What is Tiramisu?

Tiramisu means “take me” in Italian. It’s a popular dessert with a sweet cream. There are many possible explanations for the origin of tiramisu. Although many argue that the dessert has made since the Renaissance, some others say that Tiramisu was first created in 1971 by the Italian bakery, Carmina Lannaccone Tonio in a small bakery in Treviso, Italy.

The history of tiramisu
Italian cookbooks from before 1980 do not include recipes for Tiramisu. In 1980 there were suddenly many recipes for tiramisu and it was literally one of the most popular desserts in Europe and the United States. The dessert is being served in many restaurants and is not exclusive to Italian restaurants. More and more people appreciate the pure taste of this dessert.

Classic tiramisu
Classic tiramisu is made of ladyfingers soaked in coffee, and occasionally Marsala wine or rum. The soaked ladyfingers were alternately covered with mascarpone cheese, which usually is mixed with the traditional zabaglione custard. This gives a different cake layers, the top is dusted with cocoa powder.

Common mistakes in making tiramisu
A common mistake when making tiramisu is to wet the sponge fingers. This can result in a cake soaked in rather than just damp. Most cookbooks give explicit instructions on how long the fingers have long weeks. Some use a cake instead of biscuits, which has basically the same result.

New recipes for tiramisu
Some new recipes for tiramisu recommend using different fluids used for soaking the layers. The liquids can be lemon juice, strawberry liqueur or juice. A layered tiramisu with chocolate sabayon custard is a popular variant. But nothing replaces the traditional tiramisu, especially if you’re a fan of coffee.

Not overly sweet tiramisu
Unlike many desserts tiramisu should not be overly sweet. In fact, most Italian desserts such as Ricotta cheesecake is so much less sweet than other desserts. The purpose of tiramisu is a balance of flavors between sweet, coffee and alcohol; with the flattening of the taste of unsweetened cocoa. Textures in addition should be seen as the tiramisu layers with alternating cake and cream.

Make tiramisu
It’s actually quite easy to make tiramisu, and many recipes. Look for recipes that originate from Italian were the true essence of the cake to find.
Tiramisu is a great way to use leftovers. Old cake or ladyfingers will absorb more liquid without becoming soggy. Tiramisu is usually cooked in a large square or rectangular pan. Let it cook after a few hours rest. This gives time to all tastes the cake into each other to run.

Caution with tiramisu
Tiramisu is definitely a recipe which many of your guests will enjoy. Since this dessert is a baked, the alcohol will still exist. Tell it to your guests in advance.