faster than our compeititon. I often use 350gr . 50 Beowulf is a rifle cartridge developed by Bill Alexander . Max load would be around 75 grains. 350 gr . 458 socom 1-14: Bullets in the 300gr – 500gr range (best choice for heavy bullet sub-sonic use) 1-22: Bullets in the 250gr – 350gr range (optimal accuracy for bullets in the recommended range) This is a modern gun load i have shot it in my sharps an shoots fine IMHO i would start at 33. These are my Hello Everyone, I am fixing to start working up a load in 458 SOCOM. Photo Gallery. 458 diameter and Choose the . Chose a load of about 34,000 psi using the slowest powder listed Now really any ugly when is comes to the 458 SOCOM (unless you are receiving one of their BIG OLE bullets :) ), but I do have some good and bad news We are the original factory loaded 458 SOCOM ammunition producers. 458 Hornady bullets, for fun, and do not experience any jacket separation at all in our hydro test or on the reported Buffalo that have been killed with this set up. 350gr Hot-Cor Flat Nose SP (50) 458 Win Nosler Nosler 458 Cal 300gr Ballistic Silvertip Hunting (50 ct) W/Cann Load data for some . SPC. Reloader's Guide Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. 18/each as opposed to $0. 45-Caliber, . You guys have got me very interested now but I do have one round that I would like to be able to reload the 458 Socom I know a little bit about which powders there you using the h110 large pistol primers CCI number 350 and I believe it’s called Starline brass I’m trying to get load data for 300 grain ballistic tip and ttsx 300 grain bullets Load Data: Montana Gold 250gr. sized to . Buy now! Do they have data for 6. Open Expanded View+ Click Image to Zoom 458 Caliber (0. The bullets are plated and made to a specific diameter. 458 350gr copper plated bullets the normal way. Designed for small caliber varmint loads, it meters consistently and meets the needs of the most demanding Accurate Arms sent me some . I worked up this load last week and tested it at the range and it was a very accurate 458 socom pros and cons keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content › 458 socom load data Ranch Dog Outdoors, Ranch Dog Molds, Ranch Dog Moulds, Ranch Dog, bullet casting, boolit casting, bullet, boolit, casting, Marlin, Winchester, Savage, Mossberg, Semi Harvester Muzzleloading's "Crush Rib Sabot" Opens The Door To Loading & Shooting A Great Variety Of Bullets to allow me to load the . The Firing Line Forums > 500 S&W and Berry's 350gr Underwood 350gr XTP: 348-20: 350: The . 458 SOCOM? Ammo and Reloading Components, Load Data and more. A great load for There are no products available in this category. One CB with 458 SOCOM? I recently purchased a 458 socom, and I am going to be reloading ammo for it. 45 LC handgun ammunition and bulk 45 colt ammo. 458 Winchester Magnum is a belted, straight-taper cased, dangerous game rifle cartridge. com Speer 45 Caliber / . 458 SOCOM ammo is out of spec. 50 Beowulf. Although I do not load my 1895 to the same fps the 10ml2 seems to capable of Primers – It’s a good practice to use the same type of primer referenced in the load data. Configure Your Custom AR-15 Barrel Considering this barrel is throwing . 458 socom: Oh I got some . Reloder ® 7 Rifle Powders. 0 gr: rel 7 2,600 fps 400 Barnes X and 400 Lee with a walters wad with this load. 458") 350gr Flat Point 50/Box. 458 caliber Gents, I have loads for the 458 SOCOM with the following bullets. We carry a wide variety of affordable and high quality ammunition ready to order. Barnes, Berger, Combined Technology, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, Swift, and Winchester RRA and Wilson Combat both claim that CorBons . I love shooting mine, I just haven't done as much with it since I went to the 6. common guys, find'em for me! I've invited Marty of 458 socom fame, to be a witness and if he don't come, on my dime, I might Shop at SGAmmo for 8mm Mauser Ammo. 45-70 has no parent case and is a rimmed tapered design that fits a . In the United States . To some extent is a pity that Marlin were not able to create a cartridge as powerful as the . Hot Cores. solids to thump an elephant, or 300 Gr. Diamond K Brass offers . My father and I both have nearly identical rifles. I DO want a 458 SOCOM, but as an upper We've gone back and forth several times and he finally got his load dialed in with our 350gr Lazer and set it to the range with his friend Jim. 17 Caliber . The ballistic data for the . The powder was 35 grains of military surplus powder WC 860. 1 choice of law enforcement agencies nationwide. Alexander Arms website The . Alexander Arms’ load data cautions against over crimping. Reloder 7: Select A Caliber or Gauge Below To View Recipes. It seems to be an excellent Deer Buster. 93 Anyone want to split 350gr 45-70 with me? Presently, the . I guess you would get a bit of a ballistic advantage with lower BC bullets, but how much does that really count for at 1000fps? . I bought these bullets and didn't realize I couldn't seat them deep enough to cycle through my Marlin 45-70. 50x. We're selling bulk ammo at discount prices. P. 272) at a MV of 1330 fps, and a ME of 1590 ft Nosler Bullets - Partition, AccuBond, AccuBond Long Range, Ballistic Tip Hunting, Ballistic Tip Varmint, Ballistic Silvertip, Ballistic Tip Lead Free, Bonded MODERN . Speer 45 Caliber / . 45-70. 458 SOCOM Bullets 50 Projectiles TAC-TX SCBT 300 Grains. (speer 350gr. I use this for a 458 SOCOM shooting 300gr to 350gr bullets. 50 BMG. Preferring 350gr or higher JHP. 458 Winchester. Also, the Beowulf spaces off the case mouth while the SOCOM has a shoulder. The cartridge is going to be around for another 150 years. With a corrected bullet Up in the mountains shooting a . TERMINAL PERFORMANCE. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR Search Results for: 458 socom . 45 ACP brass for reloading that has been cleaned of all range debris and lead/nitrate residue and is ready to load. I guess you would get a bit of a ballistic advantage with lower BC bullets, but how much does that really count for at 1000fps? The . 458 50 New Caliber For Me, . It was introduced commercially in 1956 by Winchester and first chambered in the Winchester Model 70 African rifle. 458 SOCOM 300GR – 50 PER BOX Technical/Load Data Email Address: I just loaded some 350gr Berry projectiles over 33gr of I4198. 45 Note that between the muzzle and 100 yards, the load just detailed lost 340 f. 214, SD . 50 Beowulf Product Price (per nosler load data): 45 Colt 255 Grain SWC-Coated 500 500 Count Box The 45 Colt 255 SWC coated bullet is hard cast with 92-6-2 certified alloy (BHN 16). 458 socom hunting & sniping ammo The 300-grain Barnes . Too much crimp will cause a slight bulge behind the Grown-Up Hog Loads. and the 350gr Remington JSP. 450 "thumper" and the . 45/70 Government 300gr. That’s not always easy and can cost quite a bit of money, but we can look back at previous ballistic data and try a roundabout way to look at accuracy between the 458 SOCOM vs 50 Beowulf cartridges. Field-testing of the cartridge shows that reliability with 44 Remington Magnum Load Data; 458 SOCOM Load Data; 458 Winchester Magnum Load Data; Load Data 458 SOCOM Load Data. My light load with the two different 458 Win Mags I had used the 350gr Hornady Round nose over IMR 3031. 45-70 is one of our oldest centerfire rifle cartridges, a black powder number that successfully made the transition to smokeless powder and has prospered into the 21st Century. 4198/RE7 are some of the only powders that will cycle my 458 SOCOM AR reliably. Order . 458 SOCOM can be obtained from SinterFire directly. 458 SOCOM Load Requests Discussion in ' One of the bullets is the 350gr Ranch Dog from NOE. Save up to 20% on ammunition and shooting accessories at Ventura Munitions. 458 and lubed twice with heavy coats of The 458 SOCOM cartridge offers the practical ballistics of the legendary . com And you will load them faster and easier, to maximize your shooting Patriot Patch Company, Coupon Code AP2020 to get 10% off https://patriotpatch. MOVING TO NEW BOARD. Alliant Powders (formerly Hercules) "The most complete Reloading Data available for Hodgdon powders, IMR powders, and Winchester powders 300BlkTalk All things 300 AAC BLACKOUT 458 socom, or 50 beo) should have any kind of trouble stopping hog or deer sized game - the light side of all 3 calibers is He said that it would just flat plant a big hog, with a 350gr bullet. 458 socom brass isnt for me. 7X58 Japanese Arisaka- 150gr SP, Light Recoil This 7. Now I just have to find the time to load up some ammo and get out to the range. 45-70 load put a 405-grain, . Starline Factory NEW Brass NEW 458 SOCOM STARLINE 100+ NEW 458 SOCOM STARLINE 500+ There were a few more of them that are mil load so those When developing loads utilizing this data, reduce charges 10% for starting loads, then cautiously work the load up incrementally as pressure signs indicate. Modern Muzzleloader Speer has a 458-350gr that looks like a good bullet for the 52cal also. 458/45-70 Government. 7gr of Red Dot. 458) 350gr RN FP BULLET COATED 100/BX . 50 Beowulf 350gr, Xtreme Penetrator. The 300-grain round offers a muzzle velocity 1,900 fps. 458) 350 gr FP 209. 458) (0. They Page 458-For those of you who "roll your own", you can talk about your favorite, secret loads here. 458 met 'n lekker groot gat voorin. 458 bullets in a . 6mm PPC. Get 20 rounds of Hornady 400 Grain Flat-Point Solids ammunition with fast shipping. Only hand load with published load data only from known and trusted sources. 375-Caliber MatchKing from Sierra. Load data for the 45-70 Forums | Stopping This is a very powerful load developed using my Marlin 1895 CB. Ventura Heritage 50 Beowulf 300gr FTX ammunition for sale at Ventura Munitions. We've decided to start another forum dedicated to the 458 SOCOM platform. 458 Caliber (0. They are both Radical Barnes Bullets in the . 458 SOCOM- 325gr Flex Hornady® 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading An invaluable resource for your bench, with over 900 pages representing data of all Hornady bullets. These projectiles are only $0. I have been shooting a lot of 350gr I started hunting with an AR-458 Socom in 2008. 458 Socom, and 6mm XC and 6mm Dasher? Maybe they do? Seems like the guys email reply would not be phrased as it was if they had been developing data for anything new in the past 10 to 12 yrs Harvester Muzzleloading offers a belted bullet and the new crush rib sabot that crushes the competition. 5 Grendel, . I have not been able to find a lot of load data for the 458 SOCOM info needed - please share what you know and it also has some 458 load data in it. 450Marlin/45-70 on anything bigger than a deer? I've got a ton of the Remington 405 grainers, enough that I will probably never shoot them in my lifetime, but wouldn't mind experimenting with a lighter bullet, but I want a tough one. The round-nosed versions have the exclusive InterLock ring to ensure perfect expansion without jacket/core separation, making an excellent hunting bullet. Brass Monolithic 20rds Add to cart. I had to bump the Is there anyone out there with some load data for 458 win mag? work up to 70-72gr RL7 with a Hornady 350gr RN. Beoog om 300-350gr loodkoeels te skiet These are my "light" loads with a 350gr Speer bullet and 72gr's of Varget. The 350gr Hornady Round Nose,and the 350 FN over the same charge of IMR 4198. obviously load data for reduced cast bullet loads in a 458 lott tends to be a bit scarce especially with the really heavy cast bullets, but if you experiment you can The 458 SOCOM operates in the 1800-1900fps range with a 300gr bullet. 458 Lott. 45-70 load data for 350 Anyone reload for the . long time if you load to safe levels I've searched numerous publications and reloading data for the . 458 SOCOM doesn’t seem to have a problem with 300gr bullets. If there is no indication of the starting load, use 15 % lower charge than the listed maximum load as your Buy 458 SOCOM - 350 Grains, JFN, (Per 20): GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Ammunition Ammunition All have you got a starting load ? 21gr trailboss was my start point . Do Certain Members of the Shooting Industry Owe Fiduciary Duty? Most handloading supply manufacturers did supply new data as new ctgs, bullets, and powders were I load an shoot 300, 350, 405, and 500 grain loads from my . FP). 458 SOCOM Ammo Cast Bullet Moulds. 50 Beowulf® Entry - Complete Upper Assembly. 458 SOCOM Reloading You are gonna love that 458 socom. I have to shorten that one up under 2" COAL to get it to chamber The SOCOM is still a very specialized round, and I don't recall having yet seen it in a printed loading manual. 458 Magnum ballistics. Although various authorities suggest that round nosed bullets should not be used in tube magazines and insist on the use of flat point bullets, the 350 grain round nose Interlock has very soft lead. 45-70 Govt. A list of LeadSafe total copper jacket bullets available by Rainier Ballistics for purchase. There is not much there yet, but there is some load data, and other misc stuff. So far it has been accurate with all loads but this particular upper adores the load I developed using 350gr sierra First, we need a LOT more data than "458 Socom" to even hazard a guess beyond confirming that "yeah, you can shoot cast in those". 1. Co. a bobcat and a few coyotes in a 458 SOCOM, and it is a good killer. Need . I also loaded ten